escape artists cbd relief cream

Escape artists cbd relief cream

*20:1 Lavender Relief Cream*
800mg CBD : 40mg THC
Water Based Cream, Non Oil Based
Fast Absorption, High Bioavailability
Backed By Science
Not Greasy, Non-Staining
Consistent Texture For Smooth Application
Available In Lavender, Menthol, Unscented

*Minty Mint Dissolvable Speed Strips*
*10MG Of Pure THC Distillate Per Strip
*Transmucosal For Very Fast Acting Effects
*Discreet, Perfect For On The Go Usage
*Perforated For Easy Microdosing
*Place Between Cheek & Gum For Best Result
*0 Calories, No Sugar
*Available in Minty Mint And Sour Lemon

20:1 Relief Cream – Lavender (800mg CBD/40mg THC)

This product is currently available for online ordering at the following Maggie’s Farm Dispensaries.

This product is currently available for online ordering at the following Maggie’s Farm Dispensaries.

Minty Mint Dissolvable Speed Strips [10pk] (100mg / box)

Updated Jan 17, 2022 11:00 am

Escape artists cbd relief cream

For people who do not have ongoing or serious health concerns, a daily cannabis routine may nonetheless provide benefits, especially around relaxation and restoration.

Escape Artists is well known for its fast-acting topical Relief Cream and Recovery Cream , both of which are beloved by many Coloradans. The brand also offers Speed Strips , fast-acting dissolvable strips that deliver THC through the mouth’s mucosal tissue directly into the bloodstream, with effects lasting a couple of hours. These innovations build on the team’s prior experience working in food science and the pharmaceutical industry.

Step One: You would first layer the product that stays in your system the longest. A tincture that you swallow fits that bill. Typically with anything you swallow, you can expect to get about 6-8 hours of relief. (Fast-acting cannabis ingestibles like Escape Artists Speed Strips are the exception.) Timing is key, so consuming the tincture about 1-2 hours before your walk should ensure that you have proper coverage.

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Designing Your Daily Routine

The marked droppers can help you start low and go slow with your dose.

Daily routines form the foundation of many people’s wellness regimen. Whether it’s a morning walk before logging on to the computer, a healthy lunchtime smoothie, or an evening meditation to wind down, these practices provide balance that protects against everyday life stressors.

The tinctures are all-natural, containing only: MCT oil, THC distillate and natural flavorings, as well as CBD isolate in the two ratio products. You can learn more about each of the tinctures at this link .

What is a Daily Cannabis Routine?

Step Two: In addition to the tincture, you can apply a topical to the areas that cause the most concern. Now you are treating the pain associated with your walk in a preventive fashion before the pain becomes too intense.

In the same way, many people discover that cannabis is an impactful addition to their daily wellness routines. That should not be a surprise considering how the cannabis plant’s cannabinoids (THC, CBD and others), terpenes and other plant compounds interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system , which is designed to restore and maintain homeostasis (balance).