missouri cbd oil bill

Missouri cbd oil bill

Whether through developing innovative investigative techniques, using cutting-edge analytic tools, or forging new partnerships in our communities, the FBI continues to adapt to meet the challenges posed by the evolving cyber threat.

The FBI’s cyber strategy is to impose risk and consequences on cyber adversaries through our unique authorities, our world-class capabilities, and our enduring partnerships. Learn more (pdf)

Learn more about what you can do to protect yourself from cyber criminals, how you can report cyber crime, and the Bureau’s efforts in combating the evolving cyber threat.

Learn how businesses and organizations can work with the FBI to get ahead of the threat and make an impact on our cyber adversaries.

How We Work

National Defense Cyber Alliance (NDCA) brings together experts from the U.S. government and cleared defense contractors to share threat intelligence in real time, with the goal of improving the network security of NDCA member organizations and gaining a greater understanding of the cyber threat landscape.

If you or your organization is the victim of a network intrusion, data breach, or ransomware attack, contact your nearest FBI field office or report it at tips.fbi.gov.

Our adversaries look to exploit gaps in our intelligence and information security networks. The FBI is committed to working with our federal counterparts, our foreign partners, and the private sector to close those gaps.

The FBI Cyber Strategy  

These partnerships allow us to defend networks, attribute malicious activity, sanction bad behavior, and take the fight to our adversaries overseas. The FBI fosters this team approach through unique hubs where government, industry, and academia form long-term trusted relationships to combine efforts against cyber threats.

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Only together can we achieve safety, security, and confidence in a digitally connected world.

*Depending on facts, possession of more than 35g, but less than 30kg, has often, historically, been charged as intent to distribute. Same as Distribution penalties below.


The penalties for hashish and concentrates are exactly the same as for marijuana in Missouri.


Possess or bring into state 100kg or more or 500 plants or more is a Class B felony which is punishable by a sentence of 5 – 15 years imprisonment and a fine of 2x profit.