prana p5 cbd

Prana p5 cbd

When a patient signs up for our complimentary A.C.T. Now Program they are assigned to a nurse that will assess his/her current medications and creates a personalized program for them. The patients then can rely on a robust HIPAA compliant cloud-based software to record their health conditions, schedule follow ups, and continue to fine tune their programs with their assigned health professional.

How it works

Available in both THCa (non-psychoactive / non-active), and THC (psychoactive / active) formulations. This category is derived from narrow leaf drug cultivars with terpene profiles that express strong citrus, lemon, and lime aromas. Helps with pain relief, arthritis, tumors, appetite stimulant, nausea, mood, creativity, and energy

Who can benefit from it

100% plant-based hypoallergenic medicine that targets the Endocannabinoid system with an integrated approach to personalized patient care. Our patent pending product line offers the widest range of accurately dosed phytocannabinoids and cannabinoids with multiple delivery methods.

Cannabinoid Research & Development (CRD), a subsidiary of United Cannabis, is a Jamaican based corporation pursuing local licensing to advance the use of medical cannabis therapies through biomedical research and development for the nutraceutical industry. CRD focuses on genetic restoration, cannabinoid isolation techniques, scientific research, educational programs, and promotes domestic job opportunities. John Sayers, along with Kenyama Brown, local Jamaican directors and executives of CRD, coupled with Jamaican partners specializing in agricultural science and plant based medicine, will help United Cannabis implement Sayer’s 40 years of agricultural methodologies into localized educational curriculums, job training programs, and help with integration of localized products.

Earnest Blackmon, Chief Executive Officer of United Cannabis, commented on the announcement, “This is a monumental milestone for the Company; this approval provides us with ability to establish a licensed facility from which we can manufacture our medical cannabis Prana products for distribution approved markets around the world.”

Products covered under this license include the Company’s complete Prana Bio Nutrient Medicinal line as well as its industrial hemp products; CBD-Infused Water, Prana P5 Hemp Bio Nutrient Capsules, Aromatherapy Roll-On and Sublingual Drops.

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / September 25, 2018 / United Cannabis Corporation (CNAB) (the “Company” or “United Cannabis”) today announced that its Joint Venture (the “Joint Venture” or “UCANN/CRD”), which is 50% owned with Jamaica-based Cannabis Research & Development (“CRD”), has received conditional approval of its license to cultivate, process, transport and conduct research on cannabis within Jamaica.

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United Cannabis Corporation is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of phyto-therapeutic based products supported by patented technologies for the pharmaceutical, medical, and industrial markets. The Company has long advocated the application of cannabinoids for medical applications and is building a platform for designing targeted therapies to increase the quality of life for patients around the world. Most of the Company’s products are patent protected, first in class medicines with applications to a global market. United Cannabis trades on the OTCQB under the symbol CNAB.