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How does CBD affect the body, and how long do CBD effects last? This article aims to answer these and a few more burning questions. How Long Does CBD Last? People have a lot of questions about CBD. One of the most common questions we hear: How long do the effects of CBD last? It’s a great question! And anyone interested in taking CBD deserves to know the answer. No matter what your reason for taking CBD, you obviously want to know how long the effects are going to last. W

How Long Does CBD Last? CBD Onset and Duration

Has your doctor mentioned cannabidiol (CBD) to you as a healthcare option? CBD is a cannabinoid compound derived from the cannabis plant. CBD lacks the ability to cause a high or create addiction for which another prominent cannabis ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is famous.

In recent years, CBD products have gained attention from wellness and healthcare professionals because of their potential to replace prescription medications.

At SUPA Naturals, we want to help you better understand CBD’s potential. But how long does CBD last? Continue reading to learn more about CBD, its benefits, how long it lasts, and the determining factors.

What Is CBD, and What Are Its Health Benefits?

In cannabis plants, researchers have isolated 426 chemical components, of which over 60 are cannabinoid compounds. The major building blocks that have received the most research are

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, found as δ-8-THC and δ-9-THC)
  • Cannabinol (CBN)
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)

THC and CBN produce psychoactive effects, while CBD does not.

In fact, researchers have found that CBD has an opposing effect to that of THC. Instead of creating anxiety, transient psychosis, and memory disturbances, CBD tends to relieve those issues. CBD also targets and attempts to resolve different pain areas in your body.

How does this healing process work?

Human bodies have two cannabinoid receptors: one throughout the body and brain (CB1) and one in the immune system (CB2). CBD effects and stimulates your body’s endocannabinoid system, allowing you to increase cannabinoid production and signal central nervous system functions. Increased cannabinoid levels will relieve and reduce inflammation and also promote relaxation.

A study on anxiety and sleep in 2019 documented the effects of CBD on 103 adults from a psychiatric outpatient clinic with either anxiety or sleep disorder diagnoses. 79.2% of adults achieved reduced anxiety scores in the first month of taking CBD, and 66.7% saw improved sleep scores. The positive effects lasted for the duration of the study.

Other reported health benefits include:

  • Reduced joint pain: A 2017 research study found that CBD might reduce the painful joint symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. A 2016 study confirmed CBD’s potential effectiveness for treating chronic pain symptoms from arthritis.
  • Relaxed muscle spasms: Another 2016 study discovered that a δ-9-THC-CBD blend could relax spasms due to multiple sclerosis.
  • Improved digestive system: According to a study done in 2016, CBD may also reduce gastrointestinal inflammation, offering various digestive system improvements.

While CBD oil may not cure a serious medical condition, it can relieve some painful symptoms. Read through our full list of benefits to understand all the capabilities.

How Long Do CBD Effects Last In Your Body?

When asking, “How long does CBD last?” you must remember that the effects vary from person to person. Many factors determine effectiveness, including the type of CBD product, how you consume it, and your body weight.

Generally, CBD effects last from four to eight hours. A randomized placebo clinical trial found that out of 24 volunteers, the median time it took for subjects to reach the maximum plasma concentration was four hours. If four hours is the median peak time, you can expect it to last as long as eight.

Note that consuming CBD on an empty stomach might cause it to kick in and dissolve faster. The study subjects above consumed the CBD products after a full, high-fat meal.

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

Like THC, CBD stays in your system beyond when you stop feeling the effects. Depending on your body’s fat cells, how often you consume CBD products, and your active lifestyle, CBD might remain in your body for days or weeks.

Generally speaking, the clinical study of 24 adults we discussed above found that the terminal elimination half-life of CBD was 70 hours. Half-life refers to how long it takes for a drug’s plasma concentration to reduce by half of its original value. According to this study, it should take an average of two to three weeks to eliminate any noticeable CBD concentration levels from your system.

Note that different CBD products stay in your system longer than others. According to the half-lives discovered in a 2018 systematic review, the following CBD products might remain in your body for anywhere from one day to a few weeks.

  • CBD sprays: Between 10 hours and two days
  • Smoking CBD: One week
  • Oral CBD products: 10 to 25 days (a few weeks)

Does CBD Appear on Drug Tests?

Certain types of CBD may return positive results in standard drug tests, depending on the THC content versus CBD content. Hemp-derived CBD is the source of most CBD products in the United States. Hemp is a variant of cannabis containing less than 0.3% THC.

The main types of CBD include:

  • Full-spectrum CBD: Contains all of the plant’s components, including CBD and THC. However, to be legal in the U.S., full-spectrum products must contain less than 0.3% THC (i.e., hemp-derived CBD products). Due to varying levels of THC present in different full-spectrum products, utilizing this type of CBD may or may not cause a positive result on a drug test.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD: Undergoes a filtering process that removes THC, so it shouldn’t appear on THC tests.
  • CBD isolate: Only contains CBD and won’t appear on THC tests.

How Long Before CBD Kicks In?

Now that we’ve answered, “How long does CBD last?” you may want to know how long it takes to work. According to a placebo-controlled study, CBD takes just 15 minutes to kick in. After consuming a meal and taking CBD, the study subjects had detectable CBD concentration levels in their plasma samples within that time.

Note that CBD consumption methods will impact how long it takes to kick in. For example, inhaling CBD offers faster effects than taking CBD edibles after eating a large meal.

The Type of CBD Matters

CBD works in different ways, depending on how you consume it. For example, when vaping CBD, your lungs absorb the product. When taking a supplemental dietary product, your liver enzymes break down the components, making CBD last longer.

Below, we discuss the effects of each of the most popular CBD product types. Continue reading to discover which might work best for your lifestyle.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures can contain a variety of ingredients. All tinctures contain the active ingredient of CBD extract. However, the other ingredients can vary. Some tinctures will contain alcohol and water; others, such as those created by SUPA Naturals, will contain oils like olive and coconut oil. The CBD tincture mixture comes in a glass bottle with a dropper so you can apply a controlled dose under your tongue. Because the CBD absorbs directly into your tongue tissues, not your digestive system, the onset time is faster.

CBD users often prefer tinctures for immediate, strong relief. It typically takes about 30 minutes to begin feeling the effects of CBD tinctures. Due to their potency, tinctures can last 12 to 25 hours, so you won’t need more than a dropper’s full daily.

Our CBD collection at SUPA Naturals includes Full-Spectrum CBD Oil and THC-free Water-Soluble CBD Tinctures. Our water-based products boast increased bioavailability, which means your body can absorb and digest the products faster.

CBD Boosters

CBD boosters include:

  • Vape oils
  • Vape juice
  • E-liquids
  • Gum
  • Tablets
  • Mints

Boosters gain their name because they enter your body rapidly, offering a quick “boost” of pain relief and relaxation. For example, vaping CBD allows the product to enter your lungs instantly, though the effects won’t last as long as other methods.

How long does CBD last in booster form?

When you vape CBD or take other boosters, you might only enjoy results for two to four hours, though some people prefer the control you gain over this shortened period.

CBD Capsules

You can take CBD capsules as you would any other supplements. Your digestive system will break down and pass the CBD oil pills on to your liver, where your enzymes metabolize the molecules in the CBD capsules.

CBD oil capsules take longer to start working, though you can enjoy the effects of CBD for as long as 12 to 24 hours. You should expect approximately one hour for CBD oil products in capsule form to begin working. If you’re interested, we sell 25 mg capsules at SUPA Naturals with easy-to-swallow softgels.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are lotions, balms, creams, or salves you apply directly to your skin for targeted pain relief. People often use topical CBD creams for sore joints and spasming muscles since such symptoms only occur in certain areas. Some also use CBD topicals to clear up acne and other skin conditions.

Topical CBD applications usually take around 15 to 20 minutes to kick in and last approximately five hours. Dosing CBD topicals is often challenging since they don’t come in pre-measured amounts. We recommend starting small and listening to how your body reacts.

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CBD Edibles

CBD edibles include any CBD-infused snacks like cakes, brownies, hard candies, sodas, gummies, and much more. Usually, edibles have different CBD oil dosages you can choose between, depending on your desired strength. A hefty dose usually consists of around 31 to 45 mg of CBD for a 230-pound individual.

We recommend starting with a small dose and gradually increasing it until you reach your desired effect. Like capsules, CBD edibles go through your digestive tract, so they take longer to kick in but offer results for up to 24 hours. If interested, shop online for 10 to 25 mg gummies from our SUPA Naturals collection.


Many of the methods above use CBD oil in the formula. CBD oil, like tinctures, comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. When administered underneath the tongue, CBD oil can be absorbed into the bloodstream in only 30 seconds to 60 seconds, allowing you to feel the effects of CBD within an hour.

The quick absorption time means it won’t last as long as CBD oil you consume through your digestive tract. CBD oil drops under the tongue usually last around two to four hours.

CBD Patches

CBD oil transdermal patches are timed-release applications you can wear throughout the day to extend the effects of CBD.

How long does CBD last when used in the patch form? Some last as long as 24 to 96 hours, though they take much longer to begin working. Depending on your body hair and fatty tissue, patches may take multiple hours to kick in.

CBD Flower

CBD flower is a dried product you can grind and smoke, similar to tobacco or marijuana. Many people smoke CBD as an alternative to more addictive or mind-altering substances. The onset and duration times for smoking CBD are around the same as vaping.

Other Factors To Consider

Aside from the type of CBD oil you use, many other factors determine how long it lasts, including:

  • How much you took: Your dose impacts how strong of an effect the product will have on your body. The larger the dose, the more you may feel it and the longer it may last.
  • Your lifestyle and metabolism: Your lifestyle affects how you absorb different nutrients. Active people with accelerated metabolisms absorb and digest CBD faster than most. If you have a strong metabolism, the effects may wear off sooner.
  • Your bodyweight: CBD is fat-soluble, so your body stores it inside fat cells. Anyone with a higher body fat percentage will experience longer-lasting results than those with slim builds. CBD oils may also stay in your system for longer if you have excess fat.
  • What you eat: If you have food in your stomach, it will take longer to digest infused edibles or capsules. The increased absorption time may help you feel the effects for longer.

How Long Does CBD Last on the Shelf?

CBD shelf life depends upon the product you purchase, the manufacturer, and how you store it. For example, infused brownies expire sooner than tinctures since they include perishable ingredients like eggs and dairy.

Even the shelf life for something like oil will vary between brands, so you should read your bottle to find the expiration or best-by date. It’s best to avoid expired products since they could cause adverse reactions or you may not be able to experience the full CBD effects.

How To Extend CBD’s Shelf Life

You can easily extend your product’s shelf life by storing it properly. We recommend keeping your products inside a cabinet to remove all light sources. Direct light increases cannabinoid degradation.

You also want to avoid oxygenation, which can decrease shelf life. Keep your products sealed in oxygen-tight containers to extend how long they last.

Feel the SUPA Lifestyle Effects Today!

CBD products gain popularity every day. With more confirmed research studies proving their effects, wide product options, and increased availability, more people want to enjoy everything that CBD can offer. Whether you need immediate or long-lasting relief, our SUPA Naturals collection has something for you.

If you have questions about how long CBD lasts, contact our SUPA Naturals experts today to learn about our products and benefits!

How Long Does CBD Last?

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

You have probably heard a lot about CBD products recently. There used to be a lot of controversy about using them. However, the 2018 Farm Bill made manufacturing, selling, and consuming CBD products with less than 0.3% THC content legal.

Since the federal government legalized CBD, demand for products with it has exploded. A 2020 study by SingleCare showed that 33% of American adults use CBD products. This number is expected to rise over the next few years. The market is growing by 21% a year as more people discover the benefits of CBD. Most people are curious about the benefits of CBD and how long the effects last.

Some of the answers to these important questions are discussed below.

What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, a cannabinoid found in hemp plants. CBD does not have psychoactive properties like THC, which is a different cannabinoid found in marijuana plants. CBD appears to have a variety of health benefits, so it is used in various oils, gummies, vapes, and other health products. Although only a small handful of CBD products are approved by the FDA, many people claim CBD has helped with various physical and psychological health issues. A growing body of research supports these findings.

What are some of the ailments that CBD helps treat?

People use CBD for a variety of health issues. Some of the most common applications are listed below.

Pain management

A study by Forbes Health and OnePoll shows that 60% of adults who consume CBD products did so to mitigate temporary or chronic pain. In addition, many people claim that it has been surprisingly effective.

Their claims do not appear to be based on the placebo effect because many studies support the theory that CBD can help with pain management. For example, one 2020 study from Poland showed that CBD is highly effective at treating chronic pain . The authors stated that CBD appears to work by affecting various molecular targets that trigger pain receptors, which include TRPV1 and adenosine A1. The lead author said that more research is needed to confirm these findings, but they have been very encouraging.


Many people also use CBD to treat anxiety. However, some people are skeptical of the benefits because they often mistake CBD for THC. Although THC has psychoactive properties that can sometimes induce anxiety, CBD products appear to do the opposite.

A 2020 study from Toronto shows CBD can be used to treat a variety of anxiety disorders. The authors reviewed numerous clinical and pre-clinical studies on the topic, which demonstrated CBD appears to have a high level of efficacy in treating anxiety. The authors point out that researchers are still trying to fully understand the reason CBD seems to be effective for managing anxiety disorders. However, existing research suggests it can be an effective novel approach to therapy for people with these issues.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a debilitating neurological disorder affecting 10.7% of adults over 65. Fortunately, scientists have learned a lot about Alzheimer’s over the years, which helps prevent, slow and delay the disease in many adults.

Some research suggests that CBD products could help people at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. One 2021 study showed that CBD products could play a role in regulating levels of the IL-33 protein. This protein helps alert the brain of potential risks, so it can take action to mitigate them. CBD products were also shown to help remove plaque from the brain, which is a significant risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The research concluded that CBD products are potentially beneficial for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

How long do CBD products last?

As the studies referenced above indicate, there is ample evidence that CBD products can help with various health problems. However, it is still vital for people using CBD products to be adequately informed so that they can administer it responsibly. They need to know how much CBD they should consume and how long the effects should last.

The ideal dosage will depend on various factors, including your sex, body weight, metabolism, and the condition you are trying to treat. The duration of the therapeutic benefits are also going to vary, even if you are taking a therapeutic dose.

You can generally expect CBD effects to last between two and eight hours. However, this is a rough rule of thumb. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to determine how long the effects of CBD will last.

How you are consuming CBD

The type of CBD products you are consuming will significantly affect the longevity of the effects that you will experience. The effects of CBD tinctures usually take about 15 and 30 minutes to kick in, and they typically last for between four and six hours. CBD capsules usually take about an hour to take effect and last for between six and eight hours. CBD topicals typically take effect within 15 to 20 minutes, and the benefits usually last for up to six hours.

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Of course, individual products are going to work differently. So, you should pay attention to the exact ingredients when estimating how long the effects will last.

The condition that you are trying to treat

The condition you’re trying to treat and its severity will also affect the duration of the therapeutic benefits you derive from taking CBD. For example, the benefits of taking CBD to treat chronic pain might only last for a few hours. However, the benefits of taking CBD to treat Alzheimer’s disease could last indefinitely as long as you continue to take them regularly.

The dose of CBD that you are consuming

The dose that you take is also going to play a critical role. As a rule of thumb, you can expect the effects to last longer when you take larger doses of CBD.

Unfortunately, determining the ideal dose is relatively tricky. Experts recommend starting off by taking 0.2 mg of CBD for every pound that you weigh. You can gradually increase the amount that you take until you find the ideal therapeutic dose.

You want to take enough CBD to manage your condition effectively. However, you don’t want to take too large of a dose because you will risk side effects like nausea and headache. Of course, as you develop a tolerance to CBD, you will need to take a larger dose to enjoy the benefits.

Best CBD products for long-lasting benefits

You will want to purchase CBD products that offer lasting benefits. Here are some of the best CBD products on the market.

Penguin Pure CBD Oil

Penguin is a highly trusted CBD manufacturer praised by many. All of their CBD oils and other products are made with the highest quality hemp grown in Oregon.

Penguin sells a very popular line of CBD oils. All their batches of CBD oil are made with broad-spectrum extracts that have been carefully refined. Penguin is meticulous about cultivating the plants used to make their CBD products. The company does not use any herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers in any of its processes. They are also free of THC, which appeals to customers who don’t want CBD products with psychoactive properties or live in communities where THC is still entirely banned. Their CBD production process is perfect for customers who care about their health and environmental sustainability.

Their CBD oil comes in citrus, mint, strawberry, natural and cookies and cream flavors. The cookies and cream flavor contains artificial flavorings, but the others are entirely natural.

Penguin uses a made-to-order production process. Therefore, customers can always expect their CBD oil to be fresh when delivered.

Everest Delta-8 CBD Oil

Everest is another manufacturer of premium CBD products. Their products are marketed to people with anxiety issues and sleep disorders. Unlike many other CBD manufacturers, Everest sells products that have small amounts of THC. Their products appeal to people who enjoy the psychoactive properties of THC, including people who want to enjoy a healthy buzz without consuming alcohol.

Everest sells one of the most popular lines of Delta–8 CBD oil. This CBD oil is environmentally friendly and produced with natural ingredients sourced in the United States. This oil is vegan friendly and does not contain any GMOs. In addition, it has a delicious mint flavor, which sets it apart from many pure CBD products.

Colorado Botanicals broad-spectrum CBD gummies

Colorado Botanicals is a premium CBD manufacturer based in the Midwest. They sell many high-quality CBD products. Their 25 mg broad-spectrum CBD gummies are some of the most popular products that they sell.

One of the benefits of their line of gummies is that they contain a number of beneficial cannabinoids in addition to CBD. These include flavonoids and terpenes. They are also vegan friendly and don’t contain any solvents or GMOs.

These gummies are also delicious tasting. They come in both strawberry and orange flavors.

Colorado Botanicals offers 60-day free returns on their products. However, since they are in high demand, they often run out of stock, so you have to purchase them when they are available.

Verma Farms unflavored CBD oil

Verma Farms is another highly respected CBD manufacturer. They sell a variety of oils, topicals, capsules, and gummies. One of their most popular products is a line of natural CBD oil. This unflavored product can be mixed in smoothies, dips and other recipes.

This oil is primarily made with broad-spectrum CBD. It also contains MCT oil, hemp oil, and terpenes. It is only made with the highest quality CBD derived from CO2 extraction processes. It does not contain any pesticides or other toxins.

Charlotte‘s Web 25 mg CBD capsules

Charlotte’s Web prides itself on creating high-quality CBD products that don’t contain any harmful additives. All of their tinctures and capsules only have two ingredients. They use their proprietary line of hemp genetics and a carrier oil to produce them.

Charlotte’s Web sells a line of 25 mg CBD oil capsules that can be helpful for people seeking relief from pain, anxiety, and other health issues. These full-spectrum CBD capsules are vegan friendly. They also are free of gluten and other common allergens. The capsules are made with domestically grown hemp extracted entirely with CO2 processes.

These capsules were designed specifically for people living active, demanding lifestyles. You can take them regularly for consistent therapeutic benefits throughout the day.

Joy Organics Delta-9 THC gummies

Joy Organics sells both THC-free and THC-friendly CBD products. Therefore, customers can choose products that align with their preferences.

The company sells a line of Delta-9 THC gummies. These are wonderful for people that want to enjoy a buzz without having to consume alcohol. The THC is strong enough to provide enjoyable psychedelic effects but is still legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.

Their gummies are also vegan and free of gluten. They come in green apple and strawberry lemonade flavors.

Their products have received many positive reviews. Customers have stated that they help with stress management, sleep, and joint support.

CBDistillery Raw Synergy CBDA

CBDistillery sells a wide range of full-spectrum CBD products with many quality ingredients. Raw Synergy is one of their most popular tinctures.

This tincture is rich in many important cannabinoids, including CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG, flavonoids, and terpenes, which differentiate sit from other raw CBD extracts on the market. The cannabinoids are derived directly with the help of a proprietary extraction process. The tincture does contain a small amount of THC, but it is still legal under federal law.

CBDistillery offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Subscribers can also receive free shipping on their orders.

Anytime CBD Gummies from Highline Wellness

Highline Wellness is a CBD manufacturer that brands its products as solutions to everyday health challenges. This company sells a line of CBD gummies called Anytime.

These gummies are delicious and entirely natural. The CBD is produced with a unique ethanol extraction method. After the CBD has been extracted, Highline Wellness mixes it with 100% natural coconut oil. As a result, their gummies do not contain any THC content.

While you can take Anytime CBD gummies for various reasons, they are specifically marketed for their calming benefits. Customers can take them whenever they want to enjoy the quick stress relief and to promote relaxation.

Zatural Full-Spectrum CBD Oils

Zatural sells a broad range of both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products. One of their most popular products is a line of full-spectrum CBD tinctures that can be customized to the customer’s wishes.

The tincture includes full-spectrum CBD in every bottle. However, customers can also choose two other cannabinoids in their tincture. The cannabinoids that you can choose from are CBG, CBC, and CBN. You will be charged an extra $25 for each booster that you prefer.

All of Zatural’s products have been formulated by doctors and tested by third-party laboratories. All of the THC has been removed. The products are also made in the United States and use cruelty-free manufacturing processes.

Green Road Sweet Sleep CBD Oil

Green Roads is a CBD manufacturer using in-house pharmacists to provide exceptional products. One of their most popular CBD products is an oil called Sweet Sleep. As its name implies, this oil is specifically formulated to aid with sleep.

The oil contains 2.5 mg of melatonin, which helps regulate your body’s natural sleep cycle. It also has 22.5 mg of CBD and 2.5 mg of CBN in every serving. The CBD and CBN help manage stress, which often impedes sleep.

The proprietary formula appears to be highly effective at helping customers sleep because the product has received excellent reviews. It is also tested by third-party laboratories, which have confirmed its benefits.

FOCL CBD Fruit Chews

FOCL is a manufacturer of premium CBD products. They only use organically grown hemp and other high-quality ingredients to formulate their CBD products.

FOCL has a popular line of CBD fruit chews, which come in wild berry, orange cream, and strawberry flavors. These gummies do not contain any THC or GMOs. They are preferred by customers that care about ethical business practices since FOCL is certified by GMP and never tests its products on animals.

Their gummies can help with relieving stress, calming your mind, improving focus and making falling asleep easier. They work quickly and can be taken at any time.

Certified Organic Pure CBD Oil by Green Gorilla

Green Gorilla sells high-quality, environmentally friendly CBD products. Their products can be used for various purposes, but they are branded for promoting sleep and relaxation.

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The company sells a line of pure, organic CBD oil. Its oil has been carefully formulated to be quickly absorbed and provide excellent health benefits.

All of their products have been tested by third-party labs and only use certified organic ingredients. This line of CBD oil by Green Gorilla is a great option if you want a sustainable CBD oil that provides excellent health benefits.

FabCBD Full-spectrum CBD oil

FabCBD is a CBD manufacturer committed to creating high-quality products at affordable prices. They sell a very popular line of CBD oil made from full-spectrum hemp extract. You can choose natural, mint, citrus, berry, or vanilla flavors when purchasing CBD oil from FabCBD.

Their products are made with high-quality CBD extracted from the best organic industrial hemp plants grown in Colorado. FabCBD has carefully optimized its production process to preserve terpenes and other natural cannabinoids. Their products are not made with any pesticides or other harmful ingredients.

Absolute Nature Full-spectrum CBD Oil

Absolute Nature sells a popular line of CBD oil for people that prefer small doses. These oils are made from full-spectrum extracts. They have a strong enough dose to deliver the positive benefits of CBD, but they have a lower risk of side effects.

Absolute Nature only uses purely organic hemp that is grown in Colorado. The farming and extraction processes that they use are 100% natural, environmentally friendly, vegan, and gluten-free. They do not use any pesticides or other chemicals in their processes. They have received a USDA Organic certification due to their commitment to sustainability.

Lord Jones CBD Gels

Lord Jones has a number of best-selling CBD products available at affordable prices. One of their most popular products is a line of fast-acting CBD gel capsules. These gels are made with high-quality, full-spectrum CBD extracts. They are made with organic hemp cultivated in the United States.

These gels have been formulated with a technology known as VESIsorb, which makes it easier for the body to absorb the CBD. Therefore, the effects should be stronger and faster than most gels using similar CBD doses.

The CBD gel capsules from Lord Jones offer great stress relief and relaxation benefits. They are perfect for people struggling with anxiety or sleep disorders.

CBD products can have lasting benefits

CBD products can offer many health benefits. However, it is essential to take them responsibly. You will have more lasting effects if you choose the right products and consume them in the recommended therapeutic doses.

How Long Does CBD Last?

People have a lot of questions about CBD. One of the most common questions we hear:

How long do the effects of CBD last?

It’s a great question! And anyone interested in taking CBD deserves to know the answer. No matter what your reason for taking CBD, you obviously want to know how long the effects are going to last. Who wouldn’t? We’re here to clear this up once and for all.

How Long the Effects of CBD Last: What You Need to Know

One of the first things to understand about how long CBD effects last is that CBD affects everyone differently. How long it takes to feel the effects and how long these effects are experienced depend a lot on the person who is taking it.

That being said, there are a couple general things to keep in mind when determining just how long CBD effects will last.

If You’re New to CBD, Give it Some Time

If you’re new to CBD and you’re wondering how long the effects of CBD last, you’ll want to give your body some time to adjust to taking it. Many people just starting out on their CBD journey try it for the first time and think they’re going to immediately see extraordinary results, but this isn’t always how CBD works.

Maybe for some it does (and we love hearing these stories), but remember that CBD affects each person differently. It’s best to give your CBD regimen some time before determining how long various methods work for you.

How You Use CBD Determines How Long it Takes to Feel the Effects and How Long the Effects Last

There are several different ways to take CBD and the method you choose will ultimately determine how long the effects last. While there is the option of CBD flower, which can be smoked or vaped in several medical marijuana dispensaries, most individuals who use CBD favor products made with CBD oil.

How long it takes CBD to work, as well as how long the effects last, will differ. As a general rule, CBD effects will last between 2-8 hours.

Some of the most popular methods of using CBD (including how long it takes to feel the effects of each and how long these effects last) include:

Tinctures are one of the most popular ways to enjoy CBD. CBD tinctures are taken most effectively by mouth — many people will hold it there for one to two minutes before swallowing.

It typically takes 15–30 minutes to feel the effects of a CBD tincture, and the effects are known to last between 4–6 hours.

CBD capsules are taken just like a regular supplement. When CBD is ingested orally this way, it must first pass through the digestive system and then the liver, where CBD molecules are metabolized by various enzymes. This is something that reduces the concentration of CBD compounds that are then passed into the bloodstream. Because CBD must pass through both the digestive system and the liver, it takes longer to feel the effects.

It can take up to one hour to feel the effects of capsules, which usually last between 6–8 hours.

CBD edibles and beverages work much like CBD capsules. When CBD is consumed in the form of CBD gummies or infused hard candies, chocolates, drinks or other edibles, it must pass through the digestive system and the liver.

Many people who take CBD in the form of capsules, edibles or drinks prefer to do so on an empty stomach, which can reduce the time it takes for CBD to make its way through the digestive tract and be broken down by the liver. However, consuming capsules or edibles with fatty-acid-rich foods may help increase bioavailability.

Like capsules, it typically takes up to an hour to feel the effects of edibles or beverages, and the effects last between 4–6 hours. (Also see our excellent CBD gummies guide for additional information)

CBD topicals are applied directly to the skin, coming in the form of lotions, creams, balms and salves. CBD topicals are excellent for providing localized benefits to the area of the body to which they are applied. They are absorbed through the skin, bypassing the digestive tract completely.

Research indicates the presence of an endocannabinoid system in the skin, which has been associated with several biological processes. Because CBD topicals bypass the digestive tract and liver, the effects can be felt much quicker than when using other methods.

Generally, CBD topical effects can be felt within 15–20 minutes and can last for up to 6 hours.

Vaping CBD oil is generally the quickest way to feel the benefits of CBD. When you vape CBD, your lungs quickly absorb the CBD you inhale. From here it quickly enters the bloodstream, where it then travels to various parts throughout the body.

The effects of vaping CBD are felt almost immediately but don’t last as long as other traditional products. The effects of vaping CBD are expected to last around 2–3 hours.

How Much CBD Should You Take?

Now that you know how long the effects of CBD last, you might be wondering just how much CBD you should take to feel these desired effects. Remember, CBD affects everyone differently and ideal servings will vary tremendously. Like we mentioned before, the best thing you can do is give it some time.

When you first start taking CBD, it’s best to give your body time to adjust to something new. Start by slowly by taking a low serving size (5–10mg) and then work your way up over the course of a couple weeks until you hit that sweet spot and feel the benefits you desire.

CBD works differently for everyone, which will ultimately determine how long the effects last for them personally. The type of CBD product and how you use it also has a significant influence on how long the CBD effects last. Generally speaking, depending on what type of CBD product you’re using, the effects will last between 2–8 hours.

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Joy Smith is Joy Organics Co-founder and visionary. After her own life-changing experience with CBD, Joy started Joy Organics to create a line of sustainable and premium CBD products consumers could trust. Before founding Joy Organics, Joy worked as an itinerant speaker, traveling to over four continents to empower women across the globe.

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