innov8tive nutrition cbd patch

Innov8tive nutrition cbd patch

I’ve reviewed enough LaCore Enterprises companies now that I recognized the Melissa, Texas corporate address provided on Innov8tive Nutrition’s website.

Innov8tive Nutrition’s Products

Note that for rank qualification, up to 60% of required GV can come from any one unilevel team leg.

Retail and Recruitment Commissions

If there’s no equivalent retail and that affiliate is still earning commissions (first order recruitment and Personal Profits + passups), stay clear.

DALLAS , March 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Innov8tive Nutrition has shocked the industry with a radical new line of products based around a powerful new delivery mechanism called PATCH Technology. Headed by couples Heidi and Ken Whitehair and Dave and Barb Pitcock , the company is poised to dramatically impact the global wellness industry.

Barb and Dave Pitcock have a similar story. A professional cowboy, Dave was riding bulls while Barb was cutting hair at a salon, operating a dance studio with over 60 students and two babies on either hip with one on the way. Stretched to the breaking point, they were over $250,000.00 in debt.

According to Heidi, "Other patches on the market have very little active ingredients…at best maybe 12-15 milligrams per patch. But because of the unique power of our Innov8tive PATCH Technology we have the ability to condense and concentrate nutrients like never before. That means MORE active ingredients per square inch."

Innov8tive nutrition cbd patch

Feel the power and multiple benefits from the Innov8tive Ignite Weight Management 2 patch system. You will receive 30 Patches each of the 2 products.

We’re an affiliate of Innov8tive Nutrition and we are excited to offer you the most innovative nutrition products with quality ingredients. Innov8 your life with the power of the patch!

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Innov8tive Energy

Feel Gr8 with the power of Hemp and CBD. The Innov8tive Patches have 50mg of pure CBD per patch! The Innov8tive Feel Gr8 CBD patch is also 100% THC FREE and made with pure CBD Isolate.

Provide your kid’s Complete Nutrition in a whole new way! The Innov8tive Complete Kidz Patch is your entire handful of minerals and vitamins in a simple patch. Nanotechnology has allowed Innov8tive to re-define how kids take their daily supply of vitamins. This Complete Kidz Patch is packed with the necessary vitamins to maintain a child’s healthy lifestyle as well as Omega-3.

Innov8tive Feel Gr8

Support your body’s natural Immune System and give your body the nutrients it needs to help run at its optimum level. The Innov8tive Nutrition Immune Boost Patch is loaded with our proprietary Immune Support Complex. Ingredients like Ginger, Turmeric Root, Red Algae, Oregano Oil and so much more will assist in supporting the immune system.