rokk ebony cbd

What would you do for love? That’s one of the questions we ask our rokk stars before they join our team. We handpick our hairdressers for their passion, individuality, natural flair and artisan approach. Then we meticulously train them to be experts – the best in the business!

Even though we have nine salons across Melbourne, visiting us is like being part of a happy, warm and vivacious family where everybody knows your story and wants to help you tell it to perfection. From stylists to colourists, technical and creative directors to masters, our award-winning team are ready to create the most beautiful and individual look that’s right for you.

We’re all about effortless beauty, optimism and confidence. And we’ve been making that happen for our clients for over 32 years. Our exceptional Melbourne team of stylists and colourists create the best looks to highlight your features, frame your face and express your one-off kind of beauty – because there’s no one like you! We want to make more women feel more beautiful, more often, so we’ve introduced hair packages to rokk your world. If you want foils, haircuts, blow waves, treatments, toners or revival of those roots – we’ve got you covered!

Brother-sister duo Tony and Pina Torcasio had a dream for the perfect salon – relentlessly hip, bespoke and dedicated to the fine art of hair. In March 1988, they brought this vision to life, unveiling the first-ever rokk ebony in Glen Waverley. Today rokk ebony spans nine salons, employing top award-winning hair stylists and colourists each with their own loyal following of chic Melburnians.

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Many ask where we got the name ‘rokk ebony’. Let’s just say there may have been some champagne-bubble inspiration! And it was 80s Melbourne, after all – the cool crowd loved the colour black. Black jeans, black skivvies and black Docs was the uniform de rigueur, crowned by amazing ebony hair.

We’re proud we’ve received over 800 awards (including 17-times Salon of the Year) and accolades from the industry’s best – Hair & Beauty Industry Association, Wella Trend Vision, Hair Expo and the Australian Hair Fashion Awards. Our creative team helps set global hair trends, gracing the covers of hairdressing and fashion glossies, runways and photoshoots worldwide. Discover our looks from around the world – there’s everything from natural to high style creations, each uniquely and individually crafted by our top hair stylists and colourists. View collections.

At rokk ebony we’re passionate about fashion, beauty and all things hair! But we’re equally passionate about giving back to the world we live in and making a difference. Enter you rokk foundation, our brand-new charity where fashion isn’t frivolous and beauty is benevolent. Inspired? Sign up to our newsletter to keep up-to-date with you rokk foundation news and events.

Occupying 220 square meters of prime real estate, the Collins Street location is yet another elegant reflection of the Rokk Ebony aesthetic – clean, slimline and all class – a vision manifested by design firm; ATM 3, and flushed with the kind of affluent character expected of the brand.

Launching in the rockstar swing of the 1980s, Rokk Ebony’s black clad army of expressionists quickly earned a devoted mix of followers long before the days of social media – to be a Rokk Ebony client granted instant kudos among the socially elite, and to sit before the hands of co-founders Tony Torcasio and Pina Mercuri, you had to be cool.

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Even back then, in 1988, to visit Rokk Ebony was a memorable experience – it could last all day sometimes, the service, wine and by god the style! It was a club vibe that left clients and their hair feeling a million dollars.

Fast forward a quarter of a century, and while much has changed within Rokk Ebony and the industry at large, this very element of ‘culture meets service’ still operates at the core of the brand and each of its six successful salon locations: Glen Waverley, Rowville, South Melbourne (HQ), Mentone, Toorak, and now, Collins Street.

“It was time,” explained Rokk Ebony Managing Director, Maurice Torcasio.

Arguably one of the first salon brands to define hairdressing by service, since the late eighties, Rokk Ebony has continued to thrive across Melbourne’s metropolitan, and is proud to introduce its latest space for excellence, Rokk Ebony Collins Street.

“To open and succeed at the ‘Paris’ end of Collins Street alongside the world’s leading luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton and Gucci, a brand must be strong – from marketing, to staff, education and creative capacity – and Rokk Ebony is definitely ready,” he said.

“The response has been amazing. There has been demand for a salon in the area, and it’s as though it has been waiting for us,” says Maurice.

Rokk ebony cbd

They made me come back the next day for the balayage. I couldn’t find the 2 mm wide test strips to show the hairdresser.. and she was like: oh, your hair is pretty light, it’ll work for sure (I fucking paid like $100 for them)

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Thank you very much 🙂

I go to analog hair and I got bangs and layers, they do a lot of wild colours but also do everything else amazing! They get pretty booked up quick tho

The ones on Collins St were incapable of listening 6 years ago and I’m still salty. but I guess in the end, my balayage and haircut was free. lol

Biba is pretty good

Hi everyone! I would like to change my hair style soon, and wanted to go to a hairdresser / hair salon in the South Yarra or CBD area (as convenient for me to get to).

Rokk ebony is overpriced for what you get. I once went in asking for blonde hair and came out a brunette. Another time they spent 6 hours trying to give me foils, over an hour of that time was spent waiting at the basin. Highly unprofessional.

I asked for a full head of foils, I mentioned that she really had only 1/3 head. The bleach and toner was barely noticeable. i mentioned I was unhappy with that day’s work and the day before. and then I went to pay and they charged me for a full head of foils. and i lost my shit.

I went in for balayage. my hair is naturally dark blonde/light brown. They made me have “test strips” because they said my hair might not be able to be bleached blonde? (Waaat)?