stony hill cbd

Stony hill cbd

Chris Bridges, president of Stony Hill, stated in a press release, “According to the Hemp Business Journal, the hemp-derived CBD products market is expected to surpass $450 million by 2020, and we are pleased to be getting involved during the industry’s infancy. With the overall CBD market expected to surpass $2.1 billion by 2020, we feel strongly that the legalization and availability of hemp-based products stand to attract the lion’s share of the market as cannabis-based CBD products overcome the federally imposed hurdles.”

The new e-store,, offers Stony Hill’s line of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) isolate-infused gummies, topicals and tinctures. Stony Hill will ultimately launch product lines in specialty and retail stores.

Marley went into business with Ocean Grown Extracts to turn an abandoned prison complex in Coalinga, California, into a pot farm. Now Stony Hill is meeting the demands of the health sector with its hemp-derived CBD line. Damian Marley’s CBD products will be available online and in select dispensaries across the country.

The organic CBD gummies come in daytime and nighttime formulations. The nighttime version has added melatonin to facilitate healthy sleep. The all-natural CBD topical lotions for pain are pleasantly scented with blood orange essential oil and absorb quickly to treat pain and inflammation. Stony Hill also offers full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD tinctures in a wide range of strengths.

Damian Marley’s CBD Products Are Sourced From Hemp

JJ Southard, Stony Hill’s vice president of products, added: “It is important for consumers to be educated on the differences between hemp-based CBD and cannabis for multiple reasons including efficacy, legality and safety. Hemp-derived CBDs provide an attractive alternative for people looking to reap the medical benefits of cannabis, but who cannot obtain cannabis due to legality issues, or simply do not want to experience the psychoactive effects of THC.”

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As the health sector continues to broadly accept the therapeutic properties of hemp and cannabis, Stony Hill is working closely with doctors, scientists and industry advocates to educate the general public about the healing benefits of cannabis. Stony Hill’s CBD formulations are designed to target a wide array of ailments. The company believes its CBD brand can benefit anyone interested in the therapeutic properties of hemp and cannabis.

Damian Marley is tireless in his efforts to provide people with access to the healing herb. Adding to his achievements in the marijuana market, Marley’s cannabis company Stony Hill has announced the launch of a hemp-derived CBD product line. Yes, you read that right: Damian Marley’s CBD products are heading your way!

Damian Marley, Marijuana Maven

It’s been a busy year for Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley—his latest album, also named Stony Hill, dropped on July 21. Check out the single “Medication,” featuring Damian’s brother Stephen Marley. The video was filmed on location at the prison-complex-turned-pot-farm. The Marley family is doing big things with the remarkable marijuana plant.

Stony hill cbd

Remedi CBD has launched an initial line of Hemp CBD Infused products focused on delivery methods with proven, noticeable effects
With an advisory board of scientists, physicians, farmers and extraction specialists, Remedi CBD has launched an initial line of Hemp CBD Infused products focused on delivery methods with proven, noticeable effects.

The conversation took a turn when the representative explained that they are focusing their time with Remedi CBD, for which the website can be found at

Los Angeles, CA (April 14, 2018) – During our business trip in Hollywood, LA, Bevon, one of our managing partners had an exchange of conversation via email with a spokesman of Damian Marley’s Stony Hill CBD. The conversation included reaching out to their business regarding the new progressions that we are bringing to light for the CBD community.

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Remedi CBD is made by Applied Biosciences Corporation (OTCMKTS: APPB) who previously produced and marketed the limited edition Stony Hill CBD by Damian Marley. Based on the success of the Stony Hill CBD limited run, Applied Biosciences Corporation has moved the entire product line over to the new brand Remedi CBD.