life bloom organics nano cbd

Life bloom organics nano cbd

Find yourself looking for a boost? Energize naturally with our wellness formula. Extracted from organic hemp, our CBD is delivered through our innovative intra-oral spray, designed to deliver the balance you need, faster.
Use our innovative oral spray to add an all natural, healthy boost to your day. Discover the feeling that only CBD can deliver.

Nano CBD Formula (Hemp Extracted)
120mg of CBD per bottle
Accurate micro-dosing of 1mg CBD per spray
Other ingredients: Natural Stevia Extract, Spearmint, MCT Oil
Water-based, alcohol-free formula
CBD Certificate of Analysis
Handy 8ml travel size spray bottlele
14 Day Supply (based on 2-4 sprays twice daily)
2 Year Shelf Life

Life bloom organics nano cbd

The Intimacy formula supposedly comes in two delivery systems; the first being, “nano hemp sexual enhancement sprays ($39.95)”, where consumers are recommended to spray four times 15 minutes prior to any sexual activity and the second, hemp tablets ($42.50), where one tablet suffices 15 minutes prior.

Hemp has been used to ease several health areas that may have initially worried consumers. Interestingly, its uses have prevailed yet again, but this time in regard to sexual health. To be more specific, consumers have previously reported that aspects including libido, pain and orgasms have been improved upon its uses. This is where Life Bloom Organic’s Intimacy Formula comes into play.

Given hemp’s compounds’ ability to ease anxiousness and stress, one can assume that this in turn could have contributed to one’s overall sexual health – this being one of several theories spreading like wildfire.

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The source of hemp used is organically grown on US soils. This is surely to convince consumers given the country’s sternness in established regulations.

Delivery Systems

Other ingredients that have been added to boost one’s sexual desire, function and pleasure include

Life Bloom Organic’s Intimacy Formula