malaysian cbd

Malaysian cbd

Our famous Sambal and Satay Sauce are now available to take home! Purchase at any branch or order from our online shop.

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Melbourne closed temporarily. Reopening Monday 17th January.

We will be discontinuing our app soon.

Mamak Brisbane will be opening Q1 2022.

Let us cater for your next function! Order from our online catering menu.

Mamak is an award winning Malaysian restaurant, with branches in Sydney and Melbourne. Named after the roadside stalls of Kuala Lumpur that peddle Indian Malay street food, Mamak is renowned for authentic, bold and traditional flavours, with smart and friendly service.

Culinary delights from the heart of Malaysia. Share a true Malaysian restaurant dining experience with your friends and family. Cinta has a fantastic wine selection & tailored menu to suit your individual taste and cultural needs.

Cinta uses authentic spices sourced directly from Malaysia and the freshest produce here in New Zealand. Cinta strives to share our passion for delicious, exotic, spicy, sweet and sour Malaysian food served in a friendly and relaxed atmoshphere.

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