tranquilitea cbd

Gentle & Soothing, this chamomile Mushroom Elixir is the ideal nighttime blend or gentle day guide. A wondrous happy tummy blend of chamomile, ginger, peppermint, and fennel, infused with (5) full spectrum ancient mushrooms: reishi, turkey tail, shitake, phillenus, and poria balanced with Amazonian herbs such as pau d‘arco, ginkgo biloba, and sustainably hand-harvested Rocky Mountain osha, because good karma always tastes good! There is simply nothing like it. All of our Teas are Soy, Gluten & Sugar-Free!

15mg U.S. grown, Hemp-derived Broad- Spectrum CBD in this single serving. 15 mg CBD, CBG, CBN Total. U.S grown Hemp. Third-Party Lab Tested. Does not contain THC.

*Our Mushroom Elixirs are NOT psychoactive.

Tranquilitea cbd

Tranquili-Tea is formulated to help people fall and stay asleep. CBN produces a sedative and relaxing effect that induces sleep, while THC increases sleep duration. Our herb blend includes chamomile and valerian root, which have been used throughout time as sleep agents.

5mg CBN / 3mg THC per individual sachet
Each pouch contains 1 sachet

Organic ingredients: peppermint, chamomile, valerian root, lemon myrtle, licorice root, rosemary, lemongrass, lavender, cornflower petals, and KikoGold cannabis active.

Tranquilitea cbd

ODA certified lab.


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We use organic tea leaves, herbs, & spices in all of our teas. Our coffee is a ground organic columbian micro-roast.