highland farms cbd review

When reading customer reviews for products like the FX CBD Vape Oil (i.e. Chill & Think) and the FX Terpene drops, many people say it’s the best vape oil or terpene blend they’ve ever tried.

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The company sources high-quality, non-GMO hemp grown in Colorado. These farms utilize sustainable and organic agricultural practices to produce happy, healthy plants.

Brand Product Line

Highland Pharms is a well-established and respected CBD company known for its extensive selection of quality products. The majority of these products contain a full-spectrum hemp extract, with various potencies, price points, and application methods.

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One of Highland Pharms’ biggest accomplishments came in 2020 with outstanding recognition from CBD Validator. This company created a proprietary and unbiased tool to independently rank CBD oils around the world. Based on their ranking criteria, Highland Pharms Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops (15,000mg) was ranked 8th out of 1,776 CBD oil products. Pretty remarkable!

Expert Review

Highland Pharms launched its CBD business during 2015 from the Highland Lakes region of Texas. This is where part one of its name originated from. Co-founders, Eliot Harris, and Luke Johnston decided the second part of the name should be “Pharms.” It’s a mash-up of the words pharmacy and farms – because they believe in the power of plants as natural remedies.

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Finally, the company posts the cannabinoid profile of every product on its website. But, it doesn’t pay to test pesticides, heavy metals, or residual solvents. Also, we noted a few instances of expired lab reports. Hopefully, this is an area the company improves upon in the future.

Highland farms cbd review

Luke Johnston and Elliot Harris founded Highland Pharms in 2016. Johnston discovered the therapeutic benefits of CBD during his fight with aggressive metastatic colon cancer. Johnston found that CBD offers relief from the adverse side effects of chemotherapy.

Source of Hemp

Meanwhile, the 20mg All-Natural Gummies is a full-spectrum CBD-infused gummy bear that comes in a total of 400mg of CBD per bottle. Its coloring is from organic concentrates of apple, blackcurrant, pumpkin, and carrot. These ingredients also mask the hemp’s bitter, natural taste.

Pros of the Company

Highland Pharms uses MCT oil and olive oil as the carrier oils.