johnny apple cbd reddit

Johnny apple cbd reddit

11:01 pm I would like to note that I am an easily annoyed person, I have been wound pretty tight over the last few years (that you captain anxiety). I am usually so wrapped up in my head and stressing over "intrusive" thoughts that I don't like to be bothered. My partner is super silly and I occasionally find myself not being in the mood to "play along" because it take away from my constant dwelling (hopefully someone might relate to that). Well, I literally have felt like a giggling kid with her for about the last hour. As if I have allowed myself to come up for some air after drowning myself the last 4 years. My muscles feel so relaxed also.

9:15 My high anxiety/intrusive thoughts of taking poison off the suggestion of internet strangers is def on its way out (lol). Now it just sounds silly instead of that crushing "real life" feelings I usually have.

Taken at 8:46 pm on 11-1-16 I do not have a scale (yet) so I had to eye ball about 15 mg because I was to scared to take to much. It definitely taste like a Christmas tree, kind of gritty but dissolved rather quickly (under tongue).

I made my decision to try JACBD based off so many positive reviews on this sub. I have had had no previous experience with any legit CBD (only something sketch from Diamond CBD). I ordered on Friday the 28th, estimated delivery was Monday the 31st but I did not receive it until the next day. I ordered Calm for my wife who is on the autism spectrum (she has yet to try hers) and I ordered Zynergy for my anxiety/depression and chronic neck pain. I have a shitty memory so I took notes last night that I will post below.

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Those who do want to read my experience so far (long).

Made it to the gym with literally no issues. I am usually trying to persuade myself to just go back home on my way there and I just. enjoyed my drive! It felt so good to work out and not think about every single thing that happened today, that I have to do today etc. I could just focus on my show and getting some muthuhfuckin cardio in! I stated twice as long as usual because I wasn't freaking out about getting out.

Those who don't want to read the entire thing, I will be buying more of their products, I believe this has helped me tremendously the last day and a half.

10:22 I still feel pretty chill. Not sure if it is placebo, but I will be trying again tomorrow before the gym, I always feel really anxious about going and while I am there. I took about 5 mg more before the wife and I head to bed. I do have chronic neck pain and I do feel an edge off of that for sure.

9:01 pm I think I feel that warm hug everyone seems to mention. My anxiety is still acting up and has me pretty freaked out about taking something "unknown" so hopefully that part of my brain will get a little quieter.

Johnny apple cbd reddit

I don't think they are going to have a more detailed drug test, but it's possible that Johnny Apple's products still contain trace amounts of THC. And if they do, it's definitely possible for you to show positive. I prefer THC free products anyways, there are a few awesome companies out there with large THC free collections. And you don't necessarily have to sacrifice the other cannabinoids and just get a product made with isolate, some of the products are still "full spectrum" with zero THC.

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Hey guys. Just got a 1000mg bottle of cbd tincture from Johnny Appleseed. I am in rehab so they do drug tests every week. Have read that it takes a high dose to possibly show positive for thc. My question is does anyone know if there is a more detailed drug test that is used in rehabs (vs the common 5 panel) that might show for cbd? or if anyone has experience with this specific brand. Thank!

DO NOT USE johnny apple if you are being drug tested. I smoked around 1 cartridge from the 3 pack in about two days since I stayed home and watched TV during that period, I tested myself just to be sure and I came up as a HARD positive for THC. I do not know why this happened but that could've seriously fucked me up, they mention CBD distillate but god damn I was surprised.

Cheers, JACBD Team

They claim zero THC.

All of our products are THC-free! 🙂 The tincture is made from our isolate and mct oil. The Honey Crumble is a distillate oil. A pure hemp extraction and nothing is added to it. Let us know if you have other questions!

Came back positive for thc :'( damn that shit must be strong