nate diaz and cbd

Nate diaz and cbd

How will the CBD affect Diaz with his post-fight testing? That’s not exactly clear.

Mike Johnston @ MikeyJ_MMA Here's Nate Diaz smoking a vape pen immediately following #UFC202. Says it's CBD oil. (vid by @bokamotoESPN)

Combat Sports Law broke down the difference in testing procedures by the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) and the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). The NAC adopts the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) guidelines, which ends with the post-fight sample being given. Whereas the UFC-USADA agreement extends the in-competition testing for six hours after the conclusion of the scheduled bout.

Per Nora Volkow, the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, writing for Huffington Post, CBD is one of the many chemicals in marijuana plants. The chemical “does not make people high and is not intoxicating.” The chemical is possibly therapeutic.

Erik Magraken @ erikmagraken @SBNLukeThomas but it is a cannabinoid which is what is on the WADA prohibited list

Nate Diaz had a little shock value left for everyone after his UFC 202 defeat to Conor McGregor.

Mike Bohn @ MikeBohnMMA Nate Diaz just smoked weed on the press conference stage. I believe he's still in competition.

Nate diaz and cbd

Nate Diaz and his brother, Nick Diaz also happen to be occasional cannabis consumers and they have often advertised their habits on social media platforms. The American fighters have also shared the stage with the likes of Mike Tyson, Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa to relish on their mutual love for cannabis. Let us take a look at such instances.

Nate Diaz is one of the most eminent fighters in the UFC, who never got to claim a title. The natural lightweight has tried his fortune in the welterweight division too, but Diaz have always lost a real title fight which includes his latest defeat against Jorge Masvidal for the BMF belt. However, that doesn't affect his global popularity at all. The California-based fighter has always been relevant in the news for his loud mouth and outer-ring antics. Despite, being one of the most controversial personalities of the roster, Diaz remains to be vocal about his thoughts and personal life dramas.

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Nate Diaz's cannabis consumption

After finishing one of the biggest nights of his career, Natte Diaz openly ignited his CBD vape in the post-fight press conference of UFC 202. Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz fought against each other in an epic re-match at UFC 2020 main-event and after a hard-fought battle, Conor McGregor was awarded the victory via judge’s scorecard. Take a look at Nate Diaz enjoying his CBD vape.

The Stockton superstar chose to stay out of the sport since his loss against Conor McGregor at UFC 202. However, he made a stunning comeback in UFC 241 and faced Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis in a welterweight contest. Nate Diaz made headlines again after he ignited a big fat blunt in the open workout session of UFC 241. Another evidence of Diaz having a great time with his joint.

BMF contender Nate Diaz is considered as one of the greatest fighters of UFC. Let us see those instances where he opened up about his cannabis consumption.

Nate Diaz and Nick Diaz became vocal about their love for cannabis in a documentary for Dope Magazine. The Diaz brothers have often been spotted smoking up and it is no problem for them since the consumption of cannabis is legal in California, United States. Take a look at the epic documentary that revealed Nate Diaz’s love for cannabis.