how to take cbd sublingually

How to take cbd sublingually

Orally-consumed drops (similar to eating edibles such as candies and brownies) take longer to kick in as they must be digested and processed in the gastrointestinal system before entering the bloodstream. Swallowed cannabinoids are absorbed into the intestine before being processed by the liver. Additionally, if a patient has recently consumed a large meal, it could take even longer for the cannabinoids to begin to take effect – as long as 90 minutes – and even longer before it can reach peak intensity effect.

CBD Oil drops and/or CBD/THC oil drops can be swallowed directly or delivered sublingually – meaning the drops are held under the tongue for approximately 60 seconds to then be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

These two delivery methods can affect the onset, duration, and intensity of the effects of CBD and cannabis. There are more than a few pharmaceutical drugs that are prescribed to be taken sublingually. For instance, some fast-acting benzodiazepines that are used to treat acute anxiety are delivered in this way. The area under the tongue is able to quickly absorb various active substances and deliver it directly into the bloodstream.

Ultimately, experimentation is key in discovering the right dose as well as preferred delivery method for treatment.

As an emerging therapy, CBD has been shown to provide potential health benefits that help with everything from inflammation to pain to anxiety. Research is also ongoing with regard to the most optimum way to consume CBD. Bioavailability lies at the heart of the “best” method when it comes to consuming CBD Oil into the body. Bioavailability is calculated as the proportion of the active substance that enters the body and how much of it goes on to have a viable and active effect.

That said, when the liver absorbs THC it is actually converting it from Δ-9-THC into 11-hydroxy-THC which is more psychoactive. Thus, the effects of THC-infused CBD oil is more intense if taken orally. THC is associated with the “high” from Marijuana, causing some patients to feel euphoric. Non-THC CBD is not psychoactive and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD can be added to a variety of ingestible food and drink, making it easy to dose. The other drawback to the longer until effect-onset is that making its way through the digestive tract, some CBD will degrade along the way.

Sublingual administration is convenient, discreet, and fast-acting. This delivery method may appeal to those who are looking for an alternative to edibles as studies have shown that though the effects kick in faster – the results are shorter lived and less intense. CBD oil and/or CBD/THC oil drops has a sublingual bioavailability of 13% to 19% and users will experience the beneficial effects within about 20 minutes.Because digestive system has to take time to break down the ingested substance, many compounds lose potential bioavailability and time to onset is delayed. With the sublingual dosing of CBD oil and/or CBD/THC oil drops, there is a faster onset.

Our sublingual glands absorb CBD faster than just about any other method (excluding smoking it). When ingested (in food or pill form), your stomach needs to break everything down before CBD is absorbed into the blood stream. Sublingual tinctures cut out the extra steps, introducing you to the benefits of CBD faster.

Dosing CBD

Why under the tongue?

Sublingual tinctures should always be used as directed. Many people confuse these products with CBD vape oils, which are formulated differently, so that they’re more easily atomized. Only take sublingual tinctures under the tongue.

CBD is the hot new product on the market today. Retailers are being inundated with all different types of brands, products and price points. Among them, CBD oil is the most prevalent. Why? Because it’s one of the most effective. But, in carrying CBD, retailers need to teach their customers how to use CBD oil, to make sure they’re getting the most out of it.

Educating customers

Though CBD oil can also be mixed into food (like smoothies), it’s best to have as much as possible absorbed sublingually. This will ensure cannabinoids are absorbed quicker. Those who choose to ingest a sublingual tincture will have to wait longer to experience the benefits and may not get the full effects of CBD at their intended dosage.