henry’s original cbd

Henry's original cbd

Through years of experience, we’ve learned how cannabis was meant to be grown, and that’s how we grow it. Nothing more, nothing less. We’re born and bred Californians who believe that our friends, and neighbors should have access to the highest-quality cannabis should they want or need it. We champion the game-changers and history makers. With Henry’s Original, we pay homage to those who walked the walk and fought the good fight before usin all the revolutions.

Our cannabis comes from our family-run farms in legendary Mendocino County, renowned for terroir that produces the finest cultivation conditions. Handcrafted in small batches, we grow our cannabis using all-organic soil and products under the Californian sun among the fresh air of wild Mendocino County. We carefully lab test all of our products at ISO certified laboratories to ensure consistency and quality through every stage of the process.

Go forth and do as you please. Revel in your freedom. We’ll support your journey with the finest cannabis in the land.

The highest quality clean green certified cannabis products on the market.

Henry's original cbd

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Henry's Original Overview

Provider of cannabis products intended to scale hand-crafted consumer packaged goods with a regional identity in California. The company's products offer flower, pre-rolls, singles, and flower vape cartridges in different seasonal varieties and CBD-heavy variants which are cultivated entirely in Mendocino County with surpassing California State standards, enabling consumers with access to organically-grown cannabis straight from the farm.

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