enlightened alchemy cbd

Enlightened alchemy cbd

It is, in short, a pretty miraculous substance. It also happens to be easy to obtain: CBD derived from hemp, a type of cannabis largely devoid of THC, is legal to distribute nationally, which is how I found myself in possession of a box of Lord Jones All Natural Old Fashioned High CBD Gumdrops, a bottle of Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract Oil, a bottle of Plant Alchemy Organic Concentrated CBD Oil and an anxious conviction that I should try alleviating my anxiety by using all this stuff.

I’ve come to approach wellness fads with a strange mixture of cynicism and hope: cynicism because I’ve personally lifted the curtain on so many trends only to discover they’ve been standing on air instead of legs; and hope because the trending power of easy relief is too magnificent to ignore. As I opened the box of Lord Jones All Natural Old Fashioned High CBD Gumdrops and placed one in my mouth one night after work, I tasted hope, cynicism and essence of raspberry.

I experimented with different doses of CBD over the course of about a month, ultimately settling on 40-45 mg as my personal “sweet spot.” I also experimented with dosing at different times of day (though it doesn’t make me drowsy, I decided I prefer taking it in the evening) and in the midst of different mental states. I found that if I’m super anxious for a specific reason and my hamster wheel is already spinning out of control, CBD doesn’t help much — it’s just a drop in the bucket (pun intended) at that point. Where it does help is when I’m experiencing low-grade, general anxiety, in which case CBD relaxes me just enough to make an appreciable difference, as if I’ve treated my brain to a 10-minute nail salon massage. In terms of combating insomnia, CBD definitely doesn’t put me to sleep (like, at all), but it does lessen the churn of anxious feelings and thoughts that frequently keep me from falling asleep in the first place.

All Plant Alchemy CBD concentrated oils are cultivated in from organic seeds and flower in small batches. Each batch is extracted to maximize the inclusion of all of the plant’s natural terpenes and phytocannabinoids to deliver a full-spectrum, whole plant formulation, specifically grown and cultivated outdoors to maximize the quality of the flower.

Plant Alchemy flower is grown in Colorado and New York State by our partner farms and extraction facilities. All products are third party tested and verified.

Ingredients : MCT Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil, Spearmint Oil, Fractionally Distilled Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil.