high cbd strains for ms

There’s a medically approved cannabis-based treatment called Sativex, but it doesn’t work for everyone. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland it’s approved for use on the NHS for ‘moderate’ to ‘severe’ spasticity (muscle spasms and stiffness). But you can have it only if other treatments haven’t worked. It’s not yet approved in Scotland but we hope it soon will be.

Cannabis is made up of compounds called cannabinoids. The main ones studied for their therapeutic effect are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which gets you ‘high’, and cannabidiol (CBD), which doesn’t.

One in five people with multiple sclerosis (MS) surveyed in 2014 told us they’d used cannabis to help with their symptoms. They said it can help with muscle spasms or stiffness (spasticity) and pain.

In November 2018, the UK government legalised cannabis for medicinal use, but also put a strict criteria in place for who could access it. Only specialist doctors are allowed to prescribe medicinal cannabis, and so far only a handful of people have benefited from the change in law.

Some people with MS use cannabis in a variety of ways to help ease their symptoms.

High cbd strains for ms

Although the name may seem a little questionable, Russian Assassin is a useful nighttime marijuana strain. It is especially handy for someone handling the discomforts of multiple sclerosis.

It is similar to Sativex, a THC derived prescription medication specifically used for MS symptoms, in that they both have 1:1 THC: CBD ratios. As a result, it may have similar capabilities to manage the unpleasant muscle spasms or cramps often experienced by those with MS.

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Sojay Haze may increase energy levels. It could also send the body into a relaxed euphoria. As a result, it is a potentially useful daytime marijuana strain. Furthermore, it could keep the mind focused and creative.

1. Sojay Haze

One to One is a unique medicinal marijuana strain that presents a perfect 50/50 ratio of CBD to THC. The strain is also a balanced hybrid with 50% indica and 50% sativa. One to One’s hefty CBD content implies fewer psychoactive effects, with potentially more health benefits.

Users say this is an energizing and uplifting sativa. Reportedly, MS patients with fatigue as a primary symptom of their condition often turn to it.

Did you know that multiple sclerosis (MS) affects around 2.5 million individuals globally? Approximately 400,000 of those people reside in the United States. Many readers have probably heard of the condition MS before. However, they may not fully understand what this serious medical ailment truly is.

5. One to One (Hybrid Marijuana Strain)

Within the medical marijuana community, patients with MS are beginning to appear.

Let’s take a look at five of the most commonly used cannabis strains for MS, noting that these are not recommendations, merely strains that have qualities that may aid in alleviating some of the symptoms of MS.