nanoemulsion cbd

Nanoemulsion cbd

Higher bioavailability refers to the amount of nutrients in a product that are absorbed. In regards to CBD, if a CBD product has high bioavailability this means that it has a high amount/concentration of CBD that can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

That means that traveling with CBD is now much easier and efficient. Board a plane, take a capsule at a work meeting, or enjoy a dose of CBD at the park discreetly with little to no attention.

Highly Bioavailable

Ultimately, bioavailability is the most important factor in determining whether or not a CBD product will produce the effects and benefits you seek. In this respect, the amount of CBD tincture that you consume doesn’t necessarily matter. Even if you were to take a larger dose of CBD in an attempt to achieve more significant effects, nearly 90% of that dose will be left behind.

Given that CBD resists mixing with the water in the bloodstream, behaving as oil would in water, it takes much longer for the body to absorb the active ingredient (CBD), and as a result, the effects of CBD tinctures take hours to kick in. Water soluble CBD, on the other hand, is formulated to dissolve rapidly into the bloodstream, and as a result, the Vana Labs CBD takes effect in under ten minutes after ingestion.

Fast Acting Effects

When low-bioavailability CBD oil is ingested, it must process through the liver and digestive system before entering the bloodstream to produce active effects. In this process, overwhelming amounts of CBD are left behind; by the time your dosage of CBD oil makes it through your system and into the bloodstream, overwhelming amounts of CBD have been left behind and discarded by the body, producing no active effect. The tiny amount of CBD oil that does enter your bloodstream to produce active effects may be as little as one-tenth (or less) of your original dosage.

Nanoemulsion cbd

While the bio-availability percentages vary between studies, there is a commonality between many and believe it or not these studies suggest that it may come down to size. Here is an overview of the two most common sizes of CBD.

Does Size Matter?


How you consume CBD, choice of delivery method, will determine the strength and distribution of CBD in your body. How you take CBD also has an effect on the bio-availability of the compound. You will hear a lot about bio-availability from the numerous CBD products, and it is an important concept to understand. Technically, the bio-availability of a substance is the percentage that іѕ absorbed into the bloodstream after any other processing in the body. More simply it is how much of the CBD you actually benefit from.


CBD is available in many forms, including tinctures, edibles, capsules, and vape oils. The various means of consumption make CBD a versatile compound. With CBD products, you can cater to your supplement preferences, formats and wellness goals.

Nanoemulsion cbd

The way to introduce or ‘solubilize’ an oil-based ingredient is by creating a nanoemulsion. The nanosized droplets haven’t changed in solubility but are now dispersed in the beverage and appear to be dissolved.

Simple mixing of the non-soluble CBD oil with water creates a cloudy liquid. Not only is this less attractive aesthetically, it can also result in a less shelf-stable product as the oil and water will separate over time.

Difficulties with CBD infused water

For those who are just exploring this growing market, creating a quality water product can be challenging.

Creating water-soluble nanoemulsions

CBD water is a recent newcomer to the health foods market, taking its place amongst oils, capsules, gummies and edibles as a new and convenient way to consume cannabidiol.