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Step 25 . Pour the contents from the measuring cup into a jar. Take out the soggy cheesecloth from the strainer and throw it away. Now put a coffee filter into the bottom of the strainer and pour half the contents of the jar through the filter and back into the measuring cup. The filter is used to remove small husks from the oil. Note having the oil be warm with help keep it from congealing and it will go more quickly through the filter. Once half of the liquid goes through the filter into the measuring cup, replace the filter with a new one and do the same thing with the remaining half of the oil.

Step 2 . Put flowers into a grinder/mixer and pulse the grinder a few times to chop up the flowers (not to much, or you can damage the cannabinoids) .

Step 21 . Take the heated contents of jar #3 and also strain it into jar #4 covered with cheesecloth.

Step 27 . For 100 grams of hemp flowers you want to use 100-150 milliliters
Of MCT Oil. Once the alcohol has been cooked off or evaporated, add in the MCT Oil – mix it with the CBD oil using a spoon or whisk.

Step 1 . Weigh out the material (raw hemp flowers). It is very important to weigh out the materials so you know what you are getting so you know how to dose it. This recipe is based on using 2 -4 ounces of material.

MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride ) can be found naturally in foods like coconut oil and can be purchased in health food stores and big chains like Wallmart and Costco or online). MCT Oil is used to dilute the cannabis oil (ratio 10 or 12 to 1) because if you take straight concentrate without dilution, even a tiny amount can lead to over dosing. The second reason for using MCT Oil is because it is a “mid chain” oil and CBD is a long complex chain oil so the MCT Oil helps encapsulate the CBD and make it more absorbable in the body making it more effective.

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Step 3 . Spread out the ground flowers in a baking pan

Step 12 . Take jar of warm alcohol out of the hot water. Open the lid and put a wide funnel in the top and put 5 heaping scoops of heated material (ground hemp flowers) into the alcohol. Close the lid tightly and shake vigorously for 10 seconds (this is called quick wash alcohol extraction).

Important Note: At this stage you are burning off the alcohol so ventilation is very important so you don’t get light headed.

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