harris teeter cbd

Harris teeter cbd

Terry: There’s some big economic news out of Concord. Carvana wants to open a facility at the old Philip Morris site and says it will bring 300 jobs over three years. What exactly is the company planning?

Terry: Well, let’s end on another beverage related item. The North Carolina ABC commission last week rejected the label of a Utah made beer called Polygamy Porter so it won’t be appearing on shelves here anytime soon. What was the commission’s objection specifically?

Terry: So Tony it’s a small selection now at some Harris Teeter locations but is it likely to grow?

There’s a new product on the shelves at some Harris Teeter stores in Charlotte: cannabis. Some locations last week began offering a small selection of CBD lotions and oils made from hemp. For more on this and other business news “Morning Edition” host Marshall Terry is joined by Tony Mecia of the Charlotte Ledger Business newsletter for our segment Biz Worthy.

Mecia: It’s sort of interesting. Coke Consolidated, a big bottler based in South Park, its stock price has really surged this year but there’s a hedge fund in London that wrote an open letter to the Coca-Cola Company saying that he thinks it’s unfair that their stock prices increased that much. He thinks that Coke Consolidated which earlier this year changed its name — it used to be Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated they shortened it to Coca-Cola Consolidated — he said that that creates confusion with the Coca-Cola Company and that investors are being misled and that they’re confusing the two putting the money into Coke Consolidated stock and causing the stock price to go up. Ordinarily investors wouldn’t complain if a stock price is going up. But this hedge fund is a short seller which means that it makes money if the stock price goes down. And so it’s really a complaint that they were betting on a stock price to go down and it has gone up like crazy.

Mecia: Well, it sounds as though it’s not going to be one of those vending machines like you have on South Boulevard. You know, those big, big glass buildings that you drive by and you say wow, that looks kind of interesting. Although, I think it’s probably — getting a car out of there — is probably a little more difficult than getting a Snickers bar out of the vending machine in the break room. But I think what they’re going to be doing up in Concord it sounds like, Marshall, is it’s going to be a site where they can kind of stage some of these cars, where they can inspect them, sort of warehousing logistics. You know, we’ve talked previously, Marshall, about how we’re seeing a lot of these warehousing operations move out side of Charlotte, out into Cabarrus County, York County. You know, the vending machines get a lot of attention but actually what Carvana also does it really allows you to do online purchases of automobiles. You don’t have to go to the vending machine. You can order online and they can deliver it to your house so they’re not just stocking a vending machine out of Concord. I think they’re doing… it’s a much bigger operation that’ll help deliver some of these cars throughout the area.

Mecia: I think it is likely to grow Marshall. I think what you’re seeing is that mainstream retailers are becoming a lot more comfortable with stocking some of these products on their shelves that maybe they wouldn’t have been a few years ago. This is only at some Harris Teeter stores, it’s not at all Harris Teeter stores. I went out over the weekend and looked in some of the stores, it seems more to be in suburban locations — down at Blakeney, down at Stonecrest at Piper Glen — they had a selection of hemp bath bombs, oils, lotions. Some of the stores closer into town didn’t seem to have that same selection but I think this is a trend that you’re going to see in more stores not just grocery stores but I think pharmacies, other types of retailers I think are kind of getting into this. You see this at a time when you’re seeing a lot of specialty stores pop up that are selling these hemp products in order to serve a market that is really interested in this and they say they have a much wider selection and are able to give a lot more personal service than some of these bigger retailers.

The non-intoxicating cannabis compound promises to relieve everything from pain to anxiety.

Right now, dozens of local mom-and-pop pharmacies and CBD retailers are selling CBD oils and lotions across the Charleston area as the products become more popular.

Kroger, which owns Harris Teeter, says it will offer a highly curated selection of topical products.

CHARLESTON, S.C. ( WCBD ) – You will soon be able to buy CBD products at Harris Teeter stores in South Carolina.

There is no word yet when the CBD products will be available.

Kroger says that for now, it won’t sell any CBD infused groceries.

They include lotions, balms, oils and creams infused with hemp derived CBD .

Harris teeter cbd

Hemp at Harris Teeter: Harry the Dragon now has topical cannabis lotions to help treat his joint pain.

In the last week, some Harris Teeter stores in Charlotte have started stocking a small selection of creams, lotions and oils made from hemp, the strain of the cannabis plant that won’t get you high.

A spot check over the weekend showed:

Trend: Mainstream retailers are feeling more comfortable carrying CBD products. Specialty retailers will emphasize their better selection and service.