one innovation labs cbd

One innovation labs cbd

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, November 9, 2021 / — One Hemp Brands, a Division of One Innovation Labs, announced today that the results of research conducted by leading scientists Drs. Benjamin Weeks and Pedro Perez will be presented at the International Neurological and Psychiatry Conference in Vienna, Austria on November 8-9, 2021. Scientists in the fields of molecular cell biology, chemistry, clinical engineering, and analytical chemistry will present. The study was also published in the July 2021 edition of Functional Foods and the October 2021 edition of Cannabis Science and Technology.

• TRKA signaling is associated with anti-inflammatory responses and One Hemp signals through TRKA suggest VitaCBD may have greater anti-inflammatory potential.

The research study was conducted at Adelphi University and supported by One Hemp Brands. It determined that a lipid-enhanced CBD formulation is highly effective in binding to pain and neuroplasticity receptors known as TRKA resulting in enhanced neurite outgrowth and neuronal cell survival. The results strongly suggest lipid-enhanced CBD has greater anti-inflammatory TRKA signaling than that of BioPerine.

One innovation labs cbd

This growth was entirely due to our extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced workforce. With specialist departments dedicated to sales, customer relations, production, and research and product formulation, we are able to provide any service and to support our clients in any way they require. Our team come from a diverse array of backgrounds and provide the company with a range of skills and expertise, including pharmacy, science, international business and business management. We have the management structure and business protocols in place to accommodate continued expansion of the business, and part of this preparation involves our successful adoption of the ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems and the ISO 22716, which covers Good Manufacturing Practice in the cosmetics industry. The company’s next step in this process is to complete ISO 13485, a prerequisite for the creation of medical products. Based on our progress with prior elements, we expect to be awarded our current Good Manufacturing Practice certificates by the middle of June and then obtain full medical compliance a few months thereafter. All our standards are overseen by our in-house compliance officer and are subject to intense scrutiny by external auditors.

In addition to our successes in the EU and UK markets, we also have substantial experience supplying goods into Japan, where we have been helping drive the development of the rapidly expanding CBD industry that is flourishing there. In particular, we have recently partnered with a medical doctor who is researching the potential benefits for the treatment of Dravet’s syndrome – a rare form of epilepsy which the medicinal CBD product Epidyolex has been approved for. Even when they are for medical purposes, there are a myriad of restrictions and legalities surrounding the import of cannabis products into Japan. Our ability to deliver these sometimes controversial products consistently and successfully requires exemplary knowledge of regulations and constant communication with customs authorities. We particularly pride ourselves on the strong relations we have built with various customs organisations in Japan, Switzerland and the UK. The accrual of knowledge required to achieve this was possible only through constant learning and growth by the company.

At Always Pure Organics we pride ourselves on being a reliable partner for bulk supply of high-quality CBD isolate, sourced solely from Switzerland. Our products are also the highest Swiss quality, which combined with our excellent producer relationship and sales team, has allowed us to supply approximately 15% of the entire EU market for bulk cannabis products. Not content to rest on our laurels, however, we are constantly looking for both new partners, products and avenues through which to supply them.

CBG has some potential effects and benefits that we are exceedingly enthusiastic about: current research suggests that it may be a potent antimicrobial capable of dealing with MRSA, in addition to its considerable anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory – potentially stronger than CBD – and potentially anti-tumour effects. To make sure that we fully harness the potential of this incredible molecule, we are in the process of establishing bulk CBG isolate stocks and formulating new CBG products, including oral drops and skincare items, to supplement our portfolio.

Our most popular white label products are our oral drops: this is to be expected, as oral drops make up approximately 35% of the current EU market for CBD. In addition to the standard full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options, with a choice of carrier oils, we offer an exciting range of flavoured oils. These are crafted by our in-house team of formulation chemists, working closely with the premier European terpene experts Terpescience, whose knowledge of terpenes and the aroma profiles that can be innovated using them consistently amazes us – as do the products they create with them. The flavours they produce consist purely of natural terpenes that can be found in the cannabis plant, providing the versatility that allows for flavours such as our Chocolate, Orange or Fruit Mix. Terpescience terpenes are produced from natural fruit sources, greatly increasing their flexibility and availability than if they relied on trying to extract microgram amounts from the cannabis plant.