kynd cbd tincture

First 3 Days – Take 1 capsule daily, for the first 3 days. (c

Take up to 3 capsules 3 times per day (9 capsules in total)

With all of our CBD oil spray bottles, we do not recommend taking more than 9 sprays per day in total.

After 2 weeks of use – Decide if you would like to increase to 2 drops taken 3 times per day.

After 1 week of use – Decide if you would like to increase to 1 drop taken 3 times per day.

CBD Capsules Total Daily Guidelines –

After 3 Days – Decide if you would like to increase to 1 drops taken 2 times per day.

With both THC and CBD strains, Kynd Nevada grows the full spectrum of cannabis plants – from sedative indica varietals to energetic sativa plants. Kynd also develops vape oil, dab saps, edibles and topical products engineered to optimize uptake via the endocannabinoid system for medical and recreational.

Kynd Nevada cannabis flowers are cultivated, harvested and cured using time-proven methods, fertilizers and nutrients for optimal medical efficacy and reliable dosing.

Kynd offers clean and consistent concentrate products developed from Nevada CO2 hash oils made using sophisticated, closed-loop, supercritical fluid-extraction technology.

We cultivate premium flowers that showcase the myriad effects of cannabis,
and we’ve been tailoring high-potency strains for well over ten years. Our product
line – the result of expert cannabis-extraction methods – has been thoughtfully
developed to meet the widest range of patient and adult-use needs and interests.
And we’re proud to offer the finest CBD and THC-dominant strains, as well as
hash oil products produced with clean extraction methods. It’s a difference
born of years of hard work, with clear goals in mind – the most effective
and consistent cannabis products for a discerning audience.

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Diverse Selection

Extensive independent tests are performed on all Kynd cannabis flower and concentrate products by Certified Ag Lab, a medical cannabis testing laboratory in Sparks, Nevada.

Superior Concentrates

Kynd cbd tincture

Coconut oil is the perfect carrier oil for CBD products because it allows a larger concentration of the CBD to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream making it effective, really quickly.

Lewis Rixon, founder of We Are Kynd spent time in Malaysia, Borneo, and Indonesia seeing first hand the devastation, waste, and plastic pollution causes which led to the eco-friendly and recyclable stance We are Kynd have proudly taken.

We Are Kynd very kindly sent us at Canex some of their tinctures to try. Their products range from 4%-15% full-spectrum CBD oils, a CBD Balm, and CBD (1.5%) capsules that are infused with turmeric and black pepper.

I’m currently taking the 8% full-spectrum CBD oil is the mid-strength they provide. I always check the ingredients and the carrier oil to make sure the oil is as natural as can be and that it’s going to be as effective as possible, as quickly as possible.

‘We spent a few months visiting producers of CBD oil so that we could see what really lay beyond the trade shows and snazzy websites. We had a list of 20 potential suppliers before arriving at the chosen one.’

Not only are they paving the way with keeping the company sustainable but they also support the ‘One Tree Planted Charitable Initiative.’ Lewis’s goal is to have 1,000 trees planted within 12 months.

‘CBD Oil is now hugely popular as more of us beyond the confines of the chemist in a bid to take greater control of the chemist in a bid to take greater control over our wellbeing and explore new ways in which we can find solutions to our varied palette of health problems.’

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Here’s what they say about their own products…

‘But there are so many CBD products to choose from that it can be tough for a customer to know what constitutes a really great ethical product and what’s a poor one. They have to trust the company they are buying the CBD oil from.’