medikit cbd auto

Medikit cbd auto

Substrate shouldn’t be too compacted as this would hinder root development, stopping plants from developing strong and resistant. For this reason, substrates used should be specific for cannabis grows, such as Light Mix by Boom Nutrients or Light Mix Plagron.

Medikit Auto CBD exhibits pleasant and appetizing citrus flavors that resemble different fruits like orange, mango, lemon, grapefruit and grapes, among others. On the other hand, some pine and earthy tinges can be perceived in its aromas.

Its sativa ascendance comes from the mythical Harlequin, which was created by crossing a Columbian Gold from the 70’s, a Thai strain from Laos, an excellent Swiss strain and a magnificent Nepali variety. Buddha Seeds track record is widely recognized by its efficiency, constant research and development of first quality non-photoperiod dependent strains.

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Flavor and aroma

Medikit Auto CBD by Buddha Seeds is a fantastic and perfectly equilibrated hybrid with indica ascendance that surged by crossing various Latin American strains rich in CBD with a Californian Harlequin. This genetic presents a vigorous growth and abundant flowers coated with luscious resin.

Regarding its development using lights, the recommendation is to use 600 W-1000 W HPS bulbs, although LEC lighting systems or 630 W LEC luminaries will also promote proper development. This strain requires a color temperature of 3000K as it facilitates vegetative growth and resin production.

When grown indoors, 9 plants per square meter will easily fill the growing space. Special attention should be paid at the start of their vegetative development in order to avoid watering them excessively. Medikit Auto CBD will be ready for harvest 70-75 days after its germination and its yield can exceed 400 g/m2 with examples measuring roughly 1 m of height.

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Medikit Auto CBD Flavors and Effects

Outdoors, Medikit Auto CBD presents a compact appearance and its yield will range between 70-80 g/per plant, 70-75 days since germinating. Using a properly aired and light soil formed by perlite, humus and peats ensures best results.

This autoflowering cultivar is aimed at growers and consumers that prefer plants without too many psychoactive effects, with medicinal and therapeutic benefits prevailing over recreational ones. Medikit Auto CBD has managed to stabilize cannabinoid levels at 20% while THC contents don’t exceed 1%.

Medikit Auto by Buddha Seeds is the auto-flowering version of this medicinal strain. It is high in CBD whilst producing extremely low levels of THC. It is a very easy plant to grow and even the novice can get great results with it.

Medikit Auto is a hardy strain that can be cultivated successfully indoors as well as outdoors. Indoors its life-cycle is 70 – 75 days from germination through to harvest with yields in the region of 400 – 450 gr/m 2 . Outdoors 70 – 80 gr/plant is very achievable. This strain develops a lot of bud sites all over its branches and these achieve great density and resin coverage.

Terpene production is exceptional with the prevalent scents and flavours being sweet citrus (lemon, orange) as well as mango underpinned by notes of earth and pine. Its high CBD and low THC renders an effect that is anxiolytic (reducing anxiety), easing stress and lifting moods.