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I would have given 5 stars but I take issue with your packaging. So, 1.5 stars for each bottle i bought. You can't get the tops off. why does it look like a screw top but does not come off? There is at least 2 pumps left in one bottle and 4 in another that I can't get out. So, for this reason alone and being on a tight budget, I won't purchase again.

I have TMJ problems which cause pain. I have taken nutritional supplements which help somewhat. I get special gentle chiropractic treatments which help as well. But what really helps is CBD oil. I get instant relief from pain with Green GORILLA cbd oil. It's been a miracle for me!

Green Gorilla CBD balm is a health saver for me. I have chronic back pain and was taking up to 12 ibuprofen tablets a day. Heartburn and liver problems led me to the local health store to figure out a healthier route. Green Gorilla was recommended and I was amazed. I used to buy giant bottles of ibuprofen from Costco and now I don’t even have a single tablet in my house. This works within 10 minutes of running it on. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I found this healthier option. Thank you Green Gorilla. Well done . I recommend this my Family, co workers & friends. Everyone should reap the rewards from your stellar product. Thank you again
Jamey Johnson

CBD For People and Animal Health

Maya also had tumors that were troubling and I’m very excited how CBD has greatly mitigated them. She is an older dog and chases through the forest with the 3 year old puppy. CBD is also effective for comforting dogs with anxiety. Green Gorilla offers a unique product and I can attest Maya’s health improvements to the usage of CBD.

There are many different CBD usages. To learn how many uses CBD provides, simply type into your search engine, CBD “for the symptom.” CBD is simply wonderful for people and animals and I would recommend Green Gorilla for anyone. The shipping is fast and dedicated. I will purchase again.

The product was very helpful for me and…

This is much deserved review for Green Gorilla. I liked that the company provided higher milligrams, especially for large animals, and horses and other companion dogs, and cats, or service animals. CBD is great for people and animals. For me the 3000 mg was most helpful for our dog Maya. Her chronic ear infections got the best of her, most of her life. The application of CBD both internally and externally greatly stabilized and mitigated her symptoms. Just add to your animals food with gravy or any special foods they like. There is a recommended dosage that I adhered to. However no need to use a full pump, all the time. Also CBD mixed in a common spray bottle diluted with pure water is effective for treating large symptoms over large animals. I use this method personally for my sports injuries and extremities.

Booked this company through bookabin, none of their clauses were on this site. Booked them advised what I required. They email late afternoon on sheduled delivery day (with no delivery on selected day) to advise their clauses which includes a 24hr cancellation or no full refund. Had requested a full refund after getting this email as they did not advise they could not do requested putting over a fence like other companies can do on shared driveways on the website you can book through as I would have booked with a better company. No reply. Very bad customer service I recommend using a different company.

Green Gorilla continues to show that it is one of the top CBD companies in the US. They are also expanding operations to reach a more global audience. There is an international sales team that oversees Green Gorilla’s operations in cities such as Oslo, London, Stockholm, and Amsterdam. In 2019 Green Gorilla signed an international CBD distribution deal with a company called Ecobrands. This deal has provided Green Gorilla with a vast network of distribution channels throughout Europe and Scandinavia.

While we were curious to try the 7,500 mighty monster of a CBD product, that one’s about $600. So we went with something that’s more in line with both our tolerance for cannabinoids and our budget for this review.

Established: 2014

Their mission is not just to help their community heal their bodies and minds, but to preserve the environment through the vast opportunity hemp brings to the world.

Fun Facts – Green Gorilla CBD Review

In this Green Gorilla review from The CBD Guru we will look at what this CBD company has to offer. With a plentiful variety of CBD-rich hemp products, Green Gorilla entices a consumer to try some of their powerful formulas.

The decadent sweet that hits your tongue from the cane sugar, pectin, and organic Tapioca sings to the taste buds. Then, you just move on about your day and reap the benefits for longer once they start to take effect. You can eat 2 to 4 gummies a day, so we went with 4. We hope they’ll increase the strength options for their gummies in the future to see higher and even lower strength gummies available.

Summary: Using a special proprietary formula to increase the bioavailability of their hemp products, Green Gorilla is a CBD brand that we’re intrigued by. They appear to put quality first, and we wanted to give them a fair opportunity to really test out their products as well as the entire Green Gorilla shopping experience.

CBD Topicals

There were three CBD topical products at the time of this review, but we’re happy to see Green Gorilla continue to release new products regularly. The products available were a botanical CBD balm, a CBD lip balm, and a CBD balm for pets. As we’re so used to trying CBD salves and other topicals directly for the skin, we decided to chance it and give the CBD lip balm a try.

The lab testing for the most recent batch of each product can be found directly on each product page of the Green Gorilla web platform. We were delighted to see the complexity of their third-party lab reports.