italian cbd flowers

Italian cbd flowers

Sei in cerca di Canapa Light? Flowers Extract è lo specialista italiano di infiorescenze di altissima qualità e completamente naturali.
La nostra azienda produce e vende infiorescenze e resine per il mercato italiano ed estero:
all’interno del sito troverai una selezione dei migliori prodotti da noi coltivati.

Infiorescenze e hash contenenti una percentuale di THC compresa tra lo 0,2% e lo 0,5% in vendita esclusiva sul mercato italiano.

Prodotti in esclusiva per l’Italia

All products on sale from Mister Canapa are tested and selected by our staff to offer customers only the best of the hemp market. Our inflorescences arrive from organic cultures produced in indoor systems, Glasshouse and Greenhouse scattered throu.


We will find: oil, crystals, balm, pasta, capsules. Every product that you buy on BIO CBD Shop comes from Cannabis cultivated on certified land. We select the best European producers respecting the natural plant growth cycle

Bio CDB Shop

LIGHT CANAP INFIGHTENCES. Bud cannabis light. Extrait de chanvre. HEMP FLOW. CBD Products Store.

Italian cbd flowers

from 1,09 € per Gram

All of our strains are grown naturally, without any pesticides or any additives; to produce always a quality product respecting our fundamental values.

Super Tangie

from 2,70 € per Gram

All the strains we sell are regularly tested in a Laboratory, with the purpose of giving you the exact percentages of CBD and THC and to satisfy the THC levels set by the law.


from 2,70 € per Gram

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