how to close cbd bank account

How to close cbd bank account

When you visit a branch, you should carry the following documents with you:

Which documents do I need?

At the branch, you can either withdraw the money in cash from the teller or request for a bank transfer to another account you might have. Once the account is empty, request for an account closure form.

Step 1 – Empty your account

According to Emirates NBD, in order to avail a settlement of liabilities letter, the customer will need to submit a signed request form, maintaining the fee amount in the account. However, the bank branch may request for other documents on a case-by-case basis.

How to close cbd bank account

If you have a bank account with the Commercial Bank of Dubai and now want to close it? Then this guide is made for you. In this guide, I have mentioned the steps that you need to follow to close Commercial Bank of Dubai account. The process is not hard but you just need to know the exact steps and this guide will help you with the steps.

About Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD)

You can get the contact information from the official website of the bank as well. But I have provided it below for you. You can call the bank or also message them on their official social media profiles.

Steps to Close Commercial Bank of Dubai Account

But if you are closing the account because you are going back to your country from UAE. Then there is no need to open a new bank account. All you have to do is make sure you don’t have any dues or negative balance in your account. If you have then you first have to clear the dues before you start the process.

How to close cbd bank account

The bank will check your account to ensure it is in good standing and that you’ve resolved any outstanding issues before it marks the account as closed. If there are any remaining funds in the account, you should be able to request a transfer to your new account or receive a check by mail.

You shouldn’t assume that the account is closed just because a bank employee says it is. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recommends that you get written confirmation when you close a bank account. This protects you in case the bank didn’t follow through on your request, or there’s an issue down the road.

A Child’s Account

Having an overdrawn account could prevent you from closing an account. You’ll need to get your account back to at least a zero balance before the bank will process your closure request.

If you’re planning on closing a bank account soon, here are a few extra tips that will benefit you in the long run:

Inactive Account

If your bank account has a minimum balance requirement, only transfer money out of the account when you’re ready to close it, so you’re not charged monthly maintenance charges.