joe rogan best cbd

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular podcasts on the web and they openly endorse CBD, but what CBD does Joe Rogan use?

Who is Joe Rogan?

Many celebrities are shy about the fact that they use CBD. Hemp extracts are still widely misunderstood and some people still wrongfully associate CBD products with Marijuana. Joe is one of the most vocal CBD advocates out there and contributes greatly to educating the public about CBD.

Where Does CBD Come From?

To understand why Joe Rogan is so passionate about CBD, we need to understand what CBD is, where it comes from, and how it affects the body.

Joe rogan best cbd

Joe has revealed in other podcasts that he uses a combination of tinctures and topicals. When he takes the tincture he has 1000mg a day (not at one time) and then he puts a topical on the area where it’s inflamed.

Where To Buy

In that same video, I showed you a second ago, Joe talks about a runner that he knows. Joe said that the runner was taking Ibuprofen every day for years for his pain. He warned him that he was putting his health at risk by doing this for a while. He highlighted that you cannot use OTC medications for years on end without seeing any consequences.


Joe Rogan reveals the brand he uses during an episode with Maynard Keenan. The brand that he takes is CBDMD (Use coupon code: CBDMD15 for 15% off all orders). He takes 1000mg per day right now which is an extremely high dose. 99% of people would rarely need this amount.