emulsion cbd

Emulsion cbd

Ultrasonic energy requirement: approx. 300 to 400Ws/g of sonication energy at amplitudes of 40 to 70 micron.

For larger scale setups use a Hielscher InsertMPC48 to inject the CBD oil directly into the cavitational area under the ultrasonic sonotrode.

CBD Nano-Emulsions

Ultrasonification is the preffered method to produce liposomal CDB or liposomal THC as pharmaceutical and cosmetic vesicles. Liposomes are lipid-based nanocarriers for active drug components, which improve the bioavailability and therapeutic effects of the active substances such as CBD or THC. Since cannabinoids are really delicate molecules, they are prone to degradation by oxidization as well as to degradation by different enzymes. Nano-encapsulation of CBD or THC in liposomes, prevents the degradation of the cannabinoids. Sonication can effectively encapsulate the cannabinoids into liposomes.
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Hielscher Ultrasonics is the leading supplier for powerful and reliable ultrasonic systems. It covers the full range from lab and bench-top devices to full industrial machines for the processing of large volumes under demanding conditions. Common applications or Hielscher ultrasonic machines include emulsification, homogenization and extraction for food and beverage as well as in the pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry.

Liposomal Emulsions of CBD

You can produce a CBD nanoemulsion in batch or continuous mode using an ultrasonic emulsification machine. Hielscher ultrasonic homogenizers are powerful emulsifiers to produce stable CBD nano-emulsions. The ultrasonic production of cannabis oil emulsions (o/w) is an easy and fast procedure, which convinces by optimum results.

Emulsion cbd

Since CBD nanoparticles are so much smaller than regular CBD molecules, they can travel through mucous membranes in the mouth and esophagus–thresholds that the CBD molecules in oil are too large to pass through. By traveling through these cellular membranes, CBD nanoparticles take a shortcut into the bloodstream, bypassing the internal organs where the CBD molecules in oil go to waste. As a result, nearly all of the CBD in an initial dosage reaches the bloodstream to produce active effects.

Emulsifying CBD

Through years of research and development the innovative techniques necessary to create Water Soluble CBD with a shelf-life of up to two years, which is over twice as long as the shelf life of typical CBD oils. This lifespace is also far superior to the shelf-life of most CBD products on the market today.

Longer Shelf Life

Here’s the Complete Guide to Water Soluble CBD & Nano-emulsions. Everything you need to know about emulsifying CBD, the benefits, and where to buy.

Emulsion cbd

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