korean skincare cbd

Korean skin care has been rapidly gaining popularity in the West as Americans discover what tourists from China, Japan, and other Asian countries have known for years: South Korea may have the best beauty products on the planet. That’s why Seoul’s hippest shopping centers are packed every weekend with foreigners searching for the perfect sleeping masks, oil cleansers, or lipsticks to get that glamorous K-pop star look. Now, many of these Korean skin care products are being infused with CBD to create the holy grail of beauty boosters. The best part? You won’t have to hop on a plane to get yours, because they’re coming straight to you.

K-Beauty Meets CBD

This simplified version of Korean skin care has already won rave reviews from Hollywood celebs like Olivia Palermo, Kate Hudson, and Emma Stone, who have been outspoken advocates for K-beauty products. But with such a long and illustrious tradition, what does the addition of CBD have to offer fans of Korean skin care?

What Exactly Is K-Beauty?

Beauty brands have been quick on the mark to take advantage of the CBD beauty trend. Customers are now offered more choice than ever when it comes to the range of “enhanced” skin care products available. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious nighttime sheet mask, a light eye cream, or a foam cleanser to add to your daily skin care regimen, chances are good that there’s a CBD-infused version waiting for you on local store shelves (or online, obviously).

Korean skincare cbd

As it stands, current law in allows the import of CBD materials extracted from hemp seeds, stems and roots that do not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Based in Seoul, Koru Pharmaceuticals specialises in anti-ageing medical aesthetic and skin rejuvenation products. Its portfolio includes fillers, bio-revitalization and mesotherapy products, masks, threads and lipolytics.

Cultured in domestically, the ingredient contains 460 natural substances including Omega 3, 6, 9, and at least 20% cannabidiol (CBD), claims the company.

According to the Beauty Disruptor report by Prohibition Partners, the global cannabidiol CBD skin care market is projected to surge​ to €870.5m U$959m by 2024.

In November 2018, South Korea’s Narcotics Control Act was amended and use of medical cannabis became legal, making South Korea the first country in East Asia to legalise medical cannabis.

Koru Pharmaceuticals developed Mesohemp as a response to the tremendous progress of the CBD beauty market.

The firm’s latest brand, Mesohemp, is a skin care range that contain a native Korean species of hemp called green hemp – a hybrid of imported cannabis from the Netherlands and Korean hemp.

Currently, the range consists of six products, including a cream, serum, sun block and facial sheet masks.

The cannabis market intelligence and consultancy firm predicted that by then, CBD beauty will represent 10% of the total global skin care market.

Whether you are looking to make a complete switch to CBD or want to try just one step at a time, here are the nine best cannabis beauty launches of 2021 (so far) to help narrow your search — each tried-and-tested in the challenging and drying environment of the high alpine.

Nature of Things launched the Elemental Skincare collection in April, which features a complete . [+] four-step facial routine.

As the summer season winds down, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to streamline your skincare routine to keep that sun-kissed glow and stay protected from the elements all year long.

I might be biased (and, yes, I test cannabis products as part of my job) but over the past few years, I’ve transitioned to an all-CBD-based face and body regimen (with the exception of Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 and EltaMD sunscreen). The result? My clearest and healthiest complexion to date.

With BDSA’s recent trend report forecasting the CBD beauty segment of the market to reach $720 million this year alone — a 60% increase over 2020 and representing just 10% of the total CBD market — the number of new brands and product launches to consider buying — often at a high price tag — is overwhelming.

*Note: This list is in alphabetical order, not ranked and will continue to get updated with new product launches through December 2021.