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maintaining the educational portal; This portal is also listed on all

B) How do I establish my DOSE of THC/CBD?

A) enQap : Liposomal encapsulation means uniform absorption and a protected sphere around active profiles

70 pounds: 7 mg 16 mg 35 mg

40 pounds: 4 mg 10 mg 20 mg

marQaha made better! Designing a product that is effective and that patients and consumers will enjoy takes more than pleasing the palate to be a success. Through our parent company plantrica we research and apply well documented science and our own proprietary methods to make the products we design perform in a powerful and measured manner. These improvements are shown as being "Powered by plantrica" on each product using a blue " + " next to the product name with a list of which technologies are empowering the product on the front of the label.

60 pounds: 6 mg 14 mg 30 mg

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