iso99 cbd

Iso99 cbd

For topical formulations, the ISO99™ crystalline can be micro-encapsulated into layers, suspended, and released at intervals. Encapsulation of active ingredients in this manner increases permeation through the skin. Delivery is more eective due to the powerful concentration, and the time release technology permits the active ingredient to remain within the dermis and epidermis. The encapsulated material of the CBD Crystals won’t unnecessarily metabolically degrade because it is protected by the liposomal encapsulation.

As the largest source for CBD hemp oil worldwide, at Isodiol we are proud to offer Anhydrous Cannbidiol Crystalline Isolate of the highest quality, from seed to finished CBD isolate product.

For example, Cebidiol™ is powered by ISO99™. This liquid formulation is then used in several of our other products as the powerful component for topical applications/solutions.

ISO99™ can be added to or infused into foods, liquids, nutritional supplements, topicals, and even cosmetics. Also, ISO99™ contains no THC, so products made from the CBD Crystals are not psychotropic and do not produce the “high” associated with THC products.

Our ISO99™ CBD Crystalline Isolate formula begins with European Certified Organic Hemp that is cultivated to the highest standards. We are committed to sustainable agriculture, sourcing our hemp CBD only from non-GMO crops grown without pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides.


To guarantee the purity and safety of our ISO99™, after internal testing we send each batch for third party verification.

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Enjoy an instant and continual cooling, soothing and pain relief experience with RapidCBD® Relief Cream. We combine micro- encapsulated ISO99™ CBD, known as Cebidiol™, with stimulating Menthol and eight homeopathic ingredients, along with lavender and rosemary oil to relieve aches and pains. This gel cream is ideal for use after strenuous activity and has been proven to be effective and work fast as a topical pain relief solution. Cebidiol™ is micro-encapsulated within multiple liposome layers for time-released delivery into the skin.

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Iso99 cbd

Perfect For: Vaporizers, Eliquid, Edibles and more

Use: Used as an additive

Key Ingredients: Cannabigerol (CBG) 99%+


CBG Iso – Pure Isolate is 99%+ CBG Crystalline (powder) containing true milligram content at 999mg of CBG per gram. This isolate is free of all fillers, additives, plant matter, and contains No THC.

CBD Global, LLC (CBDG) is a proven pioneer in organic hemp research, cultivation, cannabinoid extraction, and global distribution. Established as the premier supplier of wholesale phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and medical grade products, CBDG is known in the industry for setting the bar on quality, legality, and transparency.

CBD Amount: 999mg CBG per gram

Other Facts: