sky cbd night time formula

Sky cbd night time formula

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I have had many years of struggling with insomnia and have used many products over the years. My sleep is not perfect but it is definitely much improved. I would definitely recommend it.

I have trouble with waking up throughout the night. When taking the sleep oil, it helped me get back to sleep quicker and easier if I did wake up without ANY fog or grogginess in the morning. It really is a great product.

I’ve really enjoyed Blue Sky’s CBD sleep formula. It took a few days of consistent use before I noticed the full effects, but since then, it has helped me get a more restful night’s sleep! I don’t feel foggy or tired when I wake up and I’m staying asleep longer. I also like that it doesn’t taste bad like some of the CBD sleep formulas I’ve tried. Definitely recommend it.


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0.5mL = 1/2 dropper = 20mg CBD + 20mg CBN

Finally a Sleep Solution that works!

Take 1/2 dropper orally 30 minutes before bed, hold under tongue for 5-10 seconds prior to swallowing. Increase to a full dropper (1mL) if necessary. Individual results may vary.

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