meniere’s disease cbd

Meniere's disease cbd

More and more people are turning to cannabis for various medical conditions, but how about Meniere’s disease? Could the plant offer a solution, or is it likely to make matters worse?

What Is Meniere’s Disease?

Due to the unpredictable nature of Meniere’s disease, it can cause extreme distress in its sufferers. Approximately 63% of people with Meniere’s also suffer from anxiety or depression.

Conventional Meniere’s Disease Treatments (Not Cannabis)

There is no cure for Meniere’s disease, although it is possible to manage some symptoms with medication and lifestyle changes. Some people find relief from Meniere’s disease by making the following adaptations:

What do you hope to accomplish with the CBD oil?  It is unlikely to reduce vertigo but some folks have had success with it for reducing stress/anxiety which then helps with reduced dizziness and other MD symptoms.  I take Betahistine and tried CBD oil and had no problem.  The CBD did not do much for me.  I'm about to start on medical marijuana which I've heard is better for reducing stress/anxiety then CBD.  MM can also be used safely with Betahistine *.

* One important note. if you are taking Betahistine be sure NOT to take an ORAL antihistamine for allergy.  If you do it will neutralize the Betahistine and you will receive no benefit from it.  If you need an antihistamine take it via NASAL SPRAY (not through mouth) and/or take a steroid nasal spray like Flonase which is not an antihistamine.  Good luck