importing cbd into uk

Importing cbd into uk

(b) is produced for medicinal use in humans; and—

(c) is— (i) a medicinal product, or (ii) a substance or preparation for use as an ingredient of, or in the production of an ingredient of, a medicinal product”

Specialist Doctors can prescribe CBPMs without requiring a Home Office licence to lawfully write a prescription. However, as with other controlled drugs in Schedule 2, companies wishing to possess, supply, produce, manufacture and/ or import/ export these products will require Home Office Controlled Drug licences to lawfully undertake these activities, unless a limited licensing ‘exemption’ applies – e.g. a pharmacist or person conducting a retail pharmacy business acting in their respective capacities (however see guidance on wholesale dealing). It should be noted that Regulation 16A of the MDR 2001 imposes additional controls for the order and supply of CBPMs for the purpose of administration.

THC-A and its control status

To meet the criteria of an exempted product all 3 limbs of the definition must be met.

A CBD preparation or product containing controlled cannabinoids (e.g. THC) which meets the three limbs of this definition may be a CBPM.

“Cannabis-based products for medicinal use in humans” (“CBPM”) – a defined category of cannabis, cannabis resin, cannabinol and cannabinol derivatives – are listed in Schedule 2 to the MDR 2001 and removed from designation under the 2015 Order. Home Office licensing requirements relating to these products are outlined below. The explanatory memorandum to the legislative changes can be found on

Cannabidiol (CBD) and its control status

CBD as an isolated substance, in its pure form, would not be controlled under the MDA 1971 / MDR 2001.

Against this background, the presumption has to be one of caution – that is, that a CBD containing product would be controlled under the MDA 1971 / MDR 2001 as a result of its other cannabinoid content.

Importing cbd into uk

An international manufacturer approached us to help them import CBD (cannabis extract) into UK for distribution to customers. Strict regulations apply to CBD imports and the manufacturer was concerned the product might be seized. Clarity was required on the regulations for importing CBD isolate and CBD full spectrum oil into the UK.

Work carried out

– Advise on CBD (cannabinoid) regulations in the UK and EU.
– UK Border Force and product seizure information and guidance
– Arrange accredited ISO 17025 CBD and THC testing