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Curious about this unique global brand? Check out our in-depth Endoca CBD oil review and explore the complete product range. Trying to sort through all the CBD brands that have sprung up on the market can make you feel like you’re banging your head against a wall. It seems like Detailed review and pictures of Endoca CBD Oil Products – including hemp-derived CBD oil, topicals, suppositories & capsules includes 2022 Coupon Code.

Endoca CBD Review: Oils, Topicals, Edibles & More!

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Endoca is a top-rated European brand that sources its hemp from the northern part of the continent. It has been in the CBD industry for a long time and ships its products to dozens of countries worldwide. Apart from selling “raw” products containing CBDa, Endoca has gained a reputation for selling products with a high CBD concentration. This detailed review looks into Endoca, providing a comprehensive brand overview.

  • A fantastic array of CBD products
  • Several high CBD concentration options are available
  • 4.6-star Trustpilot rating from almost 5,000 reviews
  • The Endoca Foundation Access Program allows veterans, people with disabilities, and low-income households to get 50% off the brand’s products
  • Its products contain an impressive array of terpenes, flavonoids, and other hemp compounds
  • Most lab testing is performed in-house, and the available reports are mainly outdated
  • Relatively expensive
  • Doesn’t sell CBD gummies

Who Is Endoca?

Founded in 2010 by Henry Vincenty, a Danish scientist, Endoca was one of the first CBD companies in the world to sell its products online. It is based in Northern Europe, where the brand sources its hemp. Endoca claims that the region’s clear air and fertile soil make it ideal for hemp cultivation.

Vincenty began by planting two hectares of hemp and opening a small high-tech laboratory. From there, Endoca grew exponentially, and today, it utilizes over 1000 hectares to cultivate the world-class hemp that goes into its products. It uses local farmers’ crops and plans to transform millions of acres of non-organic land into organic.

The brand’s goal is to make CBD a household item by 2030. Certainly, it is doing its bit by expanding outside of Europe. It has eight different versions of its official website in seven languages and now has a presence in Japan.

Endoca is an impressive brand on the surface; let’s see if its products match the positive first impression.

Endoca Overall Score

WayofLeaf’s Top 3 Favorite Endoca Products

Endoca has several products to choose from and quite a significant number of choices in each category. It wasn’t easy to determine which ones to choose, but ultimately, we opted for the “old reliable” CBD products that are among the brand’s bestsellers.

1 – Endoca CBD Oil (150mg CBD/ML) – 10ml


You can buy Endoca CBD oil in a handful of concentrations, and the brand doesn’t believe in adding more oil for the sake of it. Instead, it wants you to enjoy the benefits of its products with minimal hassle. Apart from the standard strong Endoca CBD oil (150mg of CBD per ml) we reviewed, the company sells the following:

  • Raw CBD Oil – 30mg CBD per ml, also includes CBDa – (10ml and 30ml)
  • Raw CBD Oil – 150mg CBD per ml, also includes CBDa – (2ml, 10ml, and 30ml)
  • Raw CBD Oil – 300mg CBD per ml, also includes CBDa – 10ml
  • CBD Oil – 30mg CBD per ml – (10ml and 30ml)
  • Chocolate Mint CBD Oil (THC Free) 30mg CBD per ml (10ml and 30ml)
  • Chocolate Mint CBD Oil (THC Free) 150mg CBD per ml (10ml and 30ml)

Ultimately, our tester opted for the standard 150mg CBD per ml oil in the 10ml container (equating to 1500mg in total), although there is also a 30ml option.

The option we reviewed has an impressive 5mg of cannabidiol per drop. As Endoca sells to European Union countries, the THC content of this full-spectrum product must be less than 0.2%.

The brand helpfully includes detailed information about the CBD oil’s ingredients. At a glance, you can see it has multiple terpenes, flavonoids, other cannabinoids, and amino acids.

After trying a few drops, our tester confirmed what we expected: Endoca CBD oil has a strong hemp taste. While you might think, “just as well you only need to consume a small amount,” our tester claimed that the hemp taste wasn’t actually overpowering. More importantly, his stress levels plummeted about 20-25 minutes after using the oil.

Unfortunately, given the complexity involved, we could not locate a lab report for this particular product. However, it seems as if most, if not all, Endoca products meet or exceed the CBD content claimed on the label.

What We Loved About This Product:
  • Extremely high CBD concentration
  • Wide range of choice
  • It worked reasonably fast
What We Didn’t Love:
  • The CBD oil menu could be easier to navigate and understand
  • Difficulties locating the right lab report

2 – Endoca CBD Capsules (50mg)


Endoca sells its CBD capsules in two concentrations; 10mg and 50mg per capsule, with 30 in each bottle. You also have the option to buy “raw” CBD capsules which contain CBDa. With vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and more, this product packs a health and wellness punch.

Our tester opted for the 50mg “regular” CBD capsules as part of his general well-being regime. As is usually the case with people who try this method of consumption, he prefers capsules to oil due to disliking the earthy taste of hemp. Given the strong hemp flavor from Endoca’s CBD oil, this was perhaps a good option!

Following the brand’s instructions to consume a capsule on an empty stomach, our tester went about his day. He reported feeling calm while retaining his energy. Indeed, he said that he felt slightly more energized a couple of hours after consumption.

Overall, the effects lasted for some time and helped make a potentially tiring and torrid work day feel more tolerable. Also, the capsules are easy to swallow, and at 50mg of CBD, there’s ample cannabidiol for most users.

After some time spent searching, we did manage to find the in-house lab report for this product. It showed 96.9mg of CBD per gram. We’re assuming that each capsule is half a gram, as this would result in 48.45mg of cannabidiol apiece. The report is well over a year old, so it needs updating.

What We Loved About This Product:
  • High CBD concentration
  • The option to buy “raw” capsules with CBDa
  • Contains a huge array of vitamins, nutrients, and plant compounds
What We Didn’t Love:
  • Relatively outdated lab report
  • Expensive

3 – Endoca 750mg CBD Salve


The brand’s topicals range consists of:

  • 20mg CBD lip balm
  • CBD face and body oil at 1.5mg of CBD per ml, 300mg in total
  • Endoca hemp whipped body butter (450mg – 1500mg CBD)
  • Natural deodorant with 100mg of CBD

However, our tester elected to use the brand’s 750mg CBD salve to combat dry skin. It comes in a 30ml tub, so you get 25mg of the cannabinoid per ml. There’s also a 250mg salve which consists of 10ml of cream.

With added vitamin E, this product is designed to soothe the skin and help it repair faster. It also contains standard beauty cream ingredients such as coconut oil and beeswax. Our tester rubbed the Endoca hemp salve thoroughly into her arms three times a day. Within a few days, she reported noticeably improved skin with the dryness all but gone.

It didn’t leave a thick residue on her hands, nor did it have an overpowering scent. Ultimately, this CBD salve worked like a regular skincare product, though you have to decide if it is worth the extra money. Endoca provides discounts if you buy this product in bulk. For instance, you get 15% off if you buy 8+ jars.

The salve is one of the few Endoca products tested by a third-party lab. It shows that the cream contains 760mg of cannabidiol. However, once again, the report is well over a year old.

What We Loved About This Product:
  • Easy to apply
  • A pleasant, subtle scent
  • Effectively moisturizes skin
What We Didn’t Love:
  • Outdated lab report

Endoca Q + A: What Our Readers Wanted to Know

No matter the brand’s reputation, it is always good to conduct your own research to determine whether it is the right option for you. We’ve done the hard work, so read on to see what Endoca is all about.

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As it is a European brand, it is no surprise that Endoca sources its hemp from northern Europe. According to the organization, the quality of hemp cultivated in that region is the world’s best. While advocates of American hemp might argue, there’s no question that certain European farms produce exceptional crops.

Once Endoca harvests the plants, they utilize supercritical CO2 extraction, which they say helps them provide the highest quality hemp oil on the market. The brand also uses a cold manufacturing process that helps keep the full spectrum of beneficial molecules intact.

Yes and no. For the most part, the brand conducts in-house testing. Endoca is a reputable brand and can complete detailed testing, which it does in northern Holland. However, we always prefer a third party to provide the testing as this provides a greater degree of authenticity, at least in our opinion.

Apart from this, there are other issues with Endoca’s lab reports. They are easy enough to find as they’re available on a special “Quality Report” page. However, it gets trickier from there. The reports are divided into batches, and those featuring CBD drops, paste, capsules, and other items are bunched together. Moreover, the batches are merely given a number without indicating where you might find a report for a specific product.

Once you open a page, you can see the name of the tested product. The reports are detailed and include data on cannabinoid, terpene, microbial, heavy metal, and pesticide content. However, from what we saw, most COAs are well over a year old and need updating.
A handful of Endoca’s products are tested by a third-party lab called Botanacor. This lab is based in Denver, Colorado, and recently joined forces with SC Laboratories and Agricor. It is among North America’s most respected and trusted cannabis testing labs, increasing Endoca’s credibility.

Almost everywhere, it seems! The brand ships to dozens of countries worldwide, including the United States. Indeed, the ultra-concentrated CBD oil (300mg of CBD per ml) is only available to American consumers.

You can also view the site in multiple languages, including German, French, Danish, and Spanish. It truly is a global brand.

Unfortunately, the confusing layout of the official Endoca website is one of the few downsides associated with this brand. To be fair, there is a huge amount of information, making navigation a complex issue no matter what. Endoca makes good use of subcategories to divide its sections. However, with so many products to choose from, it will take a while to get used to the site.

On the plus side, there is a terrific volume of information on CBD and other cannabinoids. If you spend long enough on the Endoca website, you’ll surely increase your knowledge of the hemp plant significantly. There are also plenty of blog posts, although this section of the site hasn’t been updated in some time.

Yes. The Endoca Foundation Access Program provides 50% off purchases made via the Endoca online store. Eligible customers include veterans, people with long-term disabilities, and low-income households.

There is also a rewards program where you receive one point for every €1 you spend. Twenty points are worth €1 credit at the checkout.

How to Choose the Right Endoca Product

It’s quite clear that everything this brand does results from careful planning. This attention to detail has helped Endoca create a stable of CBD products that matches any brand in Europe or, indeed, the United States. If you have a specific need, Endoca probably sells something to fulfill it!

Here are three reasons why people buy Endoca’s CBD products, along with suitable choices from the brand’s range.

  • Anxiety: When it comes to taking CBD for anxiety, one must consider factors such as body weight, body chemistry, and the severity of the anxiety, among other things. If you are prone to sudden bouts of anxiety, choosing a reasonably fast-acting product is best. Endoca’s strong CBD oil could get to work within a few minutes, and give you the relaxing effect you desperately seek.
  • Epilepsy: There is ample research into the potential for CBD to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures associated with epilepsy. Once again, a product such as CBD oil could have a relatively quick effect. However, research into cannabidiol’s efficacy in combatting epilepsy shows that it works well in high doses. As such, Endoca raw hemp oil extract could be the right choice as it has up to 300mg of CBD per ml.
  • Hormonal Imbalance: An individual has a hormonal imbalance when there is too little or too much of a hormone in their bloodstream. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) helps regulate a variety of functions in the body, and supporting it with cannabinoids such as CBD can help it bring back hormonal balance. Endoca recommends its CBD suppositories for this purpose as they act fast. This method of consumption also bypasses the digestive system, increasing bioavailability. In other words, more of the beneficial compounds get to where they need to be.

NOTE: CBD oil should not be seen as a substitute for appropriate medical treatment. Please consult a physician before using CBD for any serious condition.

What Do Other Customers Have to Say?

Endoca enjoys an outstanding reputation on third-party review sites. There are almost 5,000 Endoca reviews from customers on Trustpilot, where it has a rating of 4.6 stars. Moreover, almost 80% of reviewers gave Endoca five stars. Numerous customers pointed to the fast delivery of the products as a major plus, while others were delighted with the packaging standard. Most importantly, the quality of Endoca’s range was widely praised.

Here are a few relevant Endoca reviews from customers on Trustpilot.

Fantastic customer service, George was very helpful and guided me through a range of options to suit my needs.
The product arrived promptly and was delivered to my door without any issues.
I have tried the 15% – 1500 mg raw CBD / CBDa oil I purchased and it is of an excellent quality compared to other companies. I highly recommend this oil for anyone suffering from arthritis.

Best cbd cbda product on the planet, period. Wish my state would allow me the benefit on medical insurance. Since using im done with mainstream medical dr’s & prescriptions. Sincerely S Byrd

This is THE BEST CBD oil I ever had. I was buying this from a botanical shop for several years, unfortunately they had to close their shop, and the new place I was going to didn’t have it. So glad I took the chance to seek out Endoca through your web page. Thank you so much. I will be purchasing again and again.

Always happy to order from Endoca. The products I have tried are the Whipped Body Butter and the Salve. They were recommended to me by my acupuncturist. Both are excellent. The Salve is really remarkable–I just need the tiniest amount for a scrape or insect bite. I mean, really tiny–maybe about 1/16 of a teaspoon per bug bite, a few times a day, will fix me right up. This Salve lasts me a really long time!

Additional Endoca CBD Products

Endoca offers a fine selection of products apart from the oils, capsules, and creams we’ve already covered. These include:

  • CBD Crystals 99% Pure (1000mg): This Endoca CBD isolate product is almost entirely cannabidiol with additional terpenes. You can mix this versatile product with a carrier oil or add it to vape juice to enhance the CBD content.
  • Raw Hemp Oils and Extracts: These range from 200mg to 300mg per ml.
  • CBD Gum: There are 10 strips per pack of Endoca CBD chewing gum, each containing 10mg of CBD.
  • CBD Suppositories: According to Endoca, its suppositories act fast and provide a high CBD absorption rate. It suggests using this product to combat hormonal imbalance. There are 10 suppositories per pack; each one contains 50mg of CBD.
  • CBD Starter Pack: A handy way to start a new CBD regimen. This pack contains 30 Raw CBD capsules, Raw CBD Oil Medium 10ml, and Lip & Skin Balm 20mg CBD.
  • CBD for Dogs: Endoca ensures that your faithful pet doesn’t miss out with its decent range of products. There are 30mg and 150mg CBD and CBDa per ml oils, 1000mg CBD crystals, and a CBD extract containing 200mg per gram.
  • Health Products: Endoca also sells a range of products, including vitamin C, D, and organic bilberry. None of these items contain CBD.

Endoca CBD Review: Final Summary

Overall, Endoca deserves its reputation as one of the leading lights in the industry. It sells an excellent range of CBD products and is a great place to shop if you’re looking for a high concentration of cannabidiol. Its products are fairly expensive, but it is hard to argue with the quality of the brand as a whole.

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One major downside is that most of the lab testing is performed in-house, and the COAs are over a year old in most cases. While Endoca is a reputable brand, it would be nice if it could provide more recent lab testing data.

Brand and product review

Full brand and product review

The CBD industry has reached an all-time peak. Thousands of stores and online shops have opened up in the past few years, with the legalization of CBD products in many countries across the globe. The hemp plant and its true glory are coming to light and people are starting to learn the truth about CBD. […]

Endoca CBD Review: Should You Buy? The Pros & Cons (2022)

Trying to sort through all the CBD brands that have sprung up on the market can make you feel like you’re banging your head against a wall. It seems like every month there is a new name selling CBD oils and other products that may or may not be of good quality. The Quitnet team knows how frustrating it can be to try something and be disappointed. However, you won’t be disappointed with this latest recommendation – Endoca, a brand that provides high-quality CBD products in several forms. Here’s our Endoca CBD review (updated for 2022).

Endoca CBD

Endoca has several impressive qualities, including the fact that their products are grown on organic land and most of their manufacturing equipment is handmade. These small details already get this brand a thumbs up from the Quitnet team, but there’s still more that needs to be covered.

Let’s dive into an analysis of Endoca and see why this brand is one of the CBD industry’s leading brands.

About Endoca CBD

Endoca has a unique background that gives the company an edge against the competition. It was founded by a biotechnology & genetics student, Henry Vincenty, who travelled across Africa as part of his studies at the University of Copenhagen.

Henry worked to increase the lifespan of citizens living with AIDS, but while working on mobile clinics he soon realized that mainstream medicine often caused symptoms and conditions to worsen.

This realization led Henry to create Endoca – a company that allows him to restore health using alternative solutions and natural medicines.

After doing years of research, he opened a free clinic in Denmark with the intent to start a discussion about natural medicines and encourage talking about alternative solutions to save the lives of thousands, even millions, of people.

When you think about this for a moment, it makes sense that Henry would go on to research hemp and all of its benefits. The rest is history, and in the years since it was founded the company has grown to offer a wide range of certified, organic hemp plant products made with technologically advanced equipment and tested for quality, safety, and health.

The brand is actively working on establishing a self-sustaining village with a focus on permaculture that surrounds their manufacturing center. They also make a full commitment to helping and preserving the environment, working to reduce waste from both paper & plastic.

Quitnet is impressed!

Our Endoca CBD Review

Endoca’s best known product is their high-quality CBD oil, with oil and CBD drops available in two different strengths.

Their oil is full spectrum, meaning that it contains a full slate of other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds present in the original plant. With full-spectrum CBD oils, all the natural compounds work together to enhance beneficial effects.

Admittedly, we at Quitnet were a little disappointed to discover that there was only one flavor available – natural.

300mg: 1mg CBD per serving: 300 servings per bottle

1500mg: 5mg CBD per serving: 300 servings per bottle

The oils available from Endoca contain less than 0.3% THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient that causes a ‘high’ in large doses. This means you won’t get any psychoactive effects, and everything is completely legal. As well as this, they only use the co2 extraction method, arguably the best CBD extraction process.

The prices for 300 mg CBD hemp oil and raw hemp oil will set you back about $30 – the 1500 mg strength oils will cost around $130.

The lower strength was used by our team to ease mild anxiety and help with insomnia – the results were great. Team members felt calmer and slept better throughout the night when taking the oil an hour or so before bed. The 1500 mg oil helped a fellow team member feel better when dealing with depression and anxiety symptoms while another got excellent results in easing their chronic pain.

The natural flavor isn’t masked by any other ingredients, such as cinnamon, so expect a natural plant taste. Nevertheless, many people reported that the oil was easy to ingest and wasn’t too thick.

Our Quitnet team was highly impressed with the effectiveness of Endoca CBD, putting them towards the top of our list of favorite brands.

CBD products by Endoca CBD

Endoca has other quality products along with their fabulous CBD oil tinctures that are just as effective and convenient.

CBD Capsules & Pills: Pills & capsules are a highly convenient way to get a proper dose of CBD. They’re also available as raw hemp oil or simply hemp oil.

CBD Edibles: Endoca offers a CBD gum that can deliver your dose in a pleasant way. Each box contains 10 pieces of gum with each piece containing 15 mg of CBD. They’re environmentally friendly, discreet, biodegradable, convenient, and safe to swallow.

CBD Skin Care: The smell of Endoca skin care products is so good that some of the Quitnet team was tempted to eat them. Think I’m exaggerating? You try smelling the hemp salve or whipped body butter without your mouth watering.

Why Choose Endoca CBD?

All Materials Are Chemical Free

Products are grown on land that is certified organic, ensuring that products are 100% organic. Every bottle is completely gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan. The equipment used in manufacturing is handmade and fueled by waste provided by the restaurant industry.

Simple Ingredients for Maximum Benefits

Every bottle has the recommended ratio of 1:3 for Omega 3s and Omega 6s, mimicking the structure found in nature. They also contain Vitamin E and other naturally occurring ingredients to ensure the maximum effectiveness of each dose.

Tested by a Third Party Lab

Testing is done extensively to ensure consistency and quality of all Endoca products. These quality tests are performed by analytical and pharmaceutical laboratories with specialized equipment and top-tier biochemists. Their commitment to providing you with CBD products of the highest quality is unmatched.

Excellent Customer Service

Endoca was founded on the principle of helping others when mainstream industry practices have failed. Due to this unwavering mission, Endoca makes it a point to focus on customer satisfaction. Their delivery time was fast, and they provide a quality guarantee so you know the products you’re getting have been tested thoroughly.

High Potency Full-Spectrum Options

Some brands don’t offer full-spectrum CBD oils that contain terpenes and other ingredients that are lost during the heating process. Endoca raw CBD oil preserves these cannabinoids and other compounds so you get the full benefits of CBD, CBDa, and all the other natural molecules.

What Could Be Better?

Add Some Flavor Options

We at Quitnet have said it time and time again – “natural” is by far not a flavor. Are there not organic flavors that can be used to take away some of the earthy taste in many CBD oils? At the very least add an organic mint flavor option.

Consider an Assistance Program

For such an all-around admirable company that is so obviously concerned about the environment and the health and well-being of people, it would be nice for Endoca to provide financial assistance to those who can’t afford their pricey products. Their lowest priced oil is only 300mg ($30) and that won’t go far for someone who really needs the help of their top-grade oil but can’t afford it.


And that brings us to the end of this CBD oil review. Endoca is making a name for itself offering CBD products of amazing quality and using their influence to spread sustainability and help others around the world.

Whether you are an avid user of CBD products or if you’re new to the scene, Endoca has an organic, all-natural product that’ll work for you.

Endoca CBD Hemp Oil Review

When it comes to CBD, we all want a product that’s sourced from the best hemp AND made using the best extraction methods.

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Sounds like a no-brainer, right? You’d be surprised.

Though they may say otherwise, most CBD brands make their products from low-quality hemp or use cheap, ineffective extraction methods.

Endoca CBD Checks All The Boxes

Unlike most CBD companies, Endoca doesn’t cut corners when it comes to purity and potency.

Founded by renowned hemp cultivator Henry Vincenty, Endoca set out on a mission to create the best organic CBD extracts in the world, and they did not disappoint.

From their unparalleled growing practices to their rigorous extraction methods, Endoca is easily one of the most trusted companies in the CBD industry.

But what’s the real Endoca difference? Keep reading.

Video: Endoca CBD Review (3 Things I Love, 1 Thing I Hate)

What You Need To Know About Endoca

Here’s the Deal:

Endoca makes both raw and decarboxylated oils using supercritical CO2 extraction – the industry gold standard.

But what’s the difference between these two types of oils? And which one’s right for you?

We’ll get to that in a minute. First let’s take a look at what’s going on behind the scenes…

1.) Grown in the Sun…and It Shows

Did you know China, Russia, and South Korea account for 70% of the world’s hemp supply?

Unfortunately these areas are notorious for bad farming practices and poor quality.

And the companies that don’t specify the origins of their hemp? They’re usually sourcing from this region.

But not Endoca.

Deep in the countryside of Barcelona Spain is where you’ll find Endoca’s fields of robust, sun-grown hemp plants.

Why Barcelona? Because the northern European climate and natural conditions are perfect for cultivating cannabinoid-rich hemp plants.

This is why hemp grown in this region is some of the best in the world and why Endoca products are some of the strongest and purest on the market.

Not just that, but every step Endoca takes is done to ensure they maintain the quality of both the plant AND the soil.

This combined with their rigorous lab testing has garnered Endoca the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification – something that really sets them apart from most brands on the market.

Lab Results Look Great

2.) Two Types of CBD Oil for Different Needs

Endoca is one of the only CBD oil companies on the market that offers its customers both raw and decarboxylated CBD oil product options.

In concentrations of 300 and 1500 mg, Endoca CBD oil formulas both contain a full spectrum of beneficial terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocompounds.

So what’s the difference? Let’s dive in.

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil Drops Produce a Greater Entourage Effect

Raw CBD oil is exactly what it sounds like: “raw.”

Once extracted from the hemp plant, Endoca’s raw tincture undergoes no further processing or filtration.

This results in a green, viscous oil packed with over 400 plant compounds and cannabinoids like CBDA and THCA.

And this part is key.

These compounds work together to magnify the therapeutic benefits of each individual cannabinoid, a phenomenon referred to as the “entourage effect.”

This makes raw hemp seed oil extremely beneficial for those with mild anxiety or insomnia.

It’s also great for those who want ALL the benefits hemp has to offer and not just cannabidiol.

Endoca Decarboxylated CBD Hemp Oil Offers Powerful Relief

Unlike Endoca’s raw tincture, their decarboxylated formula is slightly heated after extraction to convert CBDA into CBD but still retain a high level of phytonutrients.

This is why decarboxylated oils have a higher concentration of CBD and generally take effect more quickly than raw oils as they’re easier for your body to process.

This makes decarboxylated oils a great choice for those with more severe cases of anxiety, arthritis, migraines, insomnia, and chronic pain.

Endoca’s 15% Hemp Oil is also a two-for-one as it includes the perfect 1:3 ratio of Omega 3s and 6s as well as essential vitamins like Vitamin E.

3.) Hemp Oil Capsules Provide Relief On-The-Go

Are you looking for a discreet and precise dose of CBD with zero hemp taste?

Endoca’s CBD capsules make for an easy and convenient addition to your daily wellness regime.

Just like their tinctures, you can choose between raw and decarboxylated formulas as well as medium and strong concentrations, including 10 and 50 mg of CBD.

Each capsule contains the power of whole plant hemp goodness to deliver deep, soothing relief for the many stresses of day-to-day life.

Non-psychoactive, 100% natural, and great for all needs, these capsules are a convenient way to include CBD in your regimen without sacrificing results.

4.) CBD Suppositories Are 10x More Absorbable

You read that right.

More and more studies are showing that rectal administration increases the uptake of CBD entering the bloodstream by almost 10 times when compared with oral consumption.

That’s why Endoca offers hemp suppositories with 50 mg of CBD per suppository for ultra-targeted, effective dosing.

These are also a great alternative if swallowing capsules or taking oil under the tongue is impossible for you.

But that’s not all.

Endoca’s CBD suppositories can also be administered vaginally for some much-needed relief during menstruation or after pregnancy.

5.) CBD Cream Zaps Away Pain In Just Seconds

In addition to their tinctures, capsules, and suppositories, Endoca also has a range of skincare products great for boosting skin health while also provided highly-targeted pain relief.

750mg CBD Hemp Salve Nourishes Your Body Inside And Out

One of Endoca’s most popular topicals is their hemp salve, a soothing all-natural skincare lotion for instant relief from excessive dryness.

Rich in CBD and Vitamin E, this stuff calms this skin like no other and smells AMAZING.

This salve offers 750 mg of CBD per container for deep, localized relief, and it’s also great for sensitive skin as it’s made from 100% natural food-grade ingredients.

And a little goes a long way.

Simply place a small amount of organic salve where desired (including the face and neck) and enjoy instant, long-lasting relief.

Hemp Whipped Body Butter Is A Game-Changer

If you’re looking for something a little stronger than Endoca’s hemp salve, look no further than their whipped body butter.

This rich lotion combines natural food-grade shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil with Endoca’s organically-certified CBD hemp extract.

The result is a thick, creamy body lotion that makes an ideal barrier cream for nourishing and smoothing the body’s biggest organ – inside and out.

Click On The Link To See Which Endoca Product Is Right For You

Bottom Line

Between their rigorous growing standards, sophisticated extraction methods, and versatile CBD products, Endoca is one of the best all-around CBD companies in the world.

We give them an A+ and highly recommend you give them a try!


CBD Oil (Raw or Decarboxylated options):

  • .33fl ounces / 10ml
  • 300 or 1500 mg CBD per bottle
  • Contains only organic certified hemp oil. Also includes 1.2g Omega-3, 4g Omega-6, CBD+CBDa 15%, 8g Vitamin E.
  • Less than 0.3% THC
  • Certified organic hemp
  • CO2 Extraction
  • $31 per 300 mg bottle, $129 per 1500 mg bottle

Capsules (Raw or Decarboxylated options):

  • 30 capsules
  • 10mg CBD+CBDa per capsule
  • Organic hemp
  • 300 mg or 1500 mg CBD per bottle
  • Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO
  • $31 per 300 mg bottle, $129 per 1500 mg bottle

Topicals (Hemp Salve or Body Butter):

  • Hemp Salve – 30 ml
  • Hemp Body Butter – 100 ml
  • Food-grade ingredients
  • $64 per container of salve, $36-$82 per container of body butter
  • 10 suppositories
  • 50mg CBD each
  • Organic hemp
  • 500mg CBD per box
  • Also contains coconut oil
  • $52 per box

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