swell cbd website

Swell cbd website

All of Swell’s products contain zero THC, which means they have absolutely no psychoactive effects.

Perhaps the most important reason to choose Swell is they take purity and quality very seriously. You can view their lab tests for products, and you can see their certifications. They have great control over the production process, which minimizes the risk of contamination. Because their hemp is grown organically, there’s also no need to worry about GMO or pesticide contamination.

3) Extraction and Solids Separation

Swell offers three flavor options:

Swell is transparent about their USDA certifications – you can view them on their website.


Each cup contains:

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CBD From PCR Hemp vs. CBD From Marijuana Essential oils may be extracted from marijuana a similar approach they will be extracted from hemp. The essential oils made up of marijuana are properly spoken as cannabis oil. Cannabis oil is barely legal in states which permit the cultivation of marijuana. Extracts made up of marijuana might contain some CBD, however will contain enough THC to cause a high. Therefore, cannabis oil is taken into account to be a drug. For the needs of this document, we have a tendency to are solely involved with CBD oil created from PCR hemp. we have a tendency to don't seem to be involved with THC-containing cannabis oils made up of marijuana, nor are we have a tendency to involved with extracts of commercial hemp that have low levels of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The US entral considers marijuana to be a category I drug. However, many U.S. states have instituted legislation to manage its cultivation and permit its use as drugs. Some states have additionally legalized marijuana for recreational use. Hemp isn't marijuana. though hemp will contain some cannabinoids, it's negligible amounts of THC. In fact, so as to be wrongfully cultivated, industrial hemp should contain but zero.3% THC. Industrial hemp is big for food and fibers.

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CBD is a powerful plant extract that has been used for healthful functions for thousands of years. CBD is one in every of a minimum of 113 Cannabinoids extracted from a proprietary strain of the hemp plant, to not be confused with the plant wont to turn out marijuana.

It contains comparatively tiny concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes and isn't the foremost fascinating supply of CBD oil. whereas several of the CBD merchandise on the market ar created from industrial hemp, the CBD oil in Swell CBD merchandise is formed from a CBD-rich hemp strain referred to as PCR hemp. PCR is brief for phytocannabinoid made — it contains the maximum amount as 10 times the concentration of CBD as generic industrial hemp and negligible amounts of THC. It doesn't cause a high, and is so not thought-about a drug. varieties of CBD Oil Let’s currently take a glance at a number of the variability of varieties of CBD oil merchandise and compare their qualities.

Swell CBD uses phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil that is 100% organic and U.S.A. grown using sustainable farming practices. Their state-of-the-art cloning program produces a consistent, chemical-free strain that promises a safe and regulated product with every crop. Swell CBD oil is naturally rich in Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabichromene (CBC), as well as terpenes, flavonoids, and essential amino acids.

All of their products are zero THC and have absolutely no psychoactive effects or side effects associated with THC.

Swell CBD offers a premier, organically grown, full-spectrum line of CBD products including CBD Salves and CBD Tinctures, CBD Gummies and Truffles, CBD products for pets, and more.

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Swell CBD recently rebranded to Smilyn Wellness. Shop the Smilyn Wellness CBD Store.