infused edibles cbd oil review

Infused edibles cbd oil review

As with the Peach Gummies from Infused, we varied our dosage while testing this product. At 30mg (one gummy worm), we didn’t feel hardly anything. Depending on your body, you may notice being more relaxed in social situation. However, there isn’t a noticeable change in the body, in our opinion. At 60-90mg, the relaxation effect was more prominent, but still not overpowering. Infused Edibles’ product line boasts 0% THC, which means that the gummies are created from CBD isolate. Using the isolate allows them to nail the taste and pack 30mg into each gummy worm. That said, with isolate you lose the full spectrum of hemp terpenes that tend to play into the total effect. This is commonly referred to as the entourage effect. The terpenes present in full spectrum hemp are believed to augment the effect of CBD and THC to be more sedative or more focused. Taking that into consideration, it depends on what you’re looking for with your product purchase. We feel that this product is an everyday edible that can normalize your endocannabinoid system without putting you to sleep.

If you’ve looked into CBD at a local retailer, you’ve probably come across the Infused Edibles brand. Infused Edibles has, seemingly, gained a fair bit of the mindshare in brick and mortar retail versus being heavily focused on online sales. Similar to the Peach Gummies we review previously, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Gummy Worms product. There is something about utilizing CBD isolate that allows brands like Infused Edibles to hit the mark on taste. Keep reading below for all of the details on Infused Edibles 75mg pack of CBD Gummy Worms.

100% on point. As with the Peach Gummies, you could put these on any grocery store shelf and we don’t think consumers would be able to tell the difference between a non-CBD gummy and these infused CBD gummies. The taste, texture and aftertaste match the non-CBD counterparts without a hint of hemp. They’re incredibly tasty. Based on the number of CBD edibles we’ve sample, it truly is a tough task to pull off. You’ll be happy to have these Gummy Worms as a snack at any point in your day.

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Who doesn’t love getting their daily dose of CBD in a nostalgic form factor that takes you back to being a kid? These rainbow belts are as easy to port around and snack on as any other candy. No droppers to mess with and you know the exact serving size. The potency of each Rainbow Belt is listed right on the front of the Infused Edibles packaging so you know exactly how many milligrams of CBD you’re chewing on. Each Rainbow Belt has 60mg of CBD, so they pack a decent amount of CBD punch. Unlike many other gummies, these CBD belts can easily be portioned into smaller dosages, too.

Effect (7.0 out of 10)

Infused Edibles has their 150mg package of CBD Rainbow Belts listed at $29.99 on their website. That said, with their other product lines, we’ve had some luck finding them for cheaper in retail stores (head shops). Depending on where you purchase, we believe you’ll be able to find these for about $.05 per milligram – which is on the low end of the price spectrum when it comes to CBD. Infused is a quality brand and this is a quality product, in our opinion. You can’t go wrong with this product!

Yep, they’ve still got it. This product is on par with the taste we’ve come to expect from Infused Edibles. As with the Peach Gummies and Gummy Worms, these would serve as perfect substitutes of their non-CBD counterparts from a candy manufacturer. The taste, texture and aftertaste match the non-CBD versions without the normal grass-like qualities of most hemp products. Impressive. As we’ve said before, it truly is a tough task to pull off considering all of the gummies we’ve tested.

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Initial Thoughts

Right-sized CBD edibles make the process of taking CBD so much easier. No droppers and you generally know the exact serving size you’re ingesting. The Infused Edibles Gummy Worm product is no exception here. The potency of each Gummy Worm is listed on the front of the packaging so you know exactly how many milligrams of CBD you’re going to be taking. With 30mg in each gummy, they pack a decent amount of CBD into a small package. Depending on the size of the bag purchased, you can choose the tradeoff between cost and quantity. It doesn’t take much effort to take down a couple of these on-the-go and be on with the rest of your day.

With 60mg of CBD in every Rainbow Belt, the company has packed a good amount of CBD into each candy belt – especially considering the compact size. As we’ve said before, Infused doesn’t sell the highest potency gummies you’ll find (as high as 50-100mg per gummy in some cases), but there are still a lot of things to like about their product line. We feel this is a solid potency level for the average person. Unless you’re looking for your CBD product to knock you out for a nap, we think you’ll be happy with a purchase of the CBD Rainbow Belts.

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Infused edibles cbd oil review

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