ethos innovates cbd tincture

Ethos innovates cbd tincture

“For too long the secrets of the plant were reserved for the happy few”

The Whole Plant for the Whole You.
Green Revolution is dedicated to using only the finest materials and state-of-the-art extraction technologies with a focus on quality, craftsmanship, and a healthy sprinkle of fun.

For too long, the remarkable properties and benefits of Cannabis were kept secret. Now, the Green Revolution has begun and people across the globe are rediscovering the value of this incredible plant. A plant with the power to revolutionize the world and its inhabitants for a brighter future.

At Green Revolution, we’ve created a family of cannabis-based products for all vital dimensions of your life. By using the latest scientific methods and innovative technologies, Green Revolution has unlocked the benefits of the whole plant for a higher state of you.

This ancient plant has new lessons to teach us. Whether you’re climbing a mountain, chilling on the beach, gearing up for a party, powering through a yoga workout, or taking a breather from an intense day at work, Green Revolution is here to help you elevate any moment.

Ethos innovates cbd tincture

Once it takes affect, there is a definite calm that washes over the top of your head and down to your feet. It’s a body relaxation that is followed by a mental calm. Physical tension, inflammation, and tightness is relieved early on and continues long after the dosage has been consumed.

Because of its ability to affect numerous parts of the body all at once, CBD can be used in the treatment of multiple issues:

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Some of these cannabinoid receptors are concentrated within the central nervous system, but others can be found throughout the entire body. In fact, there are even cannabinoid receptors in your skin and digestive tract.

As you can see, THC is a psychoactive compound and CBD is not. While both of them are cannabinoids, they react differently with your body and its cannabinoid receptors. THC binds directly to cannabinoid receptors via the orthosteric site, but CBD binds via the allosteric site. As a result, it alters the binding of the THC and the endocannabinoids.

What are some Ethos Innovates 2-1 CBD-THC Tincture reviews?

CBD is usually consumed in the form of an oil or tincture, but there are CBD-rich edibles and high-CBD bud.

When taken sublingually, this tincture takes about 15 minutes to kick in and builds up for about 1 to 2 hours. Keep in mind, everyone is different and is affected differently.

Each 1 oz bottle contains 200mg of CBD and 100 mg of THC, with 1 full dropper containing 10 mg CBD and 5 mg THC.

Ethos Innovates 2-1 CBD-THC Tincture

This pesticide-free, grown in the sunshine, full-flower extract is a water-based tincture has a CBD-THC ratio of 2 to 1. It was created as a blend of CO2 and RSO extracts that produced a pure cannabis oil that has incredibly complex cannabinoid and terpene profiles. It has some lemon oil added to it, giving each drop a zesty-earth flavor that tastes every bit as sun-kissed as the plant was.

CBD resides in the trichomes (resin glands) of female cannabis plants, and is just one of 85 (at least) cannabinoids (chemical compounds) of the plant. These are what bind to cannabinoid receptors in your body’s cells to bring about certain effects.

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