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The ‘Southern Suburbs’ of Sandton were laid out quite early in the century and by the thirties they were well established as ‘gentleman estate’ areas with most of the properties being one morgen or larger. At this stage they formed the ‘northern’ suburbs of Johannesburg and in some cases extended beyond the boundaries of the city. The rural ‘horsey’ lifestyle of Sandton led to the area being dubbed the ‘Mink and Manure Belt’ and it was considered a desirable address.

Sandton Central, without doubt, has become the most important business and financial node in South Africa, and plausibly sub-Saharan Africa. It is home to many of South Africa’s largest corporates, the world’s top multinational companies, the JSE and the iconic Sandton City mega-mall

Yet, even with its rapid development and new office and apartment towers on the rise, there are still charming traces of Sandton’s relatively brief modern history to be found, like ‘the little church under the

During the 1940s and 50s Sandton became increasingly residential and wanted independence from the government’s Peri-Urban areas Health Board, which had control over services such as water. The local population regarded themselves as an entity separate from Johannesburg.The first moves by Sandton to achieve independence from Johannesburg go back to the early sixties. When it was eventually promulgated as a municipality in 1969, its name formed from a combination of the names Sandtfontein, Bryanston and Sandown.

The first few years of Sandton’s existence were dominated by the question of whether Sandton should remain a quite semi-rural dormitory town or be a more balanced entity with significant business and higher density residential components. Bristow reports that it split the town council apart.

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The first step in transforming Sandton from a farming community to a bustling business district came with Sandton City, which was developed and constructed by Rapp and Maister on this site during the early 1970’s, opening for trade in 1974.

And, while scarcely populated in the years before that, it has a rich, albeit largely uneventful, early history.

Mass migration

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The majority of residents now work in or near Sandton’s CBD, since many companies migrated to the area more or less as from the 1990s. These include numerous corporate head offices (local and international), investment banks and other financial institutions, a considerable percentage of the country’s JSE listed companies and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange itself.

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Some 50 years ago, this area was pretty rural, consisting mainly of undulating grassy plains, small farms and smallholdings. Many of today’s baby boomers fondly recall the meandering horse trails along which they rode on horseback, next to the banks of the Jukskei River.