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Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons, Cbd Gummies Sc Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons, Lemon Diesel Cbd Gummies Cbd Gummies Pregnancy. Highway 138 Cbd Gummies Organic Cbd Oil Canada Can You Take Green Roads is a CBD brand founded by a pharmacist. The company is one of the largest suppliers of hemp-derived cannabidiol in the USA. Does the size match the quality? Looking to try CBD oil? Look no further. Voted one of the best CBD oil brands, here is the complete updated review on Green Roads.

Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons, Cbd Gummies Sc

Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons, Lemon Diesel Cbd Gummies Cbd Gummies Pregnancy. Highway 138 Cbd Gummies Organic Cbd Oil Canada Can You Take Advil With Cbd Oil, Organic Full Spectrum Cbd Oil Uk.

Wu Jieyu nodded in surprise, Junjun s tongue is so smart! She pushed a plate of crispy yellow full spectrum cbd oil duo melatonin and cbd gummies for sale over, I like to eat this too, you can try it and hemp gummies eat it while it s hot. green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons One of the biggest difficulties is recommend gummies mg how does cbd help anxiety to balance belligerence and harmony, so as not to suffer losses, and not to push traditional Chinese medicine too much. He also opened his chatterbox, sighed, and continued, I am so envious gummies mg of you. Most of the women s prayers are Like Chang Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons e, with a face like a bright moon, and the men s prayer is early step to the toad palace and climb the fairy laurel.

hemp bombs cbd gummies 5 games If we attack together, we will definitely be able to capture the thief alive. Cao gummies Ren s first question was like a fool, but cbd oil and eliquis the second question green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons directly pointed to the key issue. Said: The ability to remove inferiority is good, and I already have first-class jellyfish skills in the grasslands.

Afraid of contaminating the bride s mouth fat, Zhang Chunniang specially made five-color hemp cbd gummies uk rice into bite-sized rice balls green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons with a green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons little soy sauce. Although the world is difficult, cbd weed and those who can end the troubled times are not in line with their path, it does not prevent them from seeking up and down, not only pursuing the goal of life, but can you get cbd oil from hemp also trying their best to water this land with actions and buy 10mg cbd gummies virtues and make it results cbd oil for sleep shine again. Thinking of that night in the palace, she was probably bewitched by his beauty, so justcbd gummies she wanted to look down his neck. The defeated Chinese medicine practitioner became angry and resolutely refused to admit that he had failed.

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Jia Songyan is an experienced and cunning person, but an official but mediocre. Because Ju Shu paid attention to the situation on the man in white, only Liu He, the son of Liu Yu, vaguely discovered the truth of Yuan Tan Guotu s affairs. But other ships either sailed down the green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons river or approached the east coast, largely unscathed. As for his opponent, Zhang Yan of the Montenegrin Army, after receiving support, he could compete with royal cbd Ju Shou at this level, but the mere man in white would naturally be unable green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons to beat him. Zhao Ruozuo ate one chopstick, and couldn t help but clamp the second chopstick, and green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons soon the steamed goose and bacon in front of him were reduced by half a pot. is a veritable close minister of the Son of Heaven, Such, There was a lot of does cbd help anxiety discussion for a while, Such a confidential American job is contested by everyone, but the selection criteria are strict, and those who are not jinshi cannot get it.

Yuan Biyun best cbd gummies was one year older than cannabis gummies Gummy Candy, and green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons entered the Princess Mansion to learn dancing at the age of seven. you you, The green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons lady pointed, her eyes were bulging, you for a long time, and she green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons was speechless. There is no one else here, so she asked with a little doubt: Don t you have. What was waiting was the candy, Gummy was riding on the horse, and at first glance he still looked graceful, but there was a gloomy look in his cbd gummies delicious eyes, and he didn t have the romantic spirit of the year.

Green Roads Cbd 250mg gummies nutritious Oil Coupons Suddenly, cbd gummy thinking of something, he raised his will hemp oil make you sleepy head and asked Gummy, Sister Jiang, is there. He raised his eyebrows slightly, the smile on his face was very light, as if he didn t believe it. The friendship between the two was profound, and even if they went to different cities in the future, they still maintained close contact. The forensic doctor stroked his beard and hesitated in his does cbd oil help with stomach problems heart, gummies candies but he didn t intend to change his plan after all. From all aspects, Li Ru is guarding us in every possible way, so this guess is valid from the motives and results. go on steadily, within 20 years, not to mention green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons the chancellor, that is at least a third-rank officer, why do you have to make such a fight. While he was thinking about countermeasures, hemp, Jia Kui, and Zhao Ang led three thousand gummies to hunt down the remaining hundreds of Fda gummies. After seeing it a lot, he felt sad in his heart, green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons but he didn t feel bitter in his mouth. It was invented by Yang Su, the grandfather of the country that Yang Su who raised the red fox girl who ran with Li Jing night. The old man found that the other party s actions were very gummies for sleep deliberate, and he obviously had the intention of covering the first attacked gummies ship.

Gummy gave her a sideways look, Aheng, what are you laughing at? To be honest, Actually, green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons it s nothing, I gold cbd gummies just can t imagine that you are such a romantic and unruly son, when you were an official, you were a good parent cbd gummies allergy and official. Although the temple is 8 gummies a branch of cbd store the famous Baosha, it is specially used to watch the vegetable garden for Xiangguo Temple, which is similar to the vegetable garden guarded by Lu Zhishen. Would you like to let the kitchen add vegetables? effective cbd oil benefits Zhao Ruozuo was originally here to persuade women today, not to grab food. Even this slight awkwardness was seen by the officials, So to say that I like it, it probably doesn t count. Taking refuge now is to be forced to surrender, and joining the great forensic doctor is to join the alliance in advance. The purpose is to fill in the unclear places in the original body s memory.

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Guo Tu took it seriously, peaks cbd gummies cannasour cup In the past, traditional Chinese medicine did not increase rents, impose levies on green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons people in benefits of cbd oil Jizhou, or go to the countryside to seize power, but they did not do anything. His big nerves suddenly reacted at this time, and he suddenly felt a faint sadness of a single dog. Guan Yu really wanted to work with Zhang Liao, and of course Zhang Liao did too.

Traditional Chinese medicine has long been wary of Liu and Youzhou, just to guard against Liu He cheap cbd products s small actions, especially actions to buy people s hearts. You just do cbd treatment for autism what you like to do, Looking at him, he put down his chopsticks, What if I just want to be a sachet. The United States took a deep breath and looked serious, obviously mall gummy very unwilling to the status quo. Chunniang said this, but she might not agree to it, How could Chunniang give birth if she didn t come down to Taiwan. tasty, It s so fresh and hot! Su Zhang took a hot sip, only to feel that in cbd oil legal in florida the cold winter and heavy snow, a warm current of iron was soothing in his stomach, dispelling the delicious gummies feeling of being soaked in cold all over his body.

Just smelling it made people drool, and then I thought about it again, It doesn t matter if it s authentic or green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons not, green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons as long as it s delicious. In my heart, I just wanted to know that the interesting thing Daddy said was to watch this boring polo.

Fashionable rather than concealing one s identity, a bit like today s boyfriend style.

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Just once, But medlinePlus cbd for anxiety when I got home, the room was empty, the dining table was deserted, I opened Weibo, and the first message popped up was The excitement is all theirs, I don t have anything, and it was accompanied by a puppy raining emoji, and mourning And to the point, the yearning for the sense of ritual was extinguished in an instant. They could only move in the middle, but before they could see the high quality cbd drink enemy, they encountered a large number of rout. Actually, think about it, When he was full, he began to speak from the heart of the warm brazier. Stir while shaking, and cool down naturally, Add sprouts, peanut kernels, minced garlic chives, soy sauce, pepper oil, vinegar, sugar and a lot of chili oil. And they all wear heavy armor, obviously these troops are stronger than them.

What s more, she didn t want to compete with Achi, after all Achi s age was like a younger brother green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons in her previous life. At that time, when I stayed up late every day to solve problems, when I was very hungry, my mother would bring a bowl of soup and rice. Surrounded by lively, praise one after another, Putting down her sleeves, she just smiled, what she cared about was eating into her stomach the nostalgia for that era a thousand years later, as if she had actually caught something ethereal. Lang Huan Yuan is one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo, with three floors facing each other and five floors facing each other. Add a pinch of salt, Taking advantage of this kung fu, results sleep gummies A Chi quickly cooked the water spinach. The atmosphere best pure cbd oil here was a little awkward, and I only heard Tiantian say: I heard from my brother, the sugar dumplings made thc gummies by sister Jiang are unparalleled in Tokyo.

clang! The forensic doctor was still sitting on top of the BMW Claw Huang thc gummies for sleep and anxiety Feidian, but the cbd gummies products Yitian Sword flew upside down by more than ten feet. For such a quiet, indifferent and even boring life, there is not much fun in life, and there are even fewer things worth looking forward to and showing off. The voice in his heart told him that the world has changed, and there will be dr oz cbd gummies not only princes in the northwest, but cannabis gummies also kings. He immediately green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons stabbed his body to cbd gummies all there is to know can cbd oil help with seizures protect his body to avoid the sharp arrows that pierced through the horse and then killed him. Ah Qiao took another thc gummies bite of the noodles, took another bite of the cake, and then widened her eyes: more than delicious, it was so delicious that her eyebrows fell off. A Qiao asked, Little lady, are you not going back? Before going, out, A Qiao knew that Mr Lang had official business, so he did not go back with them. He coughed lightly, and when he heard the sound, he immediately covered his shirt and ran out. When we reached the Royal Street, the sky was already bright, The morning market is prosperous and herbal thc gummy busy, with all kinds of cbd for sleep pedestrians coming and green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons going.

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Although the second of the two solutions is more difficult, they can see that green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons this is the root. It is not an ordinary woman to give birth to his daughter, Without saying a word that night, he rode his horse can cbd help immune system and galloped out of the city with his whip. Now I make it myself, and I still cbd oil for muscle spasticity refer to my mother s craftsmanship, I can t find these ingredients now. A round-faced maid followed green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons Ah Qiao and asked quietly, Sister Ah Qiao, you said that we come to enjoy flowers all day long, and the flowers and fruits look the same every day, so cannabis gummies why is Junjun so excited? Are you happy every day. The force of his arm green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons legal use directly smashed the sword in the left hand of the man in white, but he sold a flaw, making the other party mistakenly think that he cbd for pain was using too much force with this move, and green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons some of his defenses cbd oil for sore shoulders were too slow. It cbd oil full spectrum gummies s better than moving cbd capsules them out on their own, and being greeted by this old man back to the local tyrants green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons or thieves for revenge is much better. The maids quickly turned around and bowed to his blessed body, The woman waved her hand and made a gesture of silence. Because the Montenegrin infantry had not yet fallen, cbd gummies for pain most of them were attacked on the move. Now I try my best to open up a way to revive the northern border and stabilize the world.

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Independent of the court, green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons there are waves in the heart, The woman was silent at first, and then there was a shallow bitter smile on her face.

But according to what she saw when she types of cbd went to find Qin Qinglu that day, if she didn t like it, why would she Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons beg for him in such a low voice. What s the motive? The general manager smiled and said, Guo Yuantu is talking nonsense, haven t I already given the answer.

Isn t the Zhen family top cbd near me 600 or 700 people in the hospital and thousands of servants and tenants. He finally squeezed to the front to take a look, the performance had already green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons started.

There is a brazier under each table, which is warm, green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons There is only one child in the store to greet him, green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons who is not very green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons old. If Jieyu likes to eat salty and glutinous flavors, why don t you ask the small kitchen to try making Babao duck.

There are nine wines in total, and if you drink a glass of wine, you need to change green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons nature made turmeric gummies dishes, eat new dishes, and remove old dishes. edible gummies I m a little hungry and feel dizzy, Xi Niang paused, cbd products In my heart, I thought green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons that the Chaoyang County Master really had such a deviant, arrogant and self-willed temper as rumored by the outside world, so I had to restrain myself: My lady, please bear with it for a while, how can a bride eat alone? Listening to the voices from the outside world, I think it is Lord Lang. The authority can suppress Ke Bineng, Tatton made it cbd for sleep so clear benefits of cbd oil that everyone was convinced that they could work with Kebi to marijuana gummies check and balance Bu Dugen. Zhang Chunniang brought it to the large cbd oil for anxiety water tank in the kitchen, The dark tank was filled with clean water, like a huge mirror, clearly showing the face stained with ink on one side. After fighting all night, he asked Yang Hong for kushy punch cbd gummies the latest situation regardless of his exhaustion.

No, the person I ve seen from Qu Yi, remember it s a military commander. He continued: Nowadays, there are many heroes in Youzhou and Hebei who share the same green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons goal with me.

In order to be able Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons to enter the palace on time, she got up to cbd capsules wash up when it was still bright at the fifth watch. Lifting his eyes, his eyes were curved, and the eyes of the two met in the mirror. There are two double hanging flower doors, on cbd gastroenteritis both sides are the hand veranda, and to the right gummies is the courtyard of the gummies 2022 main house where the sleeping pavilion is located. But I green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons low thc high cbd strain don t know how long my moonlight can shine on Meng De? He said with a bit of melancholy: After all, my role will become smaller and smaller, and Brother Changwen can make more and more contributions to the talent system of the court. Hehe smiled and said: I have never come here to do anything wrong, just open a door and reveal a best cbd gummies little more news.

bottle stone cbd oil Guo Jia of course knows that increase time cbd gummies review there are some things to pay attention to, and to pay attention to restraint in front of different people. The forensic doctor has rarely been angry these years, but this time he was so angry that he could hardly speak. It has a lot of water and is crispy, The stewed soup also has a light sweet taste. In addition to the advantages of night combat and amazon eagle hemp cbd gummies winter clothing, new drugs in combat also have a unique advantage in shipping and sailors. The man and Qu Xin looked at each other, One of them was a backbone officer of the Four Seas Merchant Gang, and the other was a new recruit, who had been in the camp before, so it stands to reason that such important news could not be shared with those who had not surrendered. So he waved Si Shan back and asked her gently, Heng er, why don t you like others to serve. .

Green Roads CBD Review & Coupon Code (2022 Update)

Green Roads is one of the largest and most well-known CBD brands in the United States. It’s also a direct manufacturer of CBD products, unlike many other companies that white-label its extracts.

According to business statistics, Green Roads is the largest privately-owned CBD company in the United States. In 2018, the company closed its sales on 45 million dollars.

The reason why this brand has become so popular is that it’s dedicated to quality on top of offering a wide product range — including topicals, edibles, vapes, oils, coffee, and more.

However, Green Roads has been caught by the FDA on making unsupported health claims regarding the benefits of CBD. The Florida giant is also facing a class-action lawsuit for misrepresenting the amount of CBD in its products.

So, what’s the true face of this popular brand? Is it still a trustworthy manufacturer or has it rested on its laurels?

About Green Roads

Green Roads started out in 2012 when the founder and certified pharmacist Laura Baldwin Fuentes, found that CBD oil helped her friend who was suffering from opiate addiction. Since then, the two have started a company that changed the face of hemp-derived extracts by formulating pharmaceutical-grade products.

Today, the company has its products on the shelves of over 10,000 retail locations and is one of the largest privately-owned CBD companies in the US, as reported by Brightfield Research Group — owning around 6% of the total market share.

Green Roads is focused on quality and education; these two features are the cornerstone of its online activity.

Green Roads also helps veterans recover from PTSD. Being a sponsor of Mission Zero, the brand provides resources and education for veterans struggling with mental health problems.

Quality & Transparency

Green Roads uses Colorado-grown hemp, which is certified organic, non–GMO, and pesticide-free, which is confirmed by third-party lab reports. The certificates of analysis are updated and publicly available on the company’s website.

Warning Letters & Lawsuits

In 2017, Green Roads received a warning letter from the FDA due to using health claims that aren’t in compliance with the agency’s guidelines on marketing CBD products.

The company is also facing a class-action lawsuit for misrepresenting the amount of CBD and terpenes in its CBD oils. For example, some of the Green Roads CBD oils were found to contain less CBD than stated on the bottle, while its terpene-rich oil showed “ZERO” for every terpene tested.

The case was dismissed for lack of standing and the lawsuit was postponed until the FDA solves its complicated rules regarding the labeling and marketing of hemp-derived CBD products.

Customer Service

Green Roads has very friendly customer service. The staff is also knowledgeable and helpful in answering questions about CBD and their products. The company has a phone number and email for more immediate concerns. Usually, they provide answers within 24 hours. If you’re not satisfied with your products, Green Roads will give you a full refund if you return them within 30 days.


The prices at Green Roads start from as little as $2.99 to $149.99. On the whole, these products are priced on the higher end, but considering their pharmaceutical grade, the higher tag is justified.

Green Roads Product Range

Green Roads CBD Oil

Type of CBD Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum
CBD Potency 300 mg – 1500 mg
Flavors Original (Unflavored), Mint Breeze, Apple Kiwi Bliss,
Formulas Original, Mighty, Sweet Sleep

CBD oils are the obvious format for CBD products. Every popular CBD brand has tinctures and oils in their line-up — and Green Roads is no exception.

Green Roads boasts a broad selection of CBD oils, ranging from 25 mg all the way up to 1500 mg. They’re available in three formulas: Original, Mighty, and Sweet Sleep (with melatonin). The 25 mg options are known as Daily Dose and come in a 2 mL packet. The potencies starting from 300 mg are sold in traditional 30 mL bottles.

You can also choose between three flavor versions: Original (Unflavored), Mint Breeze, and Apple Kiwi Bliss.

Green Roads CBD Capsules & Softgels

Type of CBD Isolate
Strength 25 mg per capsule
Formulas Everyday Wellness, Relax, Sleep

If you’re looking for a broad selection of capsules, you may end up disappointed with Green Roads.

There’s only one strength variant with 25 mg of CBD per serving. The CBD comes from an isolate, so you’re not getting the entourage effect from other cannabinoids and terpenes. There are 30 capsules in the jar (750 mg total CBD).

The good thing about these capsules is that they’re infused with MCT oil, offering higher bioavailability.

There are three formulas available: Everyday Wellness, Relax (with GABA and 5-HTP), and Sleep (with Melatonin)

Green Roads Edibles & Drinks

Here’s where Green Roads shines. The company offers three categories of edibles: CBD gummies, CBD chocolate, and CBD coffee.

Green Roads CBD Gummies
Type of CBD Isolate
CBD Potency 10 mg or 25 mg per gummy
Flavors Assortment of four flavors (Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Cherry, Green Apple)
Formulas Relax, Sleep, Immune Support
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Green Roads has a large selection of CBD gummies for you to feast your eyes on. You can choose from gummy bears, fruit bites, and froggies — all available in low to low-moderate concentrations.

These gummies are suitable for both beginners and seasoned users alike, providing 10 mg or 25 mg of pure CBD depending on the selected option. They come in an assortment of four flavors: Blue Raspberry, Lemon Cherry, and Green Apple.

Similar to the Green Roads Capsules, these gummies also come in three formulas: Relax, Sleep, and Immune Support — each infused with different supportive ingredients.

Green Roads CBD Chocolate
Type of CBD Isolate
CBD Potency 180 mg
Flavors Original, Candy Cane Crumble

Green Roads is one of the few companies that stock CBD chocolate. This form of CBD is great for edibles because it contains naturally-occurring fats — and cannabinoids are fat-soluble. The chocolate contains 180 mg of total CBD, translating into 15 mg per piece. You can choose between the Original flavor or Candy Cane Crumble.

Green Roads Coffee
Type of CBD Varies by batch
CBD Potency Varies by batch
Flavors Founder’s Blend, French Vanilla, Hazelnut

CBD coffee is becoming more and more commonplace in the CBD space, so it’s no wonder Green Roads decided to include this format in its line-up.

The company markets its product as “more than just your average coffee, with its delicate profile, sweet notes, and caramel, giving a rich, invigorating taste that is perfect for early morning and late nights.”

This slogan makes us wonder about the point of drinking coffee — even if it’s infused with CBD — at night. The dose of CBD is unknown and, as Green Roads explains, may vary throughout batches, so the CBD may actually enhance the stimulating effects of caffeine.

The coffee beans are sourced from Columbia, but there’s no information about their exact origin.

Green Roads CBD Topicals

Green Roads has two types of CBD topicals: cream and pain relief roll-on.

Green Roads Pain Relief Cream
Type of CBD Broad Spectrum
CBD Potency 150 mg – 750 mg

This cream is infused with broad-spectrum CBD and is available in the following concentrations: 150 mg, 300 mg, and 750 mg. The formulate includes menthol. Lavender oil, vitamin E, avocado oil, and rosemary oil enhance the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

Green Roads Pain Relief Roll-On
Type of CBD Broad Spectrum
CBD Potency 150 mg – 750 mg
Formulas Cool Relief, Heat Relief

Green Roads has two types of CBD roll-ons: Cool Relief and Heat Relief. These products are designed to help with dry, red, itchy, and inflamed skin. The first option is infused with menthol, while the other one features a cayenne pepper extract. Both versions are available in the same concentrations as the cream: 150 mg, 300 mg, and 750 mg.

Green Roads CBD for Pets

Type of CBD N/A
CBD Potency 60 mg, 210 mg, 600 mg
Formulas Small Dogs & Cats, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs

Green Roads has formulated its CBD Pet Oils for two types of animals: dogs and cats.

These oils are available in three different versions based on the pet’s weight:

Each bottle is 30 mL. Unfortunately, there aren’t any flavored oils for dogs who dislike the natural flavor of CBD oil.

Green Roads CBD Spa Collection

The SPA collection includes two types of products: CBD bath bombs and CBD essential roll-on. These are low-potency CBD products that are better suited for a spa & wellness routine rather than specific health needs.

Green Roads CBD Bath Bombs
Type of CBD Isolate
CBD Potency 100 – 150 mg
Formulas Peace, Relax, Unwind

The Green Roads CBD bath bombs contain 100 or 150 mg of CBD depending on the selected option. If you buy them in 2-packs, each bomb has 100 mg of pure CBD, while single bombs are a little bit more potent.

There are three formulas to choose from, each infused with different ingredients to add unique scents and health benefits for the user:

  • Unwind – CBD with ylang-ylang oil
  • Relax – CBD with eucalyptus and lavender
  • Peace – CBD with lavender
Green Roads CBD Essential Roll-On
Type of CBD Isolate
CBD Potency 50 mg
Formulas Peace, Refresh, Relax

If you don’t have the time to soak in a CBD bath, the Green Roads CBD essential roll-on offers a more convenient and hassle-free way of easing localized discomfort. It’s available in the same formulas as the bombs, but it contains less CBD, only 50 mg per container.

Pros & Cons of Green Roads

As mentioned earlier in our review of Green Roads, the company has a lot to offer for its customers, from high-quality products to a diverse range of formats and great customer service. However, its reputation isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Here are the pros and cons of Green Roads.

The Pros

Innovative Products

Green Roads stocks more than just traditional CBD formats. On top of some obvious products like CBD oils, capsules, and topicals, the company has a rich line of edibles, such as chocolate, coffee, and different formulas of CBD gummies. It also offers beauty products, such as bath bombs and roll-ons infused with essential oils.

Updated 3rd-Party Lab Reports

Green Roads is a transparent brand that not only describes every step of its production process but also shares updated third-party lab reports on its website. The certificates of analysis are batch-specific and include a complete profile of results, including CBD potency, phytochemical profile, and contaminants.

Customer-Friendly Return Policies

Green Roads offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its products, which is a good sign because it means the company is confident about the quality of its goods.

The Cons

Limited CBD Strength Range

Although you have a lot of choices with Green Roads when it comes to formats, the range of potencies is modest, to say the least. While many companies offer CBD oils with up to 3000 or 5000 mg total CBD, the best you can get with Green Roads is 1500 mg.

Taste of CBD Oils

The Green Roads CBD oils are suspended in vegetable glycerin, which doesn’t give it a nice flavor. It’s not horrible, but you may find better-tasting products on the market today.

Conflicting Reviews on Third-Party Websites

The biggest problem with evaluating a brand’s credibility is that the reviews on its website may stay in contrast with the reviews posted on third-party services. This seems to be the case with Green Roads. Although the company boasts over 30,000 5-star reviews, some websites like give it a suspiciously low rank (2.7 stars). The reviewers mainly complain about the lack of effectiveness of the company’s CBD oils and topicals.

No Expected Delivery Date

Green Roads ships to all 50 states, but there’s no way to check how long it will take to deliver the package to your doors. So, if you know you’ll need to restock on a certain date, make sure to plan your shopping ahead.

Alternative Options to Green Roads

1. Royal CBD

  • Organic, US-grown hemp
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • Broad product range
  • High-strength options are available
  • Well-designed formulas
  • Flavored with natural ingredients
  • Complete third-party testing profile
  • 30-days Money Back Guarantee
  • A little bit more expensive than the market’s average (but still worth the price)
  • Not available locally

Royal CBD is a Nevada-based brand specializing in high-quality CBD products from organic hemp. The company was started when the owner got fed up with overpaying for mediocre and mislabeled products. Since the launch, Royal CBD has grown to an impressive size, offering a wide range of CBD formats, such as oils, capsules, gummies, honey sticks, topicals, and pet products.

The company sources its hemp from Colorado farms and uses CO2 for extraction, which is the golden standard in the industry. Royal CBD products are triple-tested in a third-party laboratory, from seeds to final products. The lab reports include a complete analysis of the CBD potency, cannabinoid profile, terpenes, and purity.

Royal CBD Oil
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 250 – 2500 mg
Flavors Unflavored, Berry, Mint, Vanilla

The Royal CBD oil is available in four concentrations, starting at 250 mg up to 2500 mg of total CBD. The strongest option packs 83.3 mg of full-spectrum CBD in every milliliter, but it’s only available in an unflavored version. The potencies up to 1000 mg come in three flavored variants: Berry, Mint, and Vanilla. These are great products for both beginners and seasoned consumers to reduce chronic pain and other conditions.

Royal CBD also offers bulk orders on its oils, where you can save even $239 on a single transaction.

Royal CBD Capsules
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 750 mg (25 mg per capsule)
Size 30 capsules

These premium quality CBD softgel capsules are a great alternative to oils because they don’t have any odor or flavor — plus, there’s no risk of leakage when you’re traveling with them. Each capsule contains 25 mg of the same full-spectrum extract suspended in MCT oil and covered in a vegan softgel shell.

Royal CBD Edibles

Royal CBD offers two categories of edibles: CBD gummies and honey sticks.

Royal CBD Gummies
Type of CBD Broad Spectrum
CBD Potency 750 mg (25 mg per gummy)
Flavors Assortment of flavors (Orange, Grape, Strawberry)
Formulas Sweet Dots, Sour Drops

These gummies contain a broad-spectrum extract, so you’re getting all minor cannabinoids and terpenes, but without traces of THC. Each gummy contains 25 mg of CBD, available as Sweet Dots or Sour Drops. Both versions come in an assortment of three flavors: Orange, Grape, and Strawberry. The formula is vegan and gluten-free, so you can eat them even if you have gluten allergies or don’t eat animal-derived products for ethical reasons.

Royal CBD Honey Sticks
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 10 mg per stick
Flavors Natural (Honey)
Size 30 sticks

This one is a true phytonutrient powerhouse, combining a full-spectrum CBD extract with organic raw honey. Not only is it full of antioxidants and vitamins, but it also makes for a guilt-free snack that you can suck directly from a straw or add to your favorite beverages. There are 30 sticks in a jar, with 10 mg of CBD per stick.

Royal CBD Topicals
Type of CBD Broad Spectrum
Product Types Calming Salve, Cooling Roll-on Gel
CBD Potency 500 mg

Royal CBD offers two types of CBD topicals: a calming salve and pain-freeze roll-on gel. Both products are infused with 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, providing relief from localized discomfort caused by redness, itching, and inflammation.

The cream features a blend of essential oils from fruits and seeds, as well as organic plant butter — ensuring better absorption of the active ingredients. The formula is also infused with organic menthol crystals, adding a cooling sensation and bolstering the analgesic effects of CBD.

The roll-on gel also contains menthol, but it occurs as an extract, not as crystals. This product is also easier to apply and doesn’t leave a greasy layer on the skin, unlike the cream. Therefore, we recommend it if you’re traveling or enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking or biking.

Royal CBD for Pets

Dogs and cats have similar endocannabinoid systems to humans. They can reap the same benefits from CBD products as we do, so it’s no wonder why Royal CBD has decided to expand its collection with a line of pet-dedicated CBD products.

Royal CBD Pet Oil
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 250 mg – 500 mg
Flavors Bacon

The Royal CBD pet oil is available in two strengths: 250 mg and 500 mg. Both variants are appropriate for dogs and cats, although they will work better if your feline belongs to large breeds such as the Norwegian Forest Cat or Mein Coon. Otherwise, they might be difficult to dose.

If your pet dislikes the taste of full-spectrum CBD, Royal CBD came up with bacon-flavored CBD oil to help your buddy change its mind in the blink of an eye.

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Royal CBD Dog Treats
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 150 mg (5 mg per treat)
Formulas Active, Calming, Hearty

You can choose from three formulas of Royal CBD dog treats. Each version is designed to address different health needs of dogs:

  • Active: CBD, Hemp Seed Powder, Turmeric, Boswellia
  • Calming: CBD, Hemp Seed Powder, L-theanine, Chamomile
  • Hearty: CBD, Hemp Seed Powder, Blueberries, Flaxseed

Each treat contains 5 mg of CBD, with 30 treats in the bag.

2. Gold Bee

  • Organic hemp from California
  • CO2 extraction
  • Infused with superfoods
  • Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD
  • Up to 2500 mg of total CBD
  • Flavored with natural ingredients
  • Pet products
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Limited potency options
  • No isolate-based products

Gold Bee is a true maverick on the CBD scene. Once focused on making superfoods, such as organic honey from the Brazilian rainforest and extra virgin coconut oil, the brand has carried its philosophy over to CBD extracts. Gold Bee mostly makes full-spectrum products, although there are some broad-spectrum formats in its collection too.

Each product is carefully tested for quality and safety in an ISO-certified laboratory.

Gold Bee CBD Oil
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 1200 mg – 2400 mg
Flavors Unflavored, Kiwi, Lychee

The Gold Bee CBD oil is available in two strengths: 1200 mg and 2400 mg. Both versions feature a full-spectrum extract that is sweetened with organic honey. You can choose from two flavored versions aside from the original formula: Kiwi and Lychee.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have any low-strength oils for beginners or lightweight users. They work better with people who have higher dosage requirements or use CBD to address a serious condition.

Gold Bee CBD Capsules
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 1200 mg (40 mg per capsule)
Size 30 capsules

These capsules reflect the overall potency of the 1200 mg CBD oil. A single serving (1 capsule) contains 40 mg of full-spectrum CBD that has been suspended in MCT oil from coconut. The capsules are vegan and wheat-free.

Gold Bee CBD Edibles

Similar to Royal CBD, Gold Bee also offers two categories of edibles: gummies and honey sticks.

Gold Bee CBD Gummies
Type of CBD Broad Spectrum CBD
CBD Potency 750 mg (25 mg per gummy)
Flavors Assortment of 3 flavors (Grape, Berry, Apple)

The Gold Bee CBD gummies are formulated with broad-spectrum CBD, packing 25 mg per gummy. They are made with top-shelf organic ingredients, such as organic cane sugar, fruit pectin, fruit juices, and colorings from dried concentrated fruit. You can buy them in a mix of three flavors: Grape, Berry, and Apple. However, there are no sour variants.

Gold Bee CBD Honey Sticks
Type of CBD Broad Spectrum
CBD Potency 10 mg per stick
Size 10 or 60 sticks

These honey sticks combine the former specialties of Gold Bee with its current apple in the eye. The base is made with organic raw honey and enriched with 10 mg of broad-spectrum CBD per stick. You can buy them in packets of 10 or 60 sticks; they’re among Gold Bee’s best-selling products.

Gold Bee CBD Roll-On
Type of CBD Broad Spectrum
CBD Potency 2000 mg
Formula Infused with a menthol extract

Gold Bee offers one of the strongest CBD topicals we’ve seen on the market. With 2000 mg of broad-spectrum CBD per container, this product is strong enough to help people with severe aches and pains, as well as with many localized problems, such as skin irritation, inflammation, dryness, tension, or itching.

The formula is enriched with organic menthol that boosts the pain-killing effects of CBD. According to customer reviews, people mostly use this CBD topical product to relieve pain and soreness from intense workouts, ease muscle strains, and reduce joint inflammation.

Gold Bee CBD for Pets

There are two types of pet products in Gold Bee’s collection: CBD oil and CBD Goofy Bones. Both formats are designed to fit with dogs of different sizes.

Gold Bee CBD Pet Oil
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 600 mg
Flavor Peanut Butter

This CBD pet oil contains 600 mg of full-spectrum CBD, so it’s better suited for medium-sized and large dogs. On top of a potent dose per serving (20 mg/mL), this product comes with other cannabinoids and terpenes, contributing to the entourage effect. And if your dog turns its nose away from unflavored full-spectrum oils, this peanut butter-flavored extract can be a game-changer.

Gold Bee CBD Goofy Bones
Type of CBD Broad Spectrum
CBD Potency 10 mg per treat
Flavor Peanut Butter & Apple

If your dog isn’t keen on taking earthy-tasting drops under the tongue, these CBD-infused dog treats are a good alternative. They have been formulated with l-theanine, hemp seed powder, and chamomile to improve stress responses and reduce anxiety in dogs. Each treat contains 10 mg of CBD, and unlike commercial treats, it contains only high-quality ingredients, such as rice flour, coconut oil, molasses, peanut butter, and applesauce.

3. CBDPure

  • Organic hemp from Colorado
  • Full-spectrum products
  • Well-thought-out formulations
  • 90-day Money Back Guarantee
  • One of the pioneer brands in the USA
  • Narrow product range
  • No edibles
  • Lack of flavored products
  • Premium pricing

CBDPure has almost 10 years of experience in making full-spectrum CBD products. Contrary to most veteran companies on the market, this brand likes to keep things simple, offering only traditional forms of CBD, such as oils, capsules, and creams. Despite a modest product range, these formulas are mastered to perfection.

CBDPure is also one of the most transparent brands in the USA. It provides an informative section about the manufacturing process and posts updated third-party lab reports for every product.

And even if you end up unsatisfied with CBDPure’s products, you can send the package back within 90 days and get a full refund.

CBDPure Oil
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 300 mg, 600 mg, 1000 mg
Flavors Unflavored

This full-spectrum extract is available in three concentrations: 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1000 mg. You can benefit from this potency range if your daily dose doesn’t exceed 30 mg of CBD. As a whole-plant product, it leverages the entourage effect by combining the synergistic effects of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Unfortunately, it also has an earthy-nutty taste — with no flavored options in the store.

CBDPure Capsules
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 750 mg (25 mg per capsule)
Size 30 capsules

CBDPure’s capsules are good if you want to maintain the same quality of CBD but without the distinct smell and taste of the oil. Each capsule comes with 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD suspended in hemp seed oil and enclosed in a vegan softgel shell.

CBDPure Cream
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 500 mg
Formula Joint & Muscle Pain Relief

The cream, also known as the Muscle & Joint Formula, offers 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD infused with menthol for an extra cooling touch and enhanced pain killing effects. Unlike many creams on the market, it has a non-greasy texture and quickly gets absorbed into the skin — providing fast-acting relief from localized problems.

CBDPure for Pets
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 100 mg
Flavors Unflavored

A few years ago, the 100 mg full-spectrum CBD oil belonged to the category of human products. However, CBDPure has recently created a separate category — CBD for pets — making the low-potency oil its staple product.

At 100 mg of CBD per bottle, this CBD oil is appropriate for cats and dogs of different sizes; that is, of course, if they have nothing against the natural flavor of hemp. Unlike Royal CBD and Gold Bee, CBDPure doesn’t make flavored versions of its supplements.

Final Verdict On Green Roads CBD: Does The Scale Match The Quality?

Green Roads is one of the most popular sources of CBD products on the internet. The company works hard to provide product variety, education, and transparency.

Be prepared to pay a little more for the same amount of CBD than with other brands because Green Roads sells pharmaceutical-grade extracts. While many people are okay with these prices, there are brands that offer a similar variety of products for less.

Moreover, Green Road CBD’s reputation has been undermined recently; this includes both the warning letters from the FDA and the class-action lawsuit the company is facing for selling mislabeled products.

For alternative choices to Green Roads, check out the products offered by Royal CBD, Gold Bee, and CBDPure.

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Green Roads: Outstanding Pharmacist-Formulated CBD Products

This article may contain links to some of our affiliate partners. These are brands we trust and brands we feel represent the highest quality standards. When clicking links, we may earn commissions to help support our site. Learn more by reading our full disclaimer.

Green Roads is a pharmacist-founded market-leading CBD company headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The brand has received considerable media coverage over the years and has featured on prominent outlets like NBC and CBS, and in publications such as Forbes, and Cosmopolitan, to name just a few. According to market research experts, the Brightfield Group, as of 2021, Green Roads was the largest privately-owned CBD company in the United States. In June 2021, Green Roads was acquired by The Valens Company for $40m, and that figure could rise by a further $20m if the company meets certain targets. Read on to find out more about Green Roads and its fantastic range of pharmacist-formulated CBD products in our comprehensive Green Roads brand review.

  • Exceptionally high-quality, pharmacist-formulated CBD products available in a selection of different potencies
  • Generous discount program rewarding active military personnel and veterans, first responders, and teachers
  • Significant savings are available to regular CBD users who sign up for Green Roads’ subscription service
  • Comprehensive Certificates of Analysis available for each product batch on the Green Roads website
  • Limited range of nootropics products but will likely expand over time
  • Unlike some other leading brands, Green Roads does not offer Delta 8, THC-O, or HHC products

Who Is Green Roads?

Green Roads CEO Laura Fuentes worked as a licensed compounding pharmacist for 25 years before co-founding this award-winning CBD company in 2013. The idea of starting Green Roads came after a close friend named Arby Barrosa asked Laura to formulate a CBD-based remedy for his own personal health issues.

Initially, Laura worked on her formulations on evenings and weekends. Eventually, Laura came up with a CBD-based formulation that worked so well for Arby that together they decided to co-found the Green Roads company to help improve the lives of others.

At the time of Green Roads foundation, the CBD industry was very different than it is today. It was a new industry, fraught with many obstacles and challenges, from intense scrutiny by the FDA and the DEA, banks that wouldn’t take their business, and shippers who wouldn’t handle their products. However, the pair persisted, emboldened by the positive impact Green Roads products were having on their friends and families.

That persistence paid off, and Green Roads is now an industry-leading CBD company, with its products being sold in more than 7000 retail stores. Over the years, Green Roads has continued to grow to the point that it has a team of pharmacists formulating CBD-based products for consumers. Two other prominent members of the Green Roads team are Anthony Alfonso, a pharmacist and Head of Manufacturing, and his daughter, Megan Alfonso, who works as a pharmacist for the company.

In recent years, Green Roads has won multiple awards, including the Best CBD Products prize at the Cannabis Business Awards in 2018 and 2019. Also, at the 2019 Cannabis Business Awards, Green Roads won the Most Innovative Product award for its Green Roads coffee.

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