ethos cbd spray

Ethos cbd spray

Best: Bedtime brew

There is something wonderfully seasonal about this chai blend thanks to the ingredients of ginger root, cardamom and cloves. It has a beautifully spicy, yet sweet taste. Onii is an Irish brand sold exclusively through the online sports supplement store, X-Brain. It offers a lot of CBD per cup with 25mg in each brew.

Ethos rest organic hemp tea, 50g loose leaf

This an easy to drink, good replacement for caffeine drinks in the afternoon, and there’s 5mg of water-soluble CBD in every brew. The water-soluble CBD allows it to be mixed into the tea, unlike oil which floats on the surface. If turmeric and ginger are not for you, Rokit offers a range of alternative teas with CBD, including matcha and chamomile. Although, the matcha packs an energetic punch that makes it better suited for the morning. There’s a biodegradable option that can be composted, while Rokit also offers CBD tea and coffee pods options.

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Sometimes, only a cold brew will do. This was a strong favourite due to its incredibly fruity and natural taste. The flavours are very delicately chosen by a master mixologist and it shows in the sweet flavour of the blueberries perfectly paired with shiso tea leaves, which are a staple of Asian cooking and often used for their uniquely fresh flavour.

CBD Cosmetics Uomo SativAction Organic Deo Spray

Gentle formula containing probiotics, sage & eucalyptus

The Uomo SativAction Organic Deo Spray is free from alcohol, aluminium and antiperspirant. Instead it uses the power of sage, eucalyptus and prebiotics to protect the skin. A botanical active ingredient blend provide lasting freshness paired with clarifying and normalising properties. Chicory is the source of the prebiotics used that serve to strength the natural microbiome of the skin to counteract odour-causing bacteria.

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