low cbd strains

I also found that H2, in particular, could be a good option for people who don’t like to get too high. Your mom and dad were smoking dope with THC quantities in this range, so they could feasibly have a few puffs and not — as might be the case with some of modern-day heavy hitters — instantly think they were on Willy Wonka’s boat cruise. Plus, you might as well be smoking something that has a myriad of health benefits associated with it.

Let’s take a step back: CBD is shorthand for cannabidiol, one of the active cannabinoids in cannabis. (The one you’re most familiar with, probably, is THC — tetrahydrocannabinol — because that’s the psychoactive compound that gets you high AF.) But, while THC has been shown to help with some ailments, CBD is straight up off-the-charts with benefits. From the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology:

The Web clocks in with between 17 percent to 20 percent CBD and an ultra-low 0.3 percent THC. By comparison, your average strain has less than 4 percent CBD and 19 to 30 percent THC. Curious about the effects a high CBD strain might have, I went in search of one.

About that: There weren’t any munchies. There really wasn’t, well, much. I started to get a minor buzz, which mostly was felt in the way my eyes were behaving. They got pretty dried out, too. I had no discernible anxiety or paranoia, although I wasn’t really on edge before my little experiment. I’d imagine, for us anxious types, you might need to use it often to see it improve your Larry David-ness. In fact, the buzz was chill enough that I’d imagine you could light up and actually get some things done during the day.

In Colorado, Charlotte’s Web was developed by the Stanley brothers (Joel, Jesse, Jon, Jordan, Jared, and Josh…and you wonder why we spark a J). Their company, Realm of Caring, named the strain after Charlotte Figi. Charlotte, who suffered from 300 epileptic seizures a week, started taking CBD-enhanced extract when she was five and went down to one seizure a week.

H2 has a sharp, piney smell but, once lit, isn’t very aromatic. I took a hit and not much happened, so I took three more. Now, I want to make it clear that I wasn’t doing some important scientific research, just anecdotally reporting on how it affects someone like me. The kids who are able to live their lives more fully because of CDB are what really matter, not some dude taking in Freddie Young’s Super Panavision 70 shots of the desert while prematurely breaking into Halloween candy packages.

I’m an anxious fellow: I see a therapist regularly and am on two medications to curb my Irish-Catholic stress. So, that being a symptom that CBD is supposed to help curb, I figured I could attempt to discern some benefits. I turned on Lawrence of Arabia on Netflix and sparked up.

Charlotte’s Web is the standard-bearer in the industry, with hundreds of Colorado children using the product — with thousands more on a waiting list. Other states besides Colorado have allowed access to it, but a federal bill for nationwide medical legalization died in committee. It’s now on sale in the UK.

Because I’m not a thorough dick trying to take medicine away from epileptic children, Charlotte’s Web was out of the question. (Oh, and also the fact that they’re focusing on kids with serious issues and not 32-year-olds who sometimes get bummed out about having to wake up early.) But, at stellar Denver shop Good Chemistry, I found a strain they market as high CBD, name of H2. H2, a sativa species, has 6.05 percent THC and 12.06 percent CBD. That’s a pretty healthy amount of CBD with a bit more THC than seriously sick patients, especially children, might need.

Cannabis strains that have a high CBD:THC ratio are legal only in states with legal, regulated cannabis markets.

CBD strains can be consumed just as you would THC strains. You can smoke or vaporize CBD-rich flower, eat a CBD-infused edible, swallow a CBD oil capsule, apply a CBD lotion, or use a CBD tincture sublingually. Hemp products also contain CBD, though it is a less efficient source and lacks the beneficial chemical diversity of cannabis-derived CBD products (more on that here).

What’s the difference between CBD and THC?

Although THC is best known for its mind-altering euphoria, it too has important medical benefits. There’s some overlap in what CBD and THC can treat, but THC is particularly effective in relieving nausea, appetite loss, insomnia, among other symptoms. Many patients find that a balance of CBD and THC offers the best symptom relief as the two work together synergistically.

What are the medicinal effects of CBD?

However, the legality of hemp-derived CBD may vary from state to state, so it’s important to check your state’s laws before stocking up on hemp-derived CBD products.

Low cbd strains

A high CBD/low THC strain called Charlotte’s Web ushered in CBD as an option for pediatric seizures. CBD has helped decrease the seizure frequency in so many children that it was eventually made into a pharmaceutical drug called Epidiolex.

Many people enjoy the intoxicating high offered by high THC marijuana strains. However, an increasing number of individuals understand the potential medicinal benefits of high CBD strains.

Ultimately, CBD could help you feel less anxious and more relaxed. Furthermore, it potentially acts as a painkiller without the intoxicating high associated with THC or the high risk of addiction that comes with opioid use.

CBD and Anxiety Disorders

Harlequin is used to combat chronic pain, depression, inflammation, migraines, PTSD, and stress. Overall, this strain is an excellent pain reliever, possibly a good alternative to OTC and prescription painkillers.

One of CBD’s most common uses is alleviating chronic pain and reducing the reliance on prescription and over-the-counter medication. A 2012 study by Xiong et al., published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, found that CBD significantly reduced chronic pain in rats and mice. The researchers concluded that cannabidiol could help reduce chronic pain. It is currently used for conditions such as multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia.

Defining CBD in Cannabis: An Overview

This famous sativa dominant (75%) strain has the highest THC level on the list (at a range of 7 – 15%). However, it is also notable for having a high CBD content of at least 10%. The result means Harlequin is ideal for use during the day as it keeps you alert and energetic.

For some, CBD has become an important factor when choosing their medicine. Such individuals want to experience benefits without an intoxicating high. However, with so many strains to choose from, the choice is often overwhelming – and confusing.