honest hemp co cbd isolate

Honest hemp co cbd isolate

CBD is short for cannabidiol; one of the many compounds found in the hemp plant, and also inside the human body! We extract our CBD from hemp using a process called supercritical CO2 extraction. It is then infused into our wide product range, varying from CBD e-liquids, to tinctures, to skincare products. CBD is thought to improve the functioning of the human endocannabinoid system, which could restore balance to many processes, including: sleep, mood, anxiety, pain, and more. Check out our article here for more information on the potential benefits of CBD.

The ideal CBD dosage is different for everybody; we’re all unique after all! Properly dosing your CBD intake is essential for ensuring you can experience the full benefits. We always recommend starting low (about 20mg per day), and gradually increasing this week-by-week until you find your optimum dosage. Check out our article here for a more detailed guide into calculating your ideal daily dosage.

CBD Overview

Are you wanting to try out CBD and see how it could help you? Check out our CBD overview and dosage guide below, or head over to our blog page to find out more before you buy.

At Honest Hemp, all of our products are 100% THC free, and made from organic certified hemp plant material. We use broad-spectrum CBD extract in all of our oils, sprays, and edibles. This hemp extract contains a unique blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant oils to enhance the power of hemp’s therapeutic benefits. In our CBD e-liquids and topicals, we use 99.9% refined CBD isolate for optimum purity and CBD potency. Every product undergoes strict third-party cannabinoid testing, and meets the highest standards of production and quality control.

CBD Dosage Guide

Honest hemp co cbd isolate

The “TL; DR” answer is no, CBD isolate will not get you high.

Learn more about inflammation and pain in these helpful articles:

2) Relaxation

So if you do happen to take a THC product for your pain or nausea, make sure it’s of the full-spectrum kind so you get the tempering effects of CBD.

5) Improved Blood Sugar Levels

In the early days of cannabis culture—we’re talking the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, before CBD isolate was a gleam in some stoner chemist’s eye—you pretty much only had two ways to consume your chronic: smoke it or bake it in a brownie.

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According to him, CBD saved his life, and thus his products are meant to provide users with the same experience he had The company claims that the product is clinically tested to ensure that they are safe and potent.

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