how to make cbd bath bombs

How to make cbd bath bombs

Warm baths on their own can help to heal muscles. The prolonged heat from soaking your muscles in warm water dilates blood vessels and promotes blood flow, which in turn allows tight muscles to relax. A CBD-infused bath bomb will elevate these effects, as CBD is a natural painkiller.

Their bath bombs all contain doses of 100mg of CBD, and come in a range of different flavours, including Jasmine, Lavender, Coconut-Lime, Sour Tangine, Cyprus Essential Oil and Rose Oil.

Use our CBD oil dosage calculator to work out how many drops of your CBD oil are needed for a total amount of 200mg.

CBD bath bombs for sale

If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, we recommend the bath bombs from CannaBomb, which are handmade in Portland, Oregon.

Here’s a recipe for making your own CBD bath bomb. This recipe makes enough for two bath bombs containing approximately 100mg of CBD each.

Many sports players treat injured muscles with ice baths to reduce inflammation. Following an ice bath by using a CBD bath bomb in a warm bath could significantly enhance the effects of this practice, as CBD is also renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefits of CBD bath bombs

Warm baths can be equally good at improving our moods. Relaxing in a hot tub with a CBD bath bomb will also enable you to enjoy the calming and anti-anxiety effects of CBD.

There are a couple of advantages to making your own CBD bath bombs. For one, you’re able to adjust the dosage of CBD per bath bomb for your specific needs. Second, many people find it more cost effective to make their own bath bombs.

Bath bombs fizz when they enter the water due to a chemical reaction between their ingredients. This fizzing is visually appealing, and it effectively disperses the beneficial ingredients in bath bombs throughout your bathwater. Some bath bomb users love this fizzing effect so much that they go out of their way to craft their own bath bombs instead of simply making do with Epsom salt, which doesn’t fizz on its own.

Benefits of CBD bath bombs

When you add pre-made CBD oil to your bath bombs, however, you aren’t able to choose the terpenes and minor cannabinoids that you include in your recipe. The only way to specifically target certain terpenes and cannabinoids other than CBD is to make your CBD oil yourself. We cover a few ways to make DIY CBD oil in our article “3 Ways to Make CBD Oil Using CBD Flower,” and for bath bombs, we suggest that you use coconut oil infused with Secret Nature Secret Dream CBD flower .

2. Arrange the other ingredients

Next, add 2 tablespoons of your CBD flower coconut oil, and mix this oil evenly with the other ingredients. You’ll start to note the unmistakable aroma of hemp fusing with your chosen essential oils.