hempzilla cbd reviews

Hempzilla cbd reviews

Hempzilla founders Raaid “Sharky” Thabata and Stavros Vrahnos launched their company with the aim of building a passion-driven brand. With 25 years of business partnership, they commit to bringing CBD products of the highest quality to the mass market.

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Hempzilla CBD Joint and Muscle Gel is a topical product with CBD extracts meant to deliver CBD transdermally. Its product page displays 113g tubs and 28g tubes with 300mg and 100mg of CBD, respectively.

Hempzilla CBD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The lab reports for 300mg, 600mg, and 1,200mg options are appropriately labeled, while the report for the 4,000mg option is unavailable.

[email protected] hempzillacbd .com

[email protected] hempzillacbd .com

Source of Hemp

Hempzilla CBD is dedicated to providing high-quality CBD products for customers to enjoy the benefits of hemp extracts for improved general wellness .

According to the COA dated May 2019, a 300mg tub of this product contains 2.70mg/g of CBD. This amount of CBD potentially exceeds the one printed on the label, although the test results provided are outdated. The lab results tab on this product page also does not include a link to the latest COA.

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Hempzilla cbd reviews

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If you’re looking for an all-natural edible that’s on the healthier side, these gummies aren’t for you. I’m trying to cut back on my sugar intake due to the aforementioned low energy levels, but it’s nice to have a treat once in a while. However, some of the ingredients aren’t the best for the health-conscious. Corn syrup is known to increase inflammation, which isn’t great for people like me who have arthritis. Modified corn starch is highly processed and is high in carbohydrates, without any nutritional benefits. Gelatin is derived from animal products, so this isn’t safe for vegetarians.

Useful and Unique Things to Know About HEMPZILLA CBD GUMMIES

The company claims these gummies can help relieve stress and anxiety all while tasting great. The Hempzilla CBD gummies can also help boost your energy, promote healthy digestion, and provide mental clarity and focus. They contain 0% THC, so won’t get you high. For 100 mg of CBD in twenty pieces of candy, you’ll pay $29.99.