massachusetts cbd sales

2) And products that contain CBD that are “intended for ingestion are to be considered foods, not controlled substances.”

“We have this mass confusion,” said Sarah Lee Gossett Parrish, an Oklahoma-based civil litigation attorney who specializes in cannabis law. “And it’s compounded by the fact that nationally, we have a patchwork of state laws.”

1) Hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD “are not considered controlled substances.”

MacDougall, and so many farmers like him, thought the federal legalization of hemp meant all the compounds within hemp were legal, too.

Local boards of health would ultimately be responsible for deciding enforcement strategies in their own cities and towns, according to spokeswomen for each state agency.

The Department of Public Health and the Department of Agricultural Resources said recently that certain types of CBD are illegal under state regulations. The new policies outline legal uses for hemp and its derivatives, and said two common uses of CBD are now prohibited: “any food product containing CBD” and “any product containing CBD derived from hemp that makes therapeutic/medicinal claims,” according to a June 12 notice from the Department of Agricultural Resources.

Those two restrictions affect a vast majority of products on the market, from gummies that claim to help with pain management to oils that allege to help with sleep.

Massachusetts cbd sales

Massachusetts voters passed a ballot initiative in 2016 that legalized recreational marijuana use. Under these new laws, it became lawful to transport up to an ounce of marijuana or 5 grams of concentrate at any one time for people 21 years of age and older.

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Yes, CBD is legal to purchase and consume in Massachusetts.

Third-party labs can ensure that the advertised CBD content matches what is actually inside the product. They can also test for dangerous chemicals or unnecessary solvents.

There is a good reason why CBD can be expensive. If it is made using high-quality plants, following the law, and using CO2 extraction, it won’t be cheap. Therefore, if you purchase the lowest-price CBD on the market, you’re asking for trouble.

Recommended CBD Retailers in Massachusetts

The fastest way to compare all these different products is online. It saves you from running around from store to store, trying to find that perfect product you bought two months ago.

The most convenient way to find high-quality CBD for a reasonable price is to buy it online.

Under the Agricultural Act of 2014, products made with industrial hemp are no longer considered marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act. Farmers are now able to legally grow industrial hemp to make fuel, food, clothing, paper, and extracts — including CBD.

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However, despite being the first state to enforce marijuana restrictions, Massachusetts has now made marijuana legal for both medical and recreational purposes.

You’re required to register with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program to get a medical marijuana ID. You must keep this ID card with you at all times whenever you’re in possession of marijuana.