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The best Santa Rosa Dispensary to rise from the ashes. Flora Terra provides the highest quality medicine for Sonoma County. Flora Terra is the best medical recreational marijuana cannabis dispensary that also provides weed delivery in Santa Rosa. KindPeoples is proud to present KindGenetics – we stock the largest selection of seeds and clones in Monterey Bay. Cultivation Cultivators grow all of the cannabis plants that are harvested, sold as flower, and made into products. Their operations look like other agricultural operations in California.

Santa Rosa Cannabis Dispensary

Stock up on some dank without breaking the bank! What makes us Sonoma County’s best dispensary? We make luxury affordable. High quality products & lots of specials!

We Grow Our Own

At Flora Terra, our respect for cannabis is untapped. Farmers first and foremost, we are still proudly cultivating our own premium flower with proprietary methods from seed to sale. When visiting Flora Terra, take a peek at our flowers growing safely in our nursery, complete with cutting edge cultivation technology like LED lights and vertical farming. We believe in working in harmony with our environment to create the best possible products and experience for Sonoma, for California, and for you.

Learn more about tours below!

A Cannaseur’s Wonderland

Browse our curated selection of the most innovative and sustainable cannabis products available!

We are obsessed with quality, and it shows in our premium flower. We offer a variety of strains for every mood; indica, sativa, or hybrid strains.

Discreet and delicious, explore our unrivaled selection of tasty cannabis snacks.

The best on the market! With no additives or toxins, be confident in your cartridge when you buy from Flora Terra.

Pure and potent, get down to business with our most powerful offerings.

Looking to grow your own? Start with our premium clones.

From smokable art pieces to Flora Terra swag, check out our current accessories.

Santa Rosa Clones

A hub for cultivation and clones in Santa Rosa, Flora Terra, the best Santa Rosa recreational dispensary, offers the most extensive clone selection in Sonoma County. Flora Terra is home to a 10,000 square foot indoor cultivation area complete with cutting edge technology like LED lights and vertical farming.

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Nurturing over 20,000 clones monthly inside the Santa Rosa Marijuana Dispensary, Flora Terra carefully propagates healthy, disease and pest-free plants that can be used for both medical and recreation benefits… add day long!

Home Grown

In true Sonoma County fashion, our flower is farm to table. We are working hard to perfect our first batch of estate grown cannabis and look forward to sharing that with you. We are not just a dispensary, Flora Terra is home to a cutting-edge cultivation area. We are so proud of our Flora Terra flower that we’ve put it on display. Next time you visit, tour our nursery and watch our flowers grow!

Premium Products

High taste? You’ve come to the right place. We strive to bring you quality products at reasonable rates. We don’t cut corners, we don’t over charge, and we don’t look at you as just a number. If you are a part of our community, you are family. If you support our community, you are a part of our family. We live in a time of great strides and great medicine. Enjoy the present with premium cannabis from Flora Terra.

Community Driven

We are community driven, serving the strong citizens on Santa Rosa and the greater Sonoma County area. Our space is designed to offer an encouraging environment where you are invited to inquire, discover and enjoy. We exist to serve our community with the highest quality medicine. Whether you are a first-time customer or a long-time cannasseur, you are welcome at Flora Terra.


Grow your own cannabis with a little help from KindGenetics. We are passionate about cannabis. Ever since the medical cannabis days we have been the Santa Cruz destination for seeds and clones. We carry a wide selection of popular and exotic strains to fit your growing needs. Located at both our Soquel Avenue and Ocean Street dispensaries, we stock the largest selection of seeds and clones in Monterey Bay. Our consultants are ready to answer any of your cultivation questions.

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Seeds and Clones

Growing from seed results in bigger plants.

We carry a wide selection of seeds, available in indica, sativa and hybrid varieties in regular (non-feminized), autoflower and feminized. Read our seed guide on the various seed types available. Watch our video on the benefits of growing from seed.

Clones are convenient and great for the first-time grower. Watch our video on the benefits of growing clones.

We only source stable, clean and robust genetics from top California nurseries. Select from original strains like Blue Dream and Black Jack to more exotic, award-winning strains like Runtz and Super Lemon Haze.

Check our menus regularly for new strains and plant starts, including seedlings and teens. Review this guide on the difference between clones and seedlings.

Still have questions? Watch our video on clones vs seeds.

Growing your own cannabis is a rewarding experience.
To help you get started on your cannabis journey, watch our video series filled with easy-to-follow cultivation tips.


Cultivators grow all of the cannabis plants that are harvested, sold as flower, and made into products. Their operations look like other agricultural operations in California. Cannabis cultivation is a multi-step process that includes:

  • Preparing the soil and growing medium
  • Planting seeds or clones
  • Irrigating, fertilizing, and managing pests
  • Harvesting plants
  • Drying, curing and trimming plants

Cultivation licenses

If you want to grow cannabis and sell it in California, you will need a cultivation license. The type of cultivation license you need depends on:

  • The size of your canopy (the area where you grow mature plants)
  • What kind of lighting is used

There are different licenses if you:

  • Grow seedlings and immature plants only for use by other businesses or sale to consumers (nursery license)
  • Dry, cure and trim cannabis after harvest; package cannabis; or make pre-rolls for other licensees (processor license)

Use of pesticides

You can use pesticides on cannabis plants if they meet guidelines set by the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR). DPR has resources about:

  • What pesticides are okay to use
  • What pesticides cannot be used
  • Pest management practices
  • Pesticide safety
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Pesticide use is enforced by DPR and county agricultural commissioners. Contact your county agricultural commissioner if you have questions about pesticides.

Water permits

Cannabis cultivators have a responsibility to protect the environment and be responsible stewards of the land. That’s why it’s important to understand how your operations may impact the environment.

All agricultural operations in California are required to get permits and follow rules set by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and the California Water Boards. These rules help protect water quality and conserve water resources.

CDFW and Water Board rules prevent:

  • Degradation of water quality
  • Excessive water diversions that can injure or kill fish or dry up small streams
  • Sediment and debris being washed into waterways
  • Changes to land that can harm streams and wildlife, like erosion or grading
  • Damage to native fish and wildlife habitats
  • Impacts to threatened or endangered species

Cannabis cultivators must have:

  • A Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement with CDFW or written confirmation that one is not needed
  • Any permits required by the Water Board’s Cannabis Policy

CDFW has profiles of cannabis cultivators who use best practices and tips for managing your cultivation site in a wildlife-friendly way.

Appellations of Origin

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is developing an appellations program for cannabis. Appellations are special names reserved for cannabis:

  • Grown in a certain geographical area
  • Grown using certain production standards

Appellations are used for other products, too. For example, the wine industry uses appellations to tell consumers which region the grapes were grown and wine was made.

The cannabis appellations program will:

  • Help consumers understand where cannabis was grown
  • Promote regional products and local businesses
  • Prevent misrepresentation of the origin of a product

CDFA is working on regulations for the cannabis appellations program. Once they are adopted, CDFA will begin accepting applications to create an Appellation of Origin.

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