fighter and the kid cbd

Fighter and the kid cbd

Long story short, we didn’t know what was going on. I thought he was having headaches — he kept pointing to his head.

“He started having these seizures. So, they came out of nowhere and he would just start shaking and seizing up. *God, I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to get through it *

So after this test, I guess out of all the things, the benign epileptic seizures is what they found out. I thought thank God because there’s parents that go through similar things and way worse and they never find out or it takes years. It is something that he should eventually grow out of, that’s where the ‘benign’ comes in. He’s having one every eight to ten days and the more research I went through — the fans reaching out, the friends — he’s gonna be alright. One of the best things about my job is I get so many people reaching out to tell me what they’re going through, so thank you to everyone who reached out to share a similar thing and what you did, the steps you took. He doesn’t have them too bad right now to where he needs medication. Through all the doctors, through all the trials, and through the fan support, the emails, and people telling me ‘this is what I did, even CBD oil can help.’ And so I got some of the best CBD oil in the world thanks to my brother and one of my best friends, Todd Feldman. I started giving my son that and since we gave him that we haven’t any issues so far. So, fingers crossed because if it’s gonna happen, the odds are it would have happened today. So hopefully the CBD oil is working its magic.

Anyone who has a kid can understand. You can’t really understand what it’s like until you have a child.

I took him to every doctor known to man — everyone you can think of — to figure this out. And then finally after this test where they put all these things all over his scalp, umm, they figured out that, and I guess this is best case scenario here, that it’s benign epileptic seizures. So, you know, you get some terrible thoughts when you hear that. I stayed up all night doing researching, doing everything I could. You know, the internet is a great place. It can be a horrible place if you look at the wrong things and you go down a weird road. And before this test it got dark for me.

Brendan Schaub is one of show business’ fastest rising stars. A comedian, MMA fighting analyst, and television host on both Showtime and E! TV networks as well as one of the most popular podcasts today, he’s also one of the busiest people in the industry.

Schaub’s also a family man, raising a two-year-old son named Tiger, whom he talks about glowingly to his fans on social media and on his podcasts, The Fighter and the Kid and Below the Belt. Recently, the former UFC athlete opened up about a really, really scary health problem of Tiger’s in a tear-filled monologue, which he detailed on October 29th’s episode of Below the Belt. Here’s what Schaub had to say:

Anyone who has a kid can understand. You can’t really understand what it’s like until you have a child. People told me growing up and even years ago before I had a son, what it’s like having a kid and how scary the world is…after all the other things it could have been, I guess we’re lucky. If you’re going to have to deal with something like this, I guess we’re really lucky. My first instinct was to get really mad. I got really really mad. And then it’s time to go to work and figure out how to solve this problem.”

Brendan Schaub, comedian and former MMA figher, made a huge announcement on Episode 406 of The Fighter and the Kid podcast: his son is seizure-free after he started using CBD oil to treat his epilepsy. In the podcast, he said:

Why did Brendan Schaub decide to give his son CBD oil?

My son is seizure-free since he started CBD oil. He used to have one or two, he was more on the mild spectrum of things.

Where can I learn about CBD oil?

He goes on to talk about how he found out about a recent FDA-approved seizure medicine that contains CBD, but that it costs $35,000. Obviously regular CBD oil is a much more affordable alternative. Schaub says:

Fighter and the kid cbd

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What brand of CBD does Brendan Schaub use?

Pure Spectrum – This is the *exact brand* that Brendan Schaub takes. The comedian claims that he takes this oil every single day. He also stated that his son – who suffers from epilepsy – stopped having seizures after taking this brand.

What did Brendan Schaub say about CBD?

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