village cinemas cbd

Village cinemas cbd

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Grab a bite at Coo.King BBQ And Hot Pot, Guzman Y Gomez, or Sushi Kiyo. Treat yourself a latte, cake or salad bowl at YWAM Cafe. Located in the heart of Townsville, Central Village has something for everyone.


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Central Village, the dining and entertainment centrepiece of Central, is revitalising the Townsville inner-city with dining, entertainment, and parking all in one vibrant precinct.

National & International Retailers

Central Village now offers over 440 on grade car parks. These are a combination of both unlimited unpaid parking and Townsville City Council controlled two and four hour parking. All are easily accessed just for your convenience.

Village cinemas cbd

Best “private” cinemas are by far Gold Class at Crown. Just make sure you don’t get tickets in the front row! Best standard are Northland’s Cinemax screens. Biggest screens and best sound. Personally I find Victoria Gardens Hoyts lacking in the visuals. (I seem to always get the out of focus movies)


Avoid – Greensborough Hoyts – I saw a movie on what looked like a 100 inch screen with seating all on the same level so you couldnt see in front of the next person.

Depends on what you define as best.