pure spectrum cbd pen review

Pure spectrum cbd pen review

Pure Spectrum only uses USDA certified organic hemp to obtain the CBD extract for all of their products, although it’s not explicitly stated in which state these plants are grown.

Pure Spectrum believes that the endocannabinoid system within our bodies can help us achieve an internal balance, which would inturn promote healing and optimal health. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating many important bodily functions, and Pure Spectrum highlights their phytocannabinoid rich extracts as a potential mechanism for boosting synergy between the mind and body to promote overall wellness benefits.

There are no added ingredients to mask the natural flavor of hemp in Pure Spectrum tinctures, so their oils have a mild earthy taste that may not be appealing to every palette.


This highly potent pure CBD powder contains 1,000mg per gram, and is a good option for people who want a lot of CBD.

As a topical, the relaxing salve can be soothing for aches and pains thanks to the hemp extract and other essential oils.

Pure Spectrum Top Product Picks

In addition to some of our favorite products listed above, Pure Spectrum sells an even wider array of options including vape pen units, vape oils to refill cartridges, various topicals for soothing relief, and pet products for your furry friends.

1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 grams available

Pure spectrum cbd pen review

Pure Spectrum Bubble Gum Honey Oil

Bottom Line:
These cartridges are tested to ensure that there is less than .3% THC and more than 25.5% raw CBD extract infused with organic terpene profiles including 6.56% other cannabinoids. The company also states that their CBD is organic from seed to sale. The products are also labeled as Non-GMO and Solvent Free. I’m guessing that “Solvent Free” is referring to the CBD extract processes. However, most MCT oil is manufactured using chemical/solvent refining. Pure Spectrum states that the MCT oil in these products is organic, but doesn’t state which organization certified the product as organic. Finally, these pens are designed with larger intake holes designed not to leak and to handle thicker, more potent oils. These cartridges taste similar to the flavors they represent. The Bubblegum tastes true to flavor and the Sour Diesel and Tangerine Haze have a distinct citrus taste.

Learn More at: https://www.purespectrumcbd.com
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Pure Spectrum CBD’s mission is, “to establish a new, higher standard for manufacturing CBD.” The company has listed partnerships with Cannabis Research Foundation, Industrial Hemp Research Foundation, and Sievers Bio Tech, but does not disclose information about the partnerships. There is a publicly listed customer service email address and phone number. Pure Spectrum CBD also responds to feedback and posts on their Facebook page. The website’s library page links health conditions to corresponding studies and research on CBD, providing a resource for those looking for health-related information. They are proud of their commitment to no propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin in their products — additives typical of other e-liquids and nicotine products. This was one of my favorite oil pens that I’ve tried so far. I enjoyed the product itself and appreciate the company’s commitment to transparency, collaboration, and raising the standards for manufacturing in an industry that is prone to snake-oil salesmen. Pure Spectrum CBD’s products are free from unpleasant additives and are comprised of extracts using the highest standard in extraction technology. All-in-all, I highly recommend this product.

What’s Important To Know About Pure Spectrum CBD

How does it smell?
The Honey Oil cartridges come in two flavors — bubble gum and sour diesel. If I didn’t know this, it would be hard to recognize a scent because the smell of the vapor is so subtle if not unrecognizable. The Pure Pen does produce a nice, clean vapor that is easy to inhale.

How does it taste?
The bubble gum cartridge does taste like bubble gum. The sour diesel has a lemon, citrus taste to it, but both flavors are subtle when inhaled. Overall, the subtle taste of the vapor is pleasant in that it omits the many unforgiving aspects of tasting and consuming CBD oil orally.

The color of CBD oil can convey information about the ingredients in the mixture as well as the level of filtering. Pure Spectrum CBD uses supercritical cold CO2 extraction methods and states that the product is “organic, solvent-free, highly potent, fuller and more flavorful with the strongest efficacy available.” The website also states that they use a proprietary infusion processes that maintain the terpenes. Supercritical cold CO2 extraction is the gold standard in extraction methods. Supercritical CO2 can be a stronger solvent than subcritical CO2 and can extract higher molecular weight materials, producing a more complete extraction. Cold separation is important because it maintains THCA or CBDA and does not decarboxylate extracted oils in the process. Heat degrades botanical oils and can extract plant material, like chlorophyll, giving raw oils their green color.

Cannabidiol Extract Vape Cartridges

The Pure Spectrum CBD Vape Pen with Honey Oil CBD Cartridge is an enjoyable, clean-feeling vapor for consumers on the go. This portable pen heats up quickly and has three different voltage settings plus a pre-heat setting. It also comes with a USB charger. Everything about this pen was a good experience — it’s easy to use, inhales cleanly, and uses organic products. I would highly recommend this pen for anyone interested in vaporizing CBD oil who is looking for a full-profile experience that includes other cannabinoids and terpenes. The small company is based out of Evergreen, Colorado and has said that it collaborates with scientists, researchers, bio-tech companies, and a University (the name of the University is unannounced). The contact page lists the phone number and email of the CEO, a refreshing indication of transparency. Pure Spectrum CBD uses supercritical cold CO2 extraction methods to ensure its products preserve the beneficial ingredients of the plant, which is one of the ways to enhance the entourage effect when consuming. For less than $50, this pen is a winner for both newbies and experienced consumers alike.

Pure Spectrum’s CBD Honey Oil is a golden-delicious treat for those looking to consume CBD with the maximum entourage effect. Using supercritical cold CO2 extraction methods, this oil contains other cannabinoids and terpenes and tastes great. Who doesn’t love the flavor of bubblegum? This pre-filled cartridge is a plug-n-play process.

Pure spectrum cbd pen review

Today, we will be reviewing Pure Spectrum, a CBD brand based out of Colorado. This is already a good start! So, let’s check out what Pure Spectrum has to offer.

Who Is Pure Spectrum CBD?

There is one isolate available on the Pure Spectrum site. It’s a fairly typical CBD isolate powder containing 99% pure cannabidiol. You have a huge range of options when it comes to the size, though, meaning that the price range is also pretty enormous:

Pure Spectrum CBD Isolate

The extract is suspended in MCT oil, widely regarded as one of the best carrier oils for CBD. The taste is fairly mild and not too strong, but you still get a hemp flavor.